If You Are a US Citizen, and You Have Not Registered to Vote, Please Do!

I knew that Monday would fly by, and Monday evening flew by too, without much getting done that needed to be. Fortunately, tonight I do not need to go to the store, so I can get straight home and get busy. That missing hour or two from going to the store makes a LOT of difference in how much I can get done, and there is a LOT to do.

Verse of the Day

September 25, 2018

My dear children, I write this to you so that you will not sin. But if anybody does sin, we have one who speaks to the Father in our defense — Jesus Christ the Righteous One.

1 John 2:1


Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

God hates sin. Don’t you? I know I do. But isn’t it amazing how we’ll fall back into the same old traps again and again. This is where John, the tender Shepherd that he was, hits the nail on the head. The goal is to not sin even one sin. But, knowing our struggle against the flesh, John also gives assurance to those of us trying to live faithful and pure lives. He wants us to know that when we do sin, the Sacrifice for our sins, God’s Son, is also our defense attorney who proclaims us sinless by his blood! So, let’s draw close to Christ. Let’s invite him into our heart each morning as we begin the day. Let’s trust in his power and grace to sustain us and carry us through. When we do, he will!

www.verseofthe day.com


Food for Thought

With all of the excitement of planning my daughter’s wedding I have to admit that I am a little sad. Sad isn’t the word really, I think contemplative may fit better. Not everyone knows this, but when my husband and I met, I’d just turned 40 years old. My children were grown and nearly grown, and my husband had/has no children of his own. I prayed for one more child, to be able to help him achieve his dream of being a father himself. I researched everything I could that would tell me that my odds weren’t terrible, that women of my age really did have successful pregnancies. We hear about them every day, but obviously, it didn’t happen, month after month ending in tears of disappointment. My children are as close as he will ever get to being a father, so he will never have the chance to walk a daughter down the aisle to her groom, never have that father/son talk before the big day, know what it is to raise a piece of himself from a new baby to a grown adult.  Though I know that it is not my fault that I couldn’t do this for him, that it just wasn’t in God’s plan, it still makes me sad. He doesn’t complain, but I know he is likely thinking about it and there is a piece of me that blames myself, a piece that is angry at my body’s betrayal of its intended purpose of bringing children into this world. When I was younger it seemed so easy, but some things definitely get more difficult with age and health changes.


Math Story Telling Day – I won’t lie.  I don’t care for math.  Story problems always made my brain shut down, and I’d feel a buzzing start in my thoughts that would block out my ability to answer a problem.  Well, this day was set up by Maria Droujkova in 2009, as a birthday present to herself.  She obviously LOVES math, and math stories.  I’m not sure that I agree with her, but I’m sure that there are many out there who feel the same enthusiasm for numbers and number stories.  I’ll leave all of that up to you.  I’m better with words and can’t quite come to terms with the whole math celebration thing.  Let me know if you had a good time with it though – I’ll take your word for it.  I will!


National Comic Book Day – I know that most of us had comic books as kids.  I have a couple of mine here somewhere, definitely worn from reading them over and over, and likely not worth anything because of that wearing, but the price on the front of them are .10 and .15 each.  How cool is that?  I liked the kid ones – Little Lotta, Richie Rich, and of course, The Archies.  I was never one to like the super hero comics, but so many people are – and today so many of those comic book stories are made into movies, that it shows that they still continue to capture the imaginations of the people of today.  I haven’t purchased a comic book for many, many years, but I’m betting you won’t find any for .15 anymore.  Comics are actually great reading!  They either tell an ongoing story, provide us with humor, or offer intrigue and suspense.  In all comic book stories good prevails over evil in the end, so they always make us feel good.  They have GREAT value as collector’s items, depending on how nicely they have been preserved, so take care of those old ones, and protect the new ones – you never know which ones may end up being a gold mine for you! 


National One Hit Wonder Day – How many of us hear those catchy tunes from our time in high school and/or college and wonder what happened to them?  The bands were one hit wonders who were just a flash-in-the-pan, had ONE single hit, and nothing more.  But those hits? They stick in our brains and live on in our happy memories.  This holiday was created in 1990 by a musical journalist who wanted to pay tribute to those bands who had just the one special hit . . . from The Macarena to the Mambo #5, those are the songs that we just don’t forget.



National Voter Registration Day – If you aren’t registered to vote, and you are of legal age and a citizen, please register.  It is up to the people to tell our politicians what we want and how we want it, and the voices of those who aren’t registered aren’t counted at all.  The election in 2016 showed that if we rally, our voices WILL be heard, and positive change CAN be made. The attacks from the left have intensified. Their whines and cries because of losing haven’t calmed down, but instead have definitely been taken to insane levels. This election is so very important. For conservative voices to continue to be heard, for the demonization to stop, we MUST have a red wave – so, grab your ID – because though it isn’t required in some places, it SHOULD be – and go register to vote.  Do your duty as an American citizen.  Oh, and do it legally.  Dead folks can’t vote (even though a great number of dead voters seem to have missed that little tidbit of information), and you are only allowed, BY LAW, to register once.  I don’t care who you are, if you register more than once, on purpose, then you are a horrible person and shouldn’t be allowed a voice anyway.


This Day in History

1981 – Sandra Day O’Connor became the first female Supreme Court Justice.


Food Celebration of the Day

Crab Meat Newburg Day – Ooooh crab. It’s wonderful! I’ve found that people either really love crab, or they really hate it. Pretty much everyone knows what crab is, but not everyone knows what Newburg is, so that’s what we’ll find out today. Newburg is a very rich sauce of butter, cream, egg yolks, cognac, sherry, cayenne pepper and nutmeg. Seafood is added to this sauce – in this case crab, but it can also be lobster, scallops, shrimp or even a combination. I have never made this, but doesn’t it sound good? I may have to look up a recipe and give it a try – not tonight. I need to make something easy tonight.



National Lobster Day – Have you ever cooked a live lobster? I haven’t. I don’t know that I could! I love eating lobster, but someone else has to cook it and I can’t see it alive at any point before it reaches my plate. I just can’t stand the thought of tossing a living creature into boiling water. We have a wonderful seafood department at my favorite grocery store that has tanks of live shellfish. I’m wondering if they cook these for squeamish folks like me – they must.


This day has to see many things happen by its end that will bring me leaps and bounds closer to being ready for this weekend! I must bake the wedding cake and get it into the freezer, make frosting, get the guest room ready, pack up everything I need to take with me on Friday, and what feels like a million other things. I knew I shouldn’t have taken so much time off my feet over the weekend! Yikes! Well, I need to get myself to work and plan my strategy for tonight! God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow! Maybe. You might not. Depends on how much time I have. If you don’t, you’ll know why.


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