If You Have a Brother, Reach Out Today and Let Them Know What They Mean to You

What a surprise! The weather guessers did NOT include rain with their forecast.  It was supposed to be quite warm today, and knowing the weather in our area, it still could be, but THIS was not predicted. The drive to work should be interesting.  Our area gets a LOT of rain, so much that TV shows and movies set in this area make fun of it, but it never ceases to amaze me that even the life long drivers act like they’ve never seen the wet stuff before when they get on the road.  I need to hurry because I know this means that nobody will be following the speed limit.  And if you know me at all, you KNOW that that bugs me a LOT!

Verse of the Day

May 24, 2018

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.

Romans 12:10

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

Being “devoted to another in brotherly love” requires that our church talk — we’re family, brothers and sisters, children of God — must be more than mere words. We must enter each other’s lives, getting to know one another so that we can serve, love and bless each other. What have you done lately to get more involved in the lives of your fellow Christians? Devotion to others follows a commitment to know and be known by them!




Food for Thought

I’ve seen a lot of ranting and raving from certain factions about the fact that President Trump called members of the notorious and vicious gang MS-13 “animals”.  Personally, I think this is an insult to animals because at least they don’t have the ability of cognitive thought to work through what it is they are going to do, and they don’t USUALLY perpetuate horrors against their own species.  The idea was right on point though – these individuals don’t even have the right to the title of “human” because they don’t display any hints of humanity – you can’t have one without the other. They may look somewhat like other people, but they have souls of evil. If you are defending these murderous gang members, yet are OK with aborting an innocent, unborn baby, then you are just as bad as they are, worse in my opinion because those babies have never done anything to deserve their mothers having their little bodies ripped apart and discarded like garbage.




Aviation Maintenance Technician Day – Now HERE is a group of individuals who deserve to be appreciated! These folks keep our aircraft in tip top, flight ready shape and to underappreciate the work they do to keep us safe would be really a sad thing. Yes, there are still airplane accidents, but if you consider how many flights head into the skies every single day, they truly have a good track record!


 Brother’s Day – Brothers are interesting creatures, aren’t they? On the one hand they can be annoying and frustrate us to pieces, but on the other hand, we can’t help but love them.  My brother falls into this category. We don’t see each other very often, we don’t have all that many interests in common, but when I am with him I can’t help but feel that love for my “baby” brother that I had for him while growing up.  If you haven’t seen or spoken to your brother in a while maybe you could reach out today to let him/them know that they are loved.


International Tiara Day – How many of us grew up pretending to be a princess, dressing up and prancing around the house pretending to be a royal? We all deserve that feeling now and then, and with that feeling comes deserving to also have a tiara.  It reminds us that we are special and intelligent, pretty and graceful, all of those things we always dreamed we would be someday.  This day was picked for this fun celebration because it is Queen Victoria’s birthday and celebrating it could be very fun! Put in a tiara and perhaps have a fancy tea party for your friends! How fun would that be?  A fun side note about tea in Victorian days . . . tea was served between lunch and dinner, which was about 9 pm.  In 1840, Anna Maria Stanhope, one of Queen Victoria’s ladies in waiting, was too hungry to wait for dinner so she had a light meal made up of cakes, bread and butter, and tea, delivered to her room.  She started inviting her friends to these teas and when the Queen heard of them she started having tea in the afternoons as well.  When Miss B comes to visit us this summer I am planning a fancy tea for us, and this will just have to include a tiara!  When she is a little bit older we will do our fancy teas with the antique tea set that my Grandma K left to me when she went to Heaven.  I think that will be pretty special.  



This Day in History –

1830 – Nursery Rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb” was written by Mary Hale of Boston.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Escargot Day – Escargot may seem like the creation of adventurous modern chefs, but snail shells have actually turned up in archaeological digs — this delicacy has been around for millennia!   I am not an adventurous eater when it comes to things that crawl on the ground, or slimy things in general.  In my mind, snails fall into this category along with oysters, octopus, etc.  You get the idea.  When we went on our cruise one of the things on the menu was escargot.  I figured there was a benefit to trying it on the ship.  1 – if I didn’t like it I didn’t have to eat it and 2 – it wasn’t costing me any extra to try it.  So, I did!  Honestly, it was chewy like rubber bands, albeit rubber bands that had been cooked in lots of butter and garlic.  I got through it, didn’t die from it, and now I don’t have to do it again.  It wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be though, so it shows that sometimes it really is all in our heads.


After going through the rest of this as I get ready to go to work, I wanted to clarify my thoughts on drivers in the rain. We have had a couple of weeks of really nice weather, and there can definitely be a build up of oil on the road, which DOES get a little slick in places when a little rain hits it, so being cautious is a good thing.  Holding up 10 cars behind you isn’t.  And with that, I need to go. God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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