Bring Your Bible to School Day! This is Awesome!

Good Morning! I don’t know yet what this day will bring as far as weather goes, since I haven’t looked at the forecast, but BRRRRRR it’s chilly out! I saw my breath when I took Moose out this morning. I absolutely love it! This is such a beautiful time of the year! It’s warmish during the day without being hot, and it’s perfectly chilly at night, which is invigorating! We sleep with the window open, so all that cool, fresh air is coming in, which makes me sleep like a log. It was pretty difficult to force myself to get out of bed this morning.  The aroma of my coffee brewing is almost waking me up, but not quite. I’m really looking forward to that first sip! Mmmmm, the best part of waking up – wait, wasn’t that the Folgers motto? They weren’t far off from the truth right there.


Verse of the Day

October 3, 2019

Laziness brings on deep sleep, and the shiftless man goes hungry.

Proverbs 19:15

Thoughts on Today’s Verse

“I was raised in a family with three boys. Dad had a theory: A certain amount of testosterone had to be burned off by each boy every day. If it weren’t burned off daily, the house would quickly become unlivable. Dad didn’t have to memorize Proverbs 19:15 — it was embedded in his DNA! Growing up, I didn’t appreciate the importance of hard work. I knew they didn’t call it “hard” by accident! I was content to be a lollygagger (in East Texan English, that’s Solomon’s ol’ lazy, shiftless man). As I’ve grown older, I’ve found that working hard with my hands has many redeeming qualities and being a lollygagger has none!”


Bring Your Bible to School Day – Are you one of those people who incorrectly assume that kids are not allowed to take their Bibles to school with them, or to speak about their faith while they are at school? Prayer and Bible reading was “removed” from American public schools – decided by Supreme Court cases in 1962 and 1963 – which made many people believe that religion had been banned in school.  School officials often even believe that these court rulings gave them the authority to unfairly, and illegally, infringe on a student’s right to free speech.  We see this happening a LOT these days, don’t we?  In the many years since those court cases were decided, students have had their Bibles confiscated and have been told they can’t even bow their heads in prayer before eating lunch. Many have been punished for sharing Bible verses with their friends. In 2014 Bring Your Bible to School day was started to clear this up and correct he misperceptions that have lead to so many students being denied their right to pray and read their Bibles in school.  The truth is that students ARE allowed to do both of these things in school, just as long as they do not disrupt class or harass other students. Their freedom of religion and speech do not end when they enter the school building. Far from it. Celebrating this one has increased in popularity every year since it was started, and we can all pray that it continues to do so, as each year it shines a beautiful light on exercising our freedoms as granted to us by our constitution.

Techies – Is there a techie in your life that you appreciate?  We had an IT guy where I used to work that we called/IM’d/emailed or texted if something went even slightly wrong with our computers and odds were, he was going to be able to fix it from wherever he was, with his phone! OK, now that was pretty doggone cool and though I didn’t have a clue HOW he did it, I’m glad that he did.  It makes me wonder sometimes how we ever ran offices without computers.  Does anyone around here remember those days?  I do, and sometimes I miss them – mostly I don’t though.   To be fair, even though when we think of techs we think of computers, this day is for ALL technicians, not just those who work with computers.  There are many technicians in many fields who deserve our appreciation and admiration for all they do.  When you get your car fixed, do you appreciate your auto tech?  They have to know how to fix all of the cars that are brought into their shops, no matter what those cars are – old, new, with computer chips, without computer chips, they have to have a huge assortment of tools, because all cars need different tools, and they are treated like dirt if they don’t know immediately what “a funny click” is in someone’s car and actually want to be paid for the time and effort of figuring out the problem and repairing it.  If it were easy, you could fix your car yourself, so show a little appreciation for talent and skill!  No matter what type of techie you have in your life, let them know their skills are necessary and that you are glad they are around when you need them.


Food Celebration of the Day –

National Caramel Custard Day – Sugar, milk and vanilla make up this creamy dessert. The folks of Spain and Latin America know it better as flan, while most Europeans call it creme caramel.




National Soft Taco Day – This is a taco kind of month, which is a good thing since tacos are easy to prepare and absolutely delicious! Today we celebrate them with soft tortillas, and tomorrow we just celebrate them in general! I have been craving tacos so much lately that we have already had them twice this week, so I doubt we’ll have them tonight. Maybe a good way to go would be with a taco pizza! Now THERE’s a thought!


Remember how excited I was yesterday that it was Wednesday? Well, today we are one day closer to the weekend – for the rest of you. Today is the last work day for me, so I’m ready for the weekend to begin! It’ll be a busy one, since we have plans. I’ll share what those were after they are said and done. Can’t be too careful these days about how much private information we share, right? I’m off to work to get this day started so it can get done! Have a great day! God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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