Celebrating Birthdays, Bagels and Coffee Milkshakes! Doesn’t Get Much Better Than That!

Today is my wonderful Hubby’s birthday, and though he teases me about wanting lots of birthday presents, when it comes down to it, he hates it when a big deal is made of his day.  He married into a family of birthday enthusiasts though, so he will likely never, ever have another birthday that isn’t celebrated to the best of our abilities.  We may not put a lot of money into gifts, but he will get a few, and we will go out to dinner at a restaurant of his choice – which ends up being a celebration for ME as well as for him, since I’m not cooking in the heat.  My parents, my daughter and her family will join us, and we will spend some time enjoying each other’s company, celebrating this man and the day he came into this world, always grateful he is a part of our lives.  We all deserve to feel special on the day we came into this world, even if we don’t want it to be a big deal.  As for me? I want a big deal! I LOVE having my birthday celebrated, but unfortunately, being born in January, so soon after Christmas, it tends to be less of an event.  I am going to spend the day wrapping presents, making a treat and straightening up around here. There could be worse ways to spend the day, right?


Verse of the Day

July 26, 2018

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Hebrews 11:1

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

While the road ahead of us may be clouded with questions and concerns, we can look back and see the many ways God has acted in our behalf to get us to the places we need to be. But more than just us, we see his work through history and we can take assurance that his promises are true and his victory in us is assured.



Food for Thought

It is interesting that today is All or Nothing Day. I’ve been working on a project that I am hoping to have finished by the end of the next week or two. I’m getting a bit excited about it, just because I’ve never done anything like this before. If you have something you are dreaming of doing, don’t put it off.  I will share it with you when it’s done.


All or Nothing Day – Today is THE day!  What day you ask?  Well, the day to just GO FOR IT!  Those dreams you’ve been thinking about chasing down someday?  Well, let today be that day.  It’s the day to leap off the fence, make a plan, stop lollygagging and just go for it!  Take inspiration from this day and leap in with both feet!  What’s the worst that can happen?  Nothing?  It just doesn’t work out the way you want?  Well, that’s going to happen if you DON’T go for it anyway right?  What do you have to lose?   It’s All or Nothing!  


Americans with Disabilities Day – Today is the 26th birthday of the ADA law that President Bush signed into law in 1990.  This law makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against job applicants that are qualified, based on their physical or mental disabilities.  This law also says that employers must provide reasonable accommodations to applicants and employees who need them because of their disabilities, unless doing so creates undue hardship.  This has opened the doors for people with disabilities to live life on their own, independent terms.


Aunts and Uncles Day – What special people our aunts and uncles are!  I have some really great ones.  Some are funny, some are serious.  Some are silly, some are a little distant.  I’m in frequent contact with some, and not so much with others.  I can imagine it is the same for most of you.  We all have our FAVORITE aunt or uncle, and sometimes we have preferences for which ones to spend time with depending on what we are going to be doing.  When I was growing up my Uncle A – who is only about 5 years older than I am – would have to play with me when we went to visit my Grandparents.  He let me go up into his tree fort that he and his friends built – which was pretty special.  I always looked forward to playing with him.  My Uncle S, my father’s youngest brother, was also just a few years older than I am, would build the most amazing tents!  We would use nearly every sheet and blanket in the house and take over the entire living room.  Grandma was very understanding and just happy we weren’t fighting.  My Aunt S – my father’s sister – she has always been there for me.  She was always there to help me when I needed someone to talk to and had the best advice.  Even now, I know I can go to her with anything and she’ll be there for me.  My Uncle R and I have reconnected in the last few years and we were blessed to be able to go on a trip to Las Vegas with him and my aunt! I get pretty excited when he and my aunt come to visit! I could run down the attributes of all of my family members, but I won’t.  I know you have aunts and uncles of your own to appreciate today.



This Day in History –

1775 – Benjamin Franklin became the first Postmaster General.

1952 – Mickey Mantle hits his first “Grand Slam”.


Food Celebration of the Day

National Bagelfest Day – (different from Bagel Day on February 9) – I love bagels, don’t you? I know, they are filled with carbs none of us need, but ooooh, they are so good.  They are crunchy on the outside, and chewy in the middle. When topped with our favorite flavors they mean breakfast bliss to me.   Bagels were brought to the United States by immigrant Polish-Jews in New York City.  They were controlled for decades by Bagel Bakers Local 338, which had contracts with nearly all bagel bakeries in and around the city for its workers, who prepared all of their bagels by hand.  Bagels were more available throughout North American in the last quarter of the 20th century, due in part to bagel baker Harry Lender, his son Murray Lender, and Florence Sender who started automated production and distribution of frozen bagels in the 1960s. Murray also started pre-slicing the bagel.  Well, there you have it – the start of the festival of bagels! Enjoy your favorite today!  And what is my favorite?  It’s a toasted Everything Bagel with garlic cream cheese and a thin slice of tomato.  DELICIOUS!



National Chili Dog Day – Earlier in the week we celebrated National Hot Dog Day.  Today we can take that up a notch by celebrating two of America’s favorite foods . . . at the same time!  Take your favorite brand of hot dogs and buns, put your favorite chili on top . . . maybe sprinkle it with onions and cheese and VOILA! You have a drippy, messy, decadently delicious meal that is SO not good for you when done correctly but couldn’t get more delicious if you tried! Go ahead! Put together your two favorite flavors today and enjoy!


National Coffee Milkshake Day – Early milkshakes had milk and flavoring in them.  Ice cream wasn’t a popular ingredient until 1915 so it wasn’t even an option (imagine – life before ice cream! Yikes!)  By 1920 ice cream parlors were adding either coffee or chocolate syrup to the shakes.  The modern coffee milkshake can be easily made with coffee flavored ice cream and milk.  You can also get a frappe at a coffee shop and enjoy a deliciously decadent creamy treat any time you like.  Especially if you live in my area where there is a latte stand on nearly every corner.  I’m not kidding.  There really is.  Sometimes more than one.  Caffeine anytime, anywhere.  Yum!  

I’m going to run now – I have presents to wrap and a treat to make! My hubby deserves it! God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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