Deep Thoughts as We Start a New Month

It’s been a month since I have bothered to log in. This entire blog is about celebrating life, finding things to be positive about and being joyful in our lives.  Since I haven’t been feeling that way, I have just not had the heart to come here and be depressing, or pretend to feel something I just wasn’t feeling. Usually I am a pretty positive person, and I can find something to be upbeat about most of the time, but I don’t think I even realized how much this whole negative political climate has gotten to me.  I find myself being quite angry often, or a little blue at least.  

We live in an amazing country, and what makes it amazing is the freedoms we enjoy, guaranteed by our forefathers in the Constitution.  I believe in that, it’s how I live my life, in appreciation for the ability to make decisions for my life that are best for me and my family.  In a few short months we have watched while those freedoms have been stripped from us, and I’ve been appalled by how quickly so many people have just gladly handed them over.  And why have they done this?  Not for any good reasons, at least in my opinion.

We are in the middle of what we are told is a pandemic. In my opinion, we are in the middle of a flu/cold that has a better than 99% chance of survival.  The people who are the most vulnerable are the same people who are vulnerable for every other flu and virus tha has come along for years and years. The old, the infirm, those with compromised immune systems.  Rather than isolating the vulnerable, they are locking down the healthy, attempting to force us to strap useless masks to our faces, and in effect, create a hive mindset of fear.  Those of us who think for ourselves and choose not to wear a stupid mask are being vilified, attacked and publicly shamed.  There is no law that says we must wear a mask. It’s a mandate, or suggestion, by overly dramatic political leaders with dreams of being dicators, with the citizens blindly obeying the ever changing whims.  Our governor is one of the worst.  I don’t find myself using the word hate with many people, but he is on the list of those for whom I would feel this emotion.  He is happily destroying our state’s economy for no good reason. He seems to love the sense of power that comes with having the little sycophants in our state bow and scrape at his every word. It’s disgusting.

So where does that bring me emotionally? Well, honestly, I want out of this state.  I have lived in this same general area for most of my life.  I have loved it here for as long as I can remember. Geographically, it is gorgeous here.  We have a bit of everything in this state – ocean, desert, mountains, rivers, rain forests, rain shadows and the list goes on. The bad thing is that this state is also filled, at least on the west side of our mountains, with boot licking, bowing/scraping liberals who are perfectly content with the rioting that is going on in the name of peaceful protesting – peaceful protesting my backside!  I’m sick to death of the destruction, the hate, the attacks on the police, the lock down for churches, restaurants, small businesses and the like, while large businesses, pot shops, abortion clinics and protesters are encouraged.  It’s horrible! No, it’s worse than that – it’s evil.

Last weekend we had the opportunity and blessing to visit with family on the east side of the mountains, in a neighboring state.  Even though both states are run by idiots, the location we visited has patriotic values and are not living their lives bound by masks.  Did we see masks? Sure, but we saw people not in masks also. The stress just rolled away from us. We slept peacefully, we relaxed completely, and it felt like our systems gave a huge sigh of contentment. We enjoyed landscape different from our own, with views that took our breath away. As we came home, the closer we got, the more frustrated we felt, and by mid week, the stress was eating at us again. If nothing else, this told us that it’s time to make a solid plan, and move on to a place where we feel peace, contentment and calm.  We asked that God give us a sign of what to do next, and I think we definitely got it.  

How are you faring with the changes to our world? I truly would like to know.

God bless you.  Not sure when I will see you, but I hope it will be soon.

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