Do You Wear Hats? Today is Your Day! Happy National Hat Day!

Yesterday was a frustrating day at work.  I’m not going to lie – there were a few moments I felt myself nearing tears. We are transitioning to a new version of our work software and it isn’t going well. The old and new versions aren’t talking to each other, the IT people don’t seem to know what to do, and none of them are saying the same thing. I feel that my entire day was a waste of time. Getting up and repeating the experience today is going to be a bummer.  It may be a good thing I don’t have any time off built up or I would be tempted to just crawl back into bed and hide from the whole experience.  Wonder how my boss would feel about adult beverages for entertainment value to get us through? No? OK fine. I’ll take my coffee and power through it.


Verse of the Day

January 15, 2019

Therefore, we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

2 Corinthians 4:16

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

While we joke about growing older, the challenges of aging are tough. We realize our mortality. Our bodies can betray us. We can’t do what we once could do. As Christians, we know that our aging actually brings us closer to home and to the time when Jesus gives us immortal bodies not subject to decay. God can help us use these physical realities to be heavenly reminders of what is important. With the help of his Spirit, we can be transformed to be more like our Savior, and to be more ready for our heavenly home!



Food for Thought

Getting older is interesting.  Everything starts to hurt in one way or another, but aside from the physical aspects of aging, there are mental and emotional ones.  As we age, we gain valuable life experience, experience that would benefit others in many ways. Children can learn from their parents and grandparents, listening to, and applying lessons learned to their own lives. Employers can benefit because people who are more mature, and with more work experience, tend to have a better work ethic and don’t feel that they should have something for nothing. Unfortunately, the job market seems to be stacked against the older worker. Bosses who are younger may feel intimidated by the more experienced, mature worker, or feel like they will invest time training the worker, just to have them leave for something more fitting for their broader skill set.  There is also the sad truth that our experience is worth more, but for someone changing jobs later in life, being set backwards on the pay scale seems to be inevitable.  Bottom line is that in our hearts and minds, we aren’t any older than we were when we entered the job market many years ago, but intellectually we can handle much more than our younger counterparts. Convincing employers of this is the challenge though. Never give up. Someone will value all that you have to offer and will benefit greatly from your experiences and knowledge.


National Hat Day – I’ve never been much of a hat person.   My face doesn’t go with most hats and no matter how much I wish it did . . . it’s not the case.  I did start wearing baseball caps occasionally – especially when hiking.  And now I have a rain hat, mostly for camping and hiking.  Truth is that hats come in all shapes, colors and styles and eventually I may actually find one I like someday.  Hats don’t serve just fashion purposes, they are practical too.  Helmets offer safety protection.  Some keep your head warm, others keep the sun out of your eyes.  Did you know that you lose more body heat from your head than any other body part? Wearing a hat on a really cold night, even in bed, will keep you warmer!  It’s true.  Even in the summer when we are hiking, the mountains get cold at night.  I sleep in a hat, even though I’m in a cozy sleeping bag.  I was looking through my hat pictures and ran across this one that I did a few years ago on Hat Day when my Tibbi Girl was still with us. I got a little teary when I saw it, so I figured I would share it with you.  Gosh, I miss her so much! 


This Day in History –

1943 – The Pentagon opens.

1974 – Happy Days premieres on television.


Food Celebration of the Day

Fresh Squeezed Juice Day – Being on a lower carb eating plan does have its benefits, but not being able to have juice is one of the drawbacks. To me, there’s not much that tastes better than an ice-cold glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, or a frosty mug of apple juice. Oh, great. Now I’m craving juice.


National Bagel Day – OK this is just so fun! Thomas’ Bagels got tired of watching bagels play second fiddle to pizza on the day they used to share, and moved the special day to today’s date for giving this “hole-iest” food holiday its own attention.  I love bagels, so I completely get it.  Happy Bagel Day!



National Strawberry Ice Cream Day – Don’t let this childhood favorite get crowded out by vanilla and chocolate. While only the third most-popular ice cream flavor, strawberry always makes you smile. The great thing is that when you make homemade ice cream you can tailor it to your eating plan! I have a Cuisinart ice cream maker that does a great job. It gets more use in the summer though.  I may have to buy some strawberries and break it out today.


 I am dragging my feet but heading out the door, already looking forward to walking back in again tonight. Have a wonderful day! God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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