It’s Monday – Cute Pictures and an Announcement.

Good Morning and a wonderful Monday to everyone!

We had a wonderful time over the weekend, celebrating Little Man R’s 3rd birthday. He was so dang cute! We got him a fireman costume, which apparently he wants to wear all the time, and a firetruck to drive around. We went for a walk (he drove) down the road, periodically he would jump out of the truck and, shouting, “I’m coming! I’ll save you!”, running to the closest stump with his plastic fireman ax and fire extinguisher, blowing his whistle (more like humming into it like a kazoo. He didn’t actual blowing for a little while.) and chopping furiously at the stump. Then he would radio it in, and waving to the “victims” of the fire, get back into the truck and drive away. This is seriously one cute kid with an awesome imagination.

Now for my news! I wish I could do a drum roll.  




I was notified on Friday and didn’t really have time to process what today will bring until last night. It was a bit stressful, planning how I’m going to resign, and honestly beyond letting you know my great news, and posting about Little Man R, I wasn’t up to doing a regular post. I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our little guy!

God bless you and I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow!

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