Happy Mother’s Day to All Mamas

We should not need a designated holiday to honor the women who nurtured and raised us to be the people we are today.  Every single day of our lives, especially once we are adults and realize the sacrifices our Moms made for us, should give us the opportunity to tell them how special they are and how much they are appreciated. Being a mother is not just the act of giving birth to a human being, it is about keeping that human alive, nurtured, fed, clothed, disciplined and above all, loved from the moment their hearts beat within you, or the moment they are yours through adoption or marriage.

Motherhood comes to various women at different times. For me, I was a mama by the time I was barely turned 19 and had my 2nd when I was 23 years old. The moment I knew I was pregnant with my daughter I was scared, of course. I was 18 years old for goodness sake, but I knew I loved her. I knew that the baby inside of me was a special person and I knew instinctively she was a girl, just like I knew right away that the baby I had at 23 was a boy. Each beat of their hearts, every moment, every time they slammed a foot against my bladder, filled me with more love than I ever knew was possible. After they were born, when life got busy with feedings, diapers, more laundry than I knew was possible in a day, sleepless nights, toys everywhere, throw-up, ear infections, giggles, potty training, snuggles, a little hand against my cheek, wobbly walking and a myriad of other adventures all filled my heart with a happiness I never even knew existed. And with that love came worry. Each bump or bang, each bruise or scratch, every fever, cough or sneeze HAD to be some horrible thing that must be fixed immediately. Every tear that was shed by big, blue eyes, flooded my heart with pain because my baby was experiencing pain. Every tantrum they threw, though frustrating, showed me that my children were capable of showing independence. Every time they talked back, with repercussions of course, showed me that they had a voice they weren’t afraid to use in their own defense. Every time they stood up for someone who was being bullied, helped the underdog, or reached out to someone that the popular kids may not want to associate with, these things showed me that my children were growing into amazing adults, who would someday become amazing parents. And they have. They have surpassed all of my hopes and dreams for them. They are in happy, loving marriages, raising well-adjusted, beautiful children, and I hear the same love and concern in their voices for their children that I had for mine. Motherhood has been my greatest calling, my deepest and most fulfilling joy, and by far my greatest achievement. To every mama who has experienced these things, to these mamas, have a Happy Mother’s Day.

Biological mothers who are unable to raise their children and opt to allow loving families to raise them, are incredible and should be honored for keeping their babies alive, rather than murdering them in this abortion crazy world we live in today. They should be honored for being capable of making this difficult choice. Having a few friends who were unable to raise their own children, I know that they think about those babies every single day, wondering how their lives have been, if they are healthy and happy, do they look like their biological family? Would they someday want to meet, or do they even know they were adopted? They find themselves scanning the crowds in town, wondering if that young man with the dimples, who looks remarkably like her dad could be her son? Or if that young lady with the adorable nose that is like looking in a younger mirror, could be her daughter? The love that prompted these mamas to give up her own children so they could be healthy and happy is a love that doesn’t end. It’s always there, silently searching and wondering.  To these Mamas, Happy Mother’s Day.

Some women are unable to conceive their own children, or unable to carry the children the do conceive to term. The heartbreak cannot be described in mere words, their sadness and grief reach to the deepest parts of the soul and resonates with every breath, every thought and every day of their lives. They gaze upon other mothers with children and either shove their sadness to the backs of their minds while pasting a smile on their faces, or they turn away and cry. To these women, and their families, who choose to accept into their hearts and arms, a child that was conceived, carried and birthed by a woman who could not keep her baby, you are heroes.  You opened your hearts and let all of that love you have inside to reach out and surround a precious soul who may otherwise have been in a negative situation, or worse, aborted.  You are not a mama by biology, but you are a mama through choice, and the love you give your child is amazing, special and precious. To these Mamas, Happy Mother’s Day.

There are mothers who do not have children of their own through biology or adoption, who marry men who have their own children. Usually these children are already partially grown up, they have their own already developed personalities, foibles and habits. You have become a step-mama all at once and are walking into this situation cold. You have to learn these children inside and out and walk a tightrope of not stepping on the mama’s toes yet keeping control in your own house without earning the title of EVIL Stepmother. It’s a hard path you travel, learning the balancing act of where to be a friend, while at the same time being an authority figure, opening your heart to love these children who your husband loves so deeply, and accept them as your family. You are likely to be faced with resistance, hostility and push-back, depending on how bio-mom deals with this on her end. The more she resents you, the more difficult your life will be. Through all of this, you stick it out, you open your heart and you accept these children as your own family. This is a blessing for you and for them, after all, these kids now have another person to wrap them in love. To these Mamas, Happy Mother’s Day.

One of the most difficult things to be, according to stories I have heard, is a mother-in-law. My experience as one has been great. I have a wonderful daughter-in-law and equally wonderful son-in-law.  Both make my children very happy and have helped to bless my life with beautiful grandchildren. I have two lovely mothers-in-law who provided my hubby with love and helped him be the man he is to my kids and grandkids, and of course to me. For that, I will be forever grateful, and to you, I wish a Happy Mother’s Day.

Some mamas have lost their children, which breaks the heart, and sometimes the spirit. To these mamas, bless you every single day. I pray your hearts heal, you remember the wonderful times and can anticipate reuniting with them in heaven someday. To these Mamas, Happy Mother’s Day.

To the mamas to kids of the furry variety – and no I am not talking about really hairy children – you are a mama to those puppies, kitties, horses, or whatever critter you hold dear to your heart.  You nurture and love them, feed them, get medical care for them when they need it, and every day you shower them with all of the adoration a mama to humans would give to her children. To many it isn’t the same, but to the ones who love their pet kids, it really is very much the same. To these Mamas, Happy Mother’s Day.

I am blessed beyond measure to have my Mama still in my life. I am able to talk to her every day, spend time with her, and get her hugs, hear her laughter, share my tears with her and I feel so fortunate to have her as a part of my daily life. I have two amazing children, three incredible grandchildren and furkids of my own.  Today, my Mother’s Day is complete, knowing that my family loves me, and that they know I love them back. At the end of the day, that’s what makes every single day worth it.

Happy Mother’s Day to the moms in all of your different situations. Celebrate this day and be truly blessed by it.  God bless you and I’ll see you soon!

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