Discovering Our Destination

To be able to move forward with our plans to move, I need to go backwards for a moment – by about 30 years. What I am about to say will resonate with people of faith, but for those who tend to view the world through a lens that does not allow much tolerance for things of a spiritual or prophetic nature, you may want to skip forward to prevent your eyes getting stuck in the backs of your sockets with disbelief. My feelings won’t be hurt – your disbelief doesn’t negatively affect my belief, so it’s all good.

Approximately 30 years ago I began having dreams, some were frightening, all were confusing, but they were consistent in nature. I saw myself and my family living in a remote place, trees all around, wildlife, quiet, few – if any – people around. I could feel the warmth of the sun on my skin in the summer, and the chill of winter’s kiss on my cheeks. The exact location could not be determined from the dreams, but they were the same through all of them in their topography.

Jump forward to about two years ago. We went to visit family in another state, to their new home we hadn’t seen before. When I got out of the car, I stood there for a few minutes trying to figure out WHY it felt so familiar to me when I knew I’d never been there before!? It took a bit of time, but it came to me before long – THIS was what my dreams were showing me. The trees, sky, landscape . . . all of it. Standing there and letting my senses just absorb everything around me – the sounds, the aromas of the forest, all of it. I didn’t know how or when, but I knew that we would at some point be living somewhere near here . . . I didn’t know how long it would take, but everything that would follow was just a part of that moment of recognition, of knowing.

Our plans didn’t come together immediately, however after many conversations, a plan was put into motion – we would build a cabin on our family’s property, and be there for them to help when were needed, close enough, but not so close that we didn’t have our own place to be.
For the next year and a half or so, my husband planned, designed, created and gathered building supplies for our future home. We purchased a cargo trailer, filled it to the very last possible inch of space, and took our first load of supplies to the building site. Over a period of months, we ended up making multiple trips, purchased two more trailers, and starting with two storage buildings – each approximately 540 square feet inside dimensions – we began to set up housekeeping. One building was filled with our household items, and the other was to become our cabin. Downsizing from 2300 feet plus a 3-car garage to what would eventually become a tiny home was a challenge, but it was a welcome challenge.

Putting our home on the market was a bit sad for me because I’d always loved our house. I had stopped loving our neighborhood, our county and even our state – so as emotional as it was to sell the house, I knew it had to happen. Eventually we were able to sell the house, load up the last of our things and, being the middle of winter, we loaded our truck with the last of our belongings, cargo trailer, motorhome and small trailer to pull behind it, and moved to an RV park temporarily to watch the weather reports and wait for the mountain passes to have optimal conditions for driving and hauling trailers. It took about a month, but our moment arrived, and in the middle of February 2022, we headed out, leaving our state behind and driving to our future.

The best is yet to come . . .

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