Celebrating Easter Weekend

Good Morning and a very blessed Good Friday to you! I am going to post this for all three days of the weekend, since I’m sure many people will be celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and not hanging out on their computers, but I’m here for those who are!  I’m going to touch on a couple of subjects that I’ve missed over the last few days of not posting in honor of Deputy DeRosier.  If you don’t wish to get political, or see me devolve into a righteous rant, just scroll down to the celebrations and we can all be happy.


The world watched in horror this past week as the Notre Dame Cathedral lit the sky with the blaze that did a HUGE amount of damage to this religious, historical landmark. I don’t care what that weanie, President Macron, says. Nobody will be able to convince me that a blaze of that proportion started by accident just 6 minutes after the last tourist left the cathedral that day, especially in light of the desecration of a dozen Catholic and Christian churches in France in one week. On top of that, this fire started on the 1st day of Holy Week. When you add in the rejoicing in Muslim circles on Facebook and Twitter, and all of the pats on the backs they are giving each other, you would also come to the conclusion that this was a blatant and horrifying act of terrorism. Want to hear something amazing though, just in case you didn’t see it on the news?  When a fireman showed a video of the interior of the building, there was a statue of the Virgin Mary, fully intact and not damaged at all.  A row of wooden pews and some amazing stained-glass windows also weren’t touched. The shell of the building is in great condition, doesn’t even look like there was a fire.  Human heroism came into play when a priest and civilians formed a human chain and evacuated priceless artifacts of incredible historical significance, including a piece they believe may have been a part of the crown of thorns that Jesus wore during his crucifixion.  What does all this mean to me, and what do I believe it should mean to the Christian world?  I believe that it shows the power of God in action.  I believe that God put good people in the right place to rescue those artifacts, and He assisted the firefighters in putting out the blaze.  He preserved the beauty of the cathedral and though things were burned, the building stood strong, as it has for centuries. With the financial donations that have come pouring in, it can re-built. Isn’t that an amazing example of what God is to us? He is there, and strong for us, and the house we build on Him can never be destroyed completely, the spirit will always be alive in Him. Praise the Lord for that! We cannot take stuff with us, but with Him we can live in our Heavenly home forever. Let’s keep our eyes and hearts on this as we head into this special weekend.


The Mueller report was released yesterday. This is a very big thing. The liberal left attempted a coup against Trump, even before he was elected. They must have seen the writing on the wall to go to this much trouble. They tried to steal the election every way they could, up to and including accusing him of collusion with the Russians. The bottom line is that they spent millions of OUR TAX dollars trying to find ANYTHING to support this, and lacking any real proof, they weren’t above making crap up. Any crap would do. The media, except One America News – which is the only news station I watch – was complicit and have devolved to the point where they don’t even report news, they just spew the lies that the libs tell them to spew. Sick and sad really. For two years we have heard them squawking about how Mueller would prove this or that, salivating at the thought of the impeachment that would follow. Sadly, their guy couldn’t find any proof because there wasn’t any. And why wasn’t there any proof? BECAUSE THERE WASN’T ANY COLLUSION! Well, there was, but it was all on the parts of the Democrats. So, now they are yapping that Mueller didn’t do a good job, he was lied to, blah blah blah. Even after all of this, they are too pathetic to admit that there wasn’t any collusion at all. The fact is that they are scared silly – their side has broken so many laws I don’t even have time to list them all, but a curious person could find it if they look at the right sources. What stuns me is that there are so many people who are disappointed that our President did NOT break the law! WHAT? These people are so incredibly bitter about not getting their own way that they were HOPING that the President of the United States was a traitor to the people of our nation! Let that sink in . . . and when it comes time to vote, remember. Regardless, it was a great day for the President and a great day for America.




Verse of the Day

April 19, 2019

But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!

Amos 5:24


Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

While many attribute this quote to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., it was originally uttered by Amos, God’s spokesman over 2600 years earlier than Dr. King quoted it. God wanted his people to know that their religious pilgrimages, their sacrificial offerings, and their songs meant nothing to him if they were not backed up by a life of compassion, character, and concern. Northern Israel did not believe Amos and did not repent. Not too many years later, they were utterly destroyed because God found their hypocrisy, injustice, and abuse of the weak reprehensible. But we live now, and these words are just as powerful and clear as they were then! What will our response be?


April 20, 2019

Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts.

Psalm 145:3-4


Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

What we know about God is confined to our small brains, our limited experiences, our willingness to read about the great deeds of God in Scripture, and our hearing of his incredible work through the lives of older Christians. There is nothing quite like listening to older, grace-filled brothers and sisters in Christ who know our Lord and his power through worship, obedience, and experience.


April 21, 2019

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

Galatians 6:10


Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

We are to be a people who do good deeds! When God gives us the opportunity, let’s take it! Unlike those in the world looking to get ahead, to get even with someone, or to get out of difficult situations, let’s look for opportunities to do good!



Holy Humor Month

Sunday School 1 

Mrs. Lewis, a Sunday school teacher asked her little children one Easter Sunday, as they were on the way to the church service, ‘And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?’ Rebecca, a bright little girl piped up, ‘Because people are sleeping?’ 

Sunday School 2 

It was Palm Sunday but because of a sore throat, 5-year-old Bobby stayed home from church with a baby-sitter.  When the family returned home, they were carrying several palm fronds. Bobby asked them what they were for. ‘People held them over Jesus’ head as he walked by,’ his father told him. ‘Wouldn’t you know it,’ Bobby fumed, ‘the one Sunday I don’t go, and he shows up.’



Finding Peace in Simple Moments

This may sound strange to some people, but I have been going to work early so I can build up some hours to take time off for camping and hanging out with the grandkids.  Getting to the office first is something that I find to be very peaceful and gives me a few minutes of peace before it gets busy and the phones start ringing.  It’s some time to breathe and get my thoughts collected.


Friday – April 19

Bicycle Day – The first time I saw Bicycle Day I was going to tell you a funny (it wasn’t so funny at the time) story about my worst bicycle ride ever . . . and then I saw what this one is REALLY commemorating.  My story doesn’t work.  Honestly, I won’t be celebrating this one – I wouldn’t even know how – but I suppose it is interesting, if nothing else.  Today is the anniversary of the day in 1943 when Dr. Albert Hofmann took LSD intentionally f or the first time.  Three days earlier he absorbed a small amount of the drug through his fingertips, or by accidentally ingesting it.  On Bicycle Day he took 250 ug of LSD (I have no idea how much that is) on purpose, and afraid he had made himself ill (good fear), he rode his bicycle home from his laboratory.  During this ride he experienced the effects of LSD, making this the date of the first ever acid trip.  He wrote about his experiments and the experience on April 22, which was later put into his book “LSD: My Problem Child”.  I suppose this day would be celebrated by drug users, but for myself, I think this day is sort of a sad and deranged one to celebrate.   (After I finished this post it dawned on me that this could be what Freddie Mercury was singing about in his song about riding his bicycle.  I looked it up and though we won’t know for sure since he’s dead, general opinion is that this is a distinct possibility.)

Good Friday –
Good Friday, the Friday before Easter Sunday, commemorates the Passion and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross.  From the earliest days of Christianity, churches have celebrated a special service in which the account of the Passion according to the Gospel of John is read, prayers are said, and the faithful approach the cross in prayerful reflection.  In many churches the cross is kissed.  Services end in a special Holy Communion.  Some churches celebrate Holy Thursday, the day before, and have solemn Last Supper ceremony.  Good Friday services are quiet and serious occasions, the organ is not played, everything is kept quiet and prayerful, for it was a serious time.  In many churches and doctrines, Good Friday is a day of strict fasting and abstinence.  Catholics who are over the age of 18 and under 60 are required to fast, which means they can eat only one complete meal and two smaller ones during the day, with no food in between.  Catholics who are over 14 are required to refrain from eating any meat, or any food made with meat, on Good Friday.

I am not Catholic, and I admit that growing up the church we attended, if they did a Good Friday service, we never went to it.  As an adult I have attended one church that did have Good Friday services, each year slightly different than the one before, but they were all very deep and meaningful and spoke to my heart.  The lights were kept low, people came and went as they felt moved.  Candles were lit and projected on the screen in front was a picture of the cross, directly above the cross that sits on the stage all the time.  The Pastor spoke solemnly for a bit, we saw a short excerpt from the Passion of the Christ, then we had communion before leaving.  It doesn’t sound like it was anything special, but you would have had to be in the sanctuary that first Good Friday service I attended to know the impact it had.  In the air around us was a sense of hush and awe, and the presence of God was there, next to us, all around us.  It was somber and uplifting all at the same time and forever shifted my view of Good Friday from a day leading up to Easter, to a day that impacted all of our lives from the moment it happened on.  We were given such a precious gift, and at such huge and horrifying sacrifice, that I hope we all can take the time as we go about our busy day to bow our heads and thank God for all He has done for us.


John Parker Day – John Parker deserves this day, and thought he isn’t typically a key player in U.S. history classes, he nevertheless played a very important part in it.  Parker was an American farmer, mechanic and soldier who commanded the Lexington militia at the Battle of Lexington on April 19, 1775.  His experience as a soldier in the French and Indian War (Seven Years War) at the Siege of Louisbourg and conquest of Quebec, was what most likely led to his election as militia captain by the men of the town.  He was in poor health from tuberculosis, yet on the morning of April 19th he ordered his men, as the British approached, to “Stand your ground.  Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here”.  He witnessed his cousin, Jonas Parker, killed by a British bayonet.  Later that day he rallied his men to attack the “regulars” returning to Boston in an ambush known as “Parker’s Revenge”.  This was his only military action in the American Revolutionary War.   He was not able to serve in the Battle of Bunker Hill in June and died of tuberculosis in September.  Parker’s grandson donated his musket to the state of Massachusetts.  Today it hangs in the Senate Chamber of the Massachusetts State House.


National Hanging Out Day – When I was little, every time we went to visit my Grandma from spring to mid fall, the clothes lines outside would be filled with the most pristine white laundry I’d ever seen.  That woman had a way with white clothes and towels that is unrivaled!  Years of washing by hand on an old washboard, then hanging to dry resulted in softly worn, sparkling bright clothes, and they always came into the house crisp, and smelling like fresh air.  Years passed by and I moved into a house that had a big back yard, and it had a clothes line.  Flashbacks to Grandma’s clothes came to mind so I figured I’d give it a try.  I washed them inside, and would hurry out in the bright morning sun, hang them out to dry, then leave for work.  A few afternoons I returned, and it was like my childhood flashing back to me, folding the freshly dried towels made smile . . . until the day I came home, pulled in the laundry, and recoiled in gagging horror.  Nobody had warned me that a couple times a month the fields behind our house were sprayed with liquid chicken poo to fertilize the corn.  OHHHH MYYYY!!! My towels smelled like chicken yuck!  I had to learn the schedule before I could hang out my clothes.  That was pretty gross.  What all of this is leading up to is National Hanging Out Day – created to show how it is possible to save money and energy by using a clothesline to dry clothes.  It can be therapeutic to hang out the clothes, listen to the birds and the breeze blowing in the trees while methodically putting the clothes out on drying racks or lines.  And, depending on the size of your household, you can save a lot of money every year in reduced energy bills.  Clothes last longer and they smell better (provided you don’t have freshly fertilized fields behind your house).  There are communities that actually prohibit hanging out laundry in the yard – supposedly for aesthetic reasons.  I say that’s ridiculous.  What’s the point of owning your own home if you can’t even hang your clothes out in your back yard to dry???  Did you know that in this country, 6 – 10% of residential energy use goes towards running clothes dryers?  I didn’t know that!   If you don’t have a clothes line, today is a good day to get one.  The weather is improving, and you’ll be able to get that clean laundry out there to dry.  Hmmm, I think I need to get myself a clothesline.  I was thinking about it last year and hadn’t done it.  I’m feeling a little nostalgic for spring sun dried clothes.

Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day –
This is another of those days that those of us who were alive on this day in 1995 will look back on and remember with clarity and horror.  At 9:02 a.m. on April 19, 1995 the unthinkable happened.  A car bomb exploded outside of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.  It is so hard to believe that it has been 20 years!  Timothy J. McVeigh was convicted of the crime of setting off the domestic act of terror that killed 168 people, 19 of them children in a day care.  McVeigh was executed for the crime on June 11, 2001.  There is a lot more I could write, but honestly, just looking at the pictures and re-reading the stories is raising up all sorts of emotions – and I’m sure that’s true not just for me but for many others as well.  Please take a moment and remember the victims of this horrible tragedy today.

Passover (Sundown) – Passover is a very serious, very sacred celebration each year.  I know what I know of it from the Old Testament but feel that the explanation is better left to someone else, so I don’t risk missing something important.  I found a link that gives a brief overview of Passover and I hope that you find it to be as interesting and informative as I did.    One Passover week when I was in high school, my youth pastor from church took a few of us who would take it seriously, and he did a Passover communion with us.  It was one of the most special, spiritually meaningful evenings of my life to that point, and since.  If you ever have the opportunity, please experience this for yourself.  You will never regret it.

Saturday – April 20

Auctioneers Day – Have you ever been to an auction?  There’s an energy in the air, a sense of something wonderful just around the corner waiting to happen.  And those auctioneers! How on earth do they talk so doggone fast?  Today is Auctioneers Day, a day to appreciate how these folks contribute to others through their work.  And what do they contribute, you might ask? Well, they entertain for one.  Listening to an auctioneer is NEVER dull.  It’s actually quite fascinating to watch them work.  They are the ultimate recycling agent too. Think about it, they are up there on that stage, selling items that others no longer want or need, to someone who wishes to have them.  Rather than tossing it aside, it is being sold.  Often auctions are held for charity, so they are giving back to the community as a result – granted, they are likely being paid for their work, but they are helping raise needed funds in the process.  On the 3rd Saturday of every April we honor auctioneers for their hard work and efforts.  You could celebrate this one by attending an auction and enjoy a good show.  You might find something wonderful in the process that you just can’t live without. I remember the first auction I ever went to.  It was years ago when my daughter was about 5 years old.  Her grandparents decided it was time to buy her a pony, so off to the livestock auction we went.  There was such an electricity in the air . . . along with all the livestock aromas (good AND bad) that went with it.  We watched as horses, cows and donkeys were purchased by various people, the most valuable and expensive going first.  By the time we got the ones we could afford they were old, crotchety and it was fairly certain that the ones that didn’t get purchased were heading for the slaughter house. So sad! I wanted to get them all!  At one point I had to sit on my hands, quite literally.  They were auctioning off a matched set of twin baby donkeys.  OH MY GOSH! They were SOOOOO dang cute!  They were tiny and had curls on their heads!  I was nearly jumping out of my skin I wanted them so badly.  For no other reason than I wanted to play with them and enjoy watching them grow up.  That wasn’t why we were there but even all these years later I remember those precious little faces and wish I could have taken them home.  Unfortunately, they wouldn’t have gone to MY home, I didn’t live somewhere we could have donkeys, and my in-laws didn’t want donkeys, they were there for a pony.  Finally, this little Pony of America hit the auction block.  He was fairly old, like retirement age, and was sort of off white/tan with little brown flecks all over him.  He moved like he was moving through syrup, and my daughter fell in love.  HE was the one we had to have, so a few moments later, after nobody else placed a bid, Sparkles (aptly named by my daughter not for his personality, but his flecks of color) came home for the reasonable price of $40.00.  He wasn’t the most energetic of horses, but for a 5-year-old who needed to learn the basics, he was perfect.  If you have nothing else going on today, I’m sure there is a local auction you can attend just to enjoy the atmosphere, if nothing else.  It’s fun!

Husband Appreciation Day –
Ladies, today is a very important day.  Today those of us who are married can honor the man in our lives and let him know how incredibly important he is to us.  Husband Appreciation Day is special!  I am very blessed to be married to my hubby.  I try to show it to him in little ways, making his lunch and breakfast every day, trying to make meals he will enjoy for dinner, rubbing his shoulders when he aches, etc.  Why should we honor our husbands? After all, WE work hard too, but think about it.  Our hubbies do things for us every day that we probably take for granted – but shouldn’t.  I’m sure they do the same for us, but somewhere along the line will be Wife Appreciation Day and the tables can turn.  My guy keeps our cars running, and I don’t know about any of you, but this is HUGE for me!  In my previous life I had the cars that were on their last legs, if I even had a car at all, and I literally never knew from one day to the next if I was going to make it to where I was going without breaking down.  My short list of things I appreciate about my husband goes like this:  I know my car will not break down on me, and if something does happen to it, it will be fixed.  AND I have back-up vehicles to drive while that happens!  I know that if there is something that I need he’ll make sure I have it.  He works with me to keep the house and yard going instead of expecting me to do it all myself.  I love to cook, but he’s the seasoning KING in the kitchen, so we work together to make meals taste great and have fun doing it.  Maybe most of all, he came into my life when my kids were 16 and 21.  It wasn’t easy for him because they, even though they were older, were struggling with the divorce and all of the changes.  He patiently became an important part of my children’s lives, and he dealt with my son exactly the way my son needed (my daughter was moved out and on her own already).  He wasn’t a bully, he didn’t try to come in and take over, he was sweet, and patient, he was a friend who had good advice and who would instruct on how to do something and take the time to answer questions.  He was the one who showed my son how to change his brakes on his own, how to do his own oil changes, etc.  He was the one to take my son to the gym every day to prepare him for basic training in the Coast Guard.  He was the one to buy my son’s school clothes, take care of graduation pictures, etc., when my ex refused to help.  He taught us all that Christmas tree hunting didn’t need to be an emotional war zone with one person being a dictatorial bulldozer and calling all of the shots, turning it into something fun and to look forward to (I’ll touch on that more at Christmas time).  Today I want R to know how much I love him, and show him how much I appreciate having him in my life, to share the ups and down with, to laugh and cry with, to pray and study the Bible with, and to dream about the future with.  I love you Honey.  I appreciate you, not just today, but every day.

Take Your Parents to the Playground Day – Kids have a primary job of playing hard, don’t they? If they are doing their jobs properly, they are on the go from the moment they get up until they go down for the night, exhausted and healthy from all of the fresh air and exercise they are getting. Today is the day for kids to show their parents just how hard they work, especially if they usually do all of this work with a child care provider and not their parents!  Take Your Parents to the Playground Day is a perfect way to show the grown-ups what this play thing is all about.  Outdoor play gives kids (and grown-ups) the obvious benefits of physical activity that builds strong muscles and bones.  It ignites a child’s imagination, contributing to the development of creativity and confidence. Playing with other children helps to socialize kids, giving them the ability to play fairly with others, develop the ability to focus and pay attention.  This can, in turn, teach leadership and negotiation skills. The more kids play, the healthier, happier and smarter they are. When the whole family plays together, everyone experiences the value of all of these wonderful benefits. Now get outside and play!



Sunday – April 21

Bulldogs are Beautiful Day – You’ve heard the expression that “their face is so ugly it’s cute”?  I’m fairly certain that bulldogs sort of fit that expression, so if there is ever a day to look beyond appearances, today would be it!  Bulldogs are known for their wrinkly faces, stocky builds and their tendency to slobber.  Because of these things, bulldogs aren’t usually known for being beautiful, but for today, they can be!  To celebrate, if you own a bulldog, treat them to a special adventure – maybe a walk in the park, or some extra cuddles and some treats. There are a variety of types of bulldogs – the Bull Mastiff, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier and the Olde English Bulldog.  Bulldogs are related to the Asiatic Mastiff, which, according to historical records, lived in Mesopotamia around 4,000 B.C.  I admit, this face is awfully cute.

Easter –
This will be covered in a separate post – copied and pasted from previous years.

Kindergarten Day – Do you remember the first day of Kindergarten?  Usually the first day is memorable for the child, and for the parents, though the parents’ memories are usually filled with a little anxiety too.  I remember my first day – I was always such an independent kid – I think mom wanted to take me to school.  Looking back, I’m sure of it.  Nope.  I wanted nothing to do with that.  I’d been watching that school bus going by every day for a long time, and I really wanted to be on it myself!  So, my first day I marched up the sidewalk and climbed on that bus without a backwards glance.  Poor Mom.  Years later I knew the same feeling because my daughter did the same thing to me.  I’m stubborn though, I followed the bus and took pictures of her getting OFF the bus at school!  Kindergarten Day is celebrated in honor of Friedrich Froebel, born this day in 1782.  In 1837, he started the first Kindergarten in Germany, which became very popular, very quickly.  Kindergartens were originally set up to be a half day so children could get acclimated into learning, social interaction and school in a fun, yet educational manner.  It has evolved in most areas into a full-time program, partly as a result on more pressures on education, and partly due to there being more families with two parents who work outside the home.  Today celebrate with a trip down memory lane by pulling out old pictures of you and/or your child’s first day in Kindergarten.

National Surprise Drug Test Day –
Many people have unofficially called 4/20 “National Weed Day” for a very long time.  Never having tried the stuff, it isn’t something I would ever focus any attention on, but I suppose many people do – especially now that marijuana is legal in Washington and Colorado, and various other states.  I haven’t paid any attention to which ones.  Someone suggested last year that 4/21 should be National Surprise Drug Test Day . . . that’s awesome!  I used to manage the drug testing at my previous office, and I can honestly say that I would have LOVED to see the expression on everyone’s faces if I had declared that they were all going in for random tests today!  Supposedly the business was drug free, but some of the management team didn’t mind blurring the lines, in spite of the guidelines the company was supposed to follow for their contracted customers. It’s just as well that I’m not there any longer. I’m not a big one for breaking the rules or blatantly lying to clients. 


National Yellow Bat Day – This one is really interesting, and I can’t believe that I missed it for all of these years.  On this date in 1967, the 265th Army Security Agency Company (Airborne) with the 101st Airborne Division was activated at Fort Campbell, KY.  The divisions official insignia is of a bat with its wings stretched out, superimposed over a rising full moon. The motto below the photo is “Through the Night”. The bat is a symbol that represents mystery and secrecy because of its nocturnal nature, and that also described the intelligence support that the Army Security Agency Battalion provided. Before they deployed, all their vehicles and equipment were painted with a yellow bat symbol that was clearly visible from a distance and helped with identifying all the unit equipment.  They arrived in Vietnam ahead of the Viet Cong Tet Offensive, soon learning about the North Vietnamese campaign, but very few of their commanders believed the intelligence. On January 31st on the Vietnamese calendar, Tet, is the celebration of the lunar new year and is considered to be a very important holiday.  During the conflict between north and south Vietnam, it was traditional to call an informal truce.  The commander of the North Vietnamese, Nguyen Giap, was preparing to ring in their new year with a series of coordinated attacks, breaking the tradition of the truce.  The offensive came as a surprise to many but personnel of the 265th were manning their sector defensive perimeter with a few small units that did believe their intelligence reports, about 12 hours before the Tet Offensive was launched. The Viet Cong never managed to breach those positions, and to this day the Yellow Bat Battle flag hangs in the Sentinel Museum. 



Food Celebrations of the Day –

Friday – April 19

National Garlic Day – Stinky garlic smell on your hands? Wash with soap and water then rub your fingers along a stainless-steel object like your kitchen sink, faucet or a butter knife.


National Amaretto Day – Do you like Amaretto? I do, it’s pretty delicious. Some folks drink it, some bake with it, it’s good both ways.  In Italian Amaretto means “a little bitter” and is made from bitter almonds or apricot kernels or both. You may not be aware of this, but apricot kernels contain Vitamin B17, which is very good for fighting cancer. That was a side note that may come in handy some day!  Anyway, the nuts are infused in pure alcohol or brandy, which results in a liqueur that has a strong almond flavor. Yum!



Saturday – April 20

National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day – Canned pineapple was not available until 1903 when Jim Dole of the Hawaiian Pineapple Company (now Dole Pineapple) perfected a way to can them.  Where did people get the idea of putting in fruit at the bottom of a cake pan?  I found out that this technique has been around since the middle ages.  Traditionally made with apples, cherries or other season fruit, upside down cakes were made in cast-iron skillets on top of the stove.  Using pineapple and the oven was just the newest method of making a classic.  It didn’t take long for this recipe to make its way into the American housewife’s regular repertoire.  By 1925 the Hawaiian Pineapple Company had received 2500 recipes for Pineapple Upside Down Cake when it asked people to submit creative ways to prepare pineapple.  Only 2 decades after the introduction of canned pineapple this cake has become a pop icon!

Fruit is almost always heavier than the batter you mix it in. Thank goodness some smart baker thought to flip her creation over. Try one of these clever upside-down cakes, including the well-known classic: pineapple!  Here are some recipes from www.food.com to get you started for celebrating!


Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Peachy Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

German Chocolate Upside-Down Cake

Upside-Down Pear Gingerbread

Plum Upside-Down Cake

Apple Pecan Upside-Down Cake


Lima Bean Respect Day I’m not sure but I think I’m in the minority, but I love Lima Beans. I always have, even when Mom would serve them when I was growing up. Sadly, now that I am a grown up and have chosen to try to eat low carb, they are off the menu because they are high in carbs.  For those of you who do indulge, if you haven’t liked Lima Beans in the past, give them a chance. Add them to soups, stews, salads or casseroles, or even all on their own.  I love them by themselves, slathered in butter and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.


Sunday – April 21

Chocolate-Covered Cashews Day – Not a true nut, a cashew is actually a seed from the cashew apple — each fruit has only one seed.  I found out that the cashew apple is a very sweet and juicy fruit that is grown mostly in Brazil and the Caribbean – and that the skin is so delicate that it is unsuitable for transport – which explains why we don’t see it in our markets.  The pulp is sweet and juicy and is a delicacy in the countries in which is its grown.  Makes me want to try some!  Since we can’t get the fruit here, we do get to enjoy the seeds, and today is the day to enjoy them covered in chocolate! Yum!


Have a truly blessed day.  Take some time out of your schedule to reflect on the combined sadness and generosity of God, who loves us so much that He gave His son.  Rejoice! God bless you and I’ll see you on Monday.

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