Coffee and Ice Cream – Two of My Favorite Things Rolled Into One

Whew! What a day yesterday was!  My boss and I rearranged the entire office, which involved relocating 5 desks, 15 shelves (and all of the contents), file cabinets and files, computers, scanners and printers, 3 tables, a sofa, etc. I was limping by the time I left the office because my feet hurt so badly. Overall, I think it was a really good change because the office should be more efficiently organized now. Today we have to get everything that was in/on all of those shelves, desks and cabinets back where they belong. After that we should be able to get caught up on many things that are behind and start an actual routine. That will be nice, don’t you think?

Miss B’s first day of school was a success and she is pretty excited for the next day she goes it – which I believe may be Friday. She chattered about it to me, talking so quickly that I could barely keep up. My sweet girl is growing up so very quickly.


Verse of the Day

September 6, 2018

Jesus replied, “If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.”

John 14:23

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

At many Christian funerals, the preacher emphasizes how Jesus has left to make a place ready for us to join him in heaven. Then he is going to come back for us. But just a few verses later, Jesus adds this promise. He’s telling us that until we can come be with him at his place, he will come live with us here in our hearts. It all hinges on one thing, our willingness to obey him. Not a bad deal, is it? So, let’s not let obedience be a forgotten word in our lifestyle!


Food for Thought

It’s going to be interesting to see Nike go down that same road that other companies have – when you tick off a major part of the population by hiring someone who is a traitor to our flag and a fake hero, you ostracize the people who actually spend money on your product. With Levi jumping on the bandwagon by driving away a good portion of their base, I’d have to say that the people who run both of those companies have learned absolutely nothing about how virtue signaling doesn’t do the bottom line any good. At least they can feel pious, right?  I know that I will never spend a dime on Nike or Levi products in the future – I just wish I had some to burn.


Fight Procrastination Day – It is so funny that this celebration is today, since yesterday gave procrastinators a pass.  Maybe whoever created these days figured it was a good idea to balance it all out, so putting things off didn’t become a bad habit.   So, today is a call to action, making the day a day to get things done!   It’s always nice to step back from seeing a project through to completion and just look at how wonderful it is to have it be finished!  The big problem with that is that not long after it is finished, things tend to get messed up again!


Read a Book Day – We are getting into the perfect time of year for reading a good book – not QUITE yet – but we’re getting there.  There’s nothing quite like having the house all clean, something that smells of yeast or cinnamon baking in the oven, and curl up in the corner of the couch, sip at a cup of tea and get lost in a good book.  Reading takes us places we may never go in real life, into a world built in our imaginations.  Doing it this time of year just makes it extra special because it is cozy.  I have a struggle getting cozy in the summer, too hot and sticky.  Today take some time out of your busy life and curl up with a good book.  If you happen to doze off while you’re reading, go with it.  Nobody else needs to know.



This Day in History –

1995 – Cal Ripken Jr. broke Lou Gehrig’s baseball iron man record by playing in his 2,131st game.


Food Celebration of the Day

National Coffee Ice Cream Day – I LOVE ice cream, and coffee ice cream was just an inspired flavor to create.  The person who came up with it was a genius.  Seriously!  Creamy, sweet ice cream mixed with coffee and if you’re fortunate chocolate!  One of my very favorite flavors is Mocha Almond Fudge – oh great – now I’m craving ice cream.


I’m so glad there weren’t a lot of celebrations. I actually got to bed on time! And on that note, it’s off to work I go! God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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