If You Are Going to Change Your Name – Today’s the Day!

Snow Day # 3 and I have to admit, as much as I love snow days and being home, I’m getting a little itchy to get out of the house.  I could have made it to work just fine this morning, as our roads where we live appear to be fine, however it appears that my boss, who lives on a hill, got hit harder in the road department, and since it is a private road, isn’t getting plowed.  We are all planning on going in tomorrow, so I have this one last day to get my menu planned for the upcoming weekend and week, decide what to make for Valentine’s dinner for Hubby, and pick up a few things we are running out of after hanging out at home for a few days. 



Verse of the Day

February 13, 2019

Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.

Ephesians 5:21

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

Worship on Sunday can be inspiring and uplifting. Worship in everyday life can be exhilarating. Worship in our relationships can be transformational. But such worship always requires that we give up our own ways, our own wills, and our own wants and learn to live for another. If we truly live with Christ Jesus as our Lord, we will live as he did; we will submit to others to serve them for their good and to meet their needs. Sometimes that means being tender. Other times that means being tough. But it always means living to God’s glory.




Food for Thought

Being snowbound for a few days has opened my eyes to something important.  I stop at the store FAR too often.  I have now proven that I can get by for over a week without going to the store.  Yes, there are a few things I need to pick up – more coffee, cat food, dairy products, but overall, we have been perfectly fine eating food we already had in the freezer and pantry.  I’m betting we can ALL save money by doing this, we just need to stock up supplies in the first place. I’ve read a lot of posts by people who are feeling a sense of panic because they didn’t have enough on hand, which makes me feel really bad for them – and a little angry too.  We all had the same amount of warning about the storm, and seriously, beer and chips will not sustain a family for a weather event such a this. Try picking up a few extra things, like beans, lentils, some canned soups and other non-perishables, with each grocery trip. A few dollars extra now could keep you family fed when things get rough in the future, be it a snow storm, or a financial crisis at work.



Desperation Day – This one seems so sad to me. Funny in a way, but still sad.  The day before Valentine’s Day is said to be the day when single people desperately try to find someone to spend the day of love with.  It doesn’t seem to matter who it is, the desire NOT to be alone amid raised expectations built up through marketing and hype actually results in LOWERED personal expectations over the person with whom they choose to spend this romantic holiday.  It might actually work for some people, but seriously, desperation isn’t attractive on anyone.



Get a Different Name Day – Have you ever heard someone’s name and thought to yourself – ooooh what were their parents THINKING?  Yeah, I have too.  Quite often, actually.  Well, this day is for people who are not thrilled with the name they were given at birth.  Most people are given a first, middle and last name at birth. Not everyone gets a middle name, but most do.  That name wasn’t one that we chose for ourselves, but our parents saddled us with it.  Now, most people will go through life just fine with their given name, but there are some who just hate their name and change it when they are old enough to make that legal decision for themselves.  Funny thing though, sometimes people change their names for very strange names.  I have to wonder WHY? I guess I’m very fortunate that I truly do like my names – thanks Mom and Dad!


Madly in Love with Me Day – Here we are, on the day before many people celebrate Valentine’s Day, when the ones who actually do celebrate it lavish attention on their significant other. The idea of THIS day is to let people know – though I think it was specifically intended for women, I feel it could be for men too – to know that we each deserve to love ourselves as much as the other person in our lives do.  Self-help writer Christine Arylo, who wrote “Madly In Love With Me, The Daring Adventure To Becoming Your Own Best Friend” has the philosophy that to truly be able to show that you love others, we must first love ourselves without apology, so to throw out the diet books, treat ourselves to a favorite lunch with people that love and respect us as we are right now, without trying to change us, or expecting us to change ourselves. Nice thought! 



World Radio Day – Did you know that radio is the oldest method of mass communication?  Many people and organizations were involved with the invention of the radio, but the main one that gets credit would be Guglielmo Marconi.  He was the first person who successfully applied the theories of wireless technology.  He sent out the first radio signal in 1895, and it consisted of the single letter “S”.  That landed him a grant for the world’s first patent for the radio.  Over time it was proven that many of the theories used in the making of a radio were actually first patented by Nikola Tesla.  Radios work by transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves.  The importance of radio cannot be stressed enough, as it is the mass media reaching the widest audience in the world.  It is also recognized as a powerful and low-cost communication tool.  It is very well suited to remote communities and vulnerable people like the disabled, youth and the poor.  There is also the strong role in emergency communication and disaster relief!  The whole objective of this day is to raise awareness among the public and the media about the importance of radio, to encourage the people who make the decisions to establish and provide access to information through radio, along with enhancing networking and international cooperation.  Radio continues to grow and change in the digital age, but it still remains the medium that reaches the widest audience worldwide. 




Food Celebration of the Day –

National Italian Food Day – There is something so comforting about Italian food, don’t you think? It’s filling, delicious, alive with aromatic herbs, chewy pasta, spicy sauces and gooey cheese, that what could there possibly be negative about it???  Nothing!  Last year for this one I made gnocchi with a cream sauce with a gnocci board I got for Christmas. This year I got a pasta maker for Christmas, so I may try to make pasta out of sprouted flour to go with a Bolognese sauce. Yep, this celebration just convinced me what I should make for dinner!


National Tortellini Day – There’s a debate on where tortellini originated, but most Italians agree its filling must include a blend of prosciutto, mortadella and Parmigiano-Reggiano.




I have dinner to plan right now, and since I’m home, I think I’ll do some more work on my pantry organization.  No matter how straightened up I try to keep it, it gets messy very quickly.  Have a great day! God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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