It’s Spouse’s Day! Let’s Make the Day Special For Them!

*YAWN* Good Morning! Ohhhhh! I nearly forgot, it’s Friday. OK, I didn’t actually forget. It just got lost in the mental whining that I do each morning as I drag myself out of bed.  But now that I’ve remembered, WOOHOO!  May it be a great day for everyone!


Verse of the Day

January 26, 2018

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.

James 4:10

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

Humble yourselves. That sounds obscene. At least to the “get ahead at all cost” and “don’t look back the competition is gaining on you” culture of self-promotion it sounds obscene. Humility is a forgotten virtue. Often confused with weakness or timidity, humility is about knowing our proper place in the world without flaunting it. Only God can exalt in a permanent way, so the key is to know our place before him and let him put us in the place he chooses to honor him.


 Food for Thought

The character of a person is pretty important.  Someone who can communicate, in spite of any negative feelings they may have towards another person, shows character. They do not let the petty things in life get in the way of being open to discussion and working through tough times.  Someone of low character will mire themselves in the mud of their own childishness and ignore the fact that they have a serious problem. Have you reached out to another to try to work through something, just to be ignored and treated poorly? Well, you are dealing with one of those people. Give up. Their pride and their position on the issue is more important to them than being an adult and working through it is. Sad, but true.


Fun at Work Day – For some people, the words “fun” and “work” don’t go hand in hand.  It really isn’t a contradiction to put the two into a sentence together, since in an ideal world we should be able to enjoy what we do, and have fun doing it. Though work isn’t intended for the purpose of fun – unless you are a clown or work at Disneyland – so be productive WHILE you are having fun.  Focus today on enjoying what you do, having a few laughs with your co-workers and looking at your job with new eyes.  If you cannot find some joy in even one aspect of your job – whether it is what you actually DO, or being with the people you work with – then perhaps it is time to find a new place to work.  I am fortunate that my boss is also my friend, and we find something to laugh about every day, and even if it is something small and inconsequential, we find a reason to enjoy ourselves.  Working in an environment where there is at least one person who is fun to be around makes work seem less like work and reduces the stress. Have some fun at work today!


Spouse’s Day – Today we celebrate spouses – those wonderful people who we are happy to wake up with and see first thing in the morning, and the ones we snuggle down with at the end of the day.  Usually people think this day is like Valentine’s Day, but that is only somewhat true.   This is sort of a prelude to Valentine’s Day . . . without the gifts but with the quality time spent enjoying each others company.  Show your spouse that you really do appreciate the things that he or she does for you and for the family.  Find a special way to show him or her that you truly care.  This is very important when people have been together for a long time since as that time progresses the little things are taken for granted.  In every relationship the partners do SOMETHING they probably don’t need to each day to help out their partner, and often those little things are left without any thanks being given for them.  Notice those things today and thank your spouse in either words or deed.  Whatever you do though, don’t let the day pass without them being sure that you appreciate and love them very much.


Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement – this is little known holiday – so little known I’d NEVER heard of it before a few years ago – that was originally established as a day to connect with other people through the heart.  It emphasizes the importance of sharing a kind word with other people.  Even though the name brings up thoughts of childhood storybooks and amusement park rides, Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement actually finds its roots in an 1800s-era school house located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

It all started when Ralph C. Morrison, storyteller and the subsequent founder of the Toad Hollow collective, taught an elderly student named Eunice who was profiled in the local newspaper.  The article mentioned that she’d gone to Toad Hollow Country School, and once he read the article, Morrison says he was taken with the name!  He went on to explain during an interview that he began spinning tales of the legendary place for his performances, which prompted audience members to ask about its true location.  He would always respond that it was not found on any map, but only “in your heart”.

The interview went on to say that the legend of Toad Hollow grew into a reality for local residents when Kalamazoo County officials offered Morrison land from a seldom-used park for his storytelling activities. He accepted the offer and organized a nonprofit society to operate the park in 1992. With the help of volunteers, an 1800s pioneer homestead and town was construction, and they refurbished a run-down grist mill already located on the property. Over the next three years, Toad Hollow hosted Civil War reenactments, Renaissance Fairs and even Teddy Bear Picnics. After that, the county reclaimed the property, and the people of Toad Hollow donated all of their improvements, except the mill, to other historic organizations and museums.

The Toad Hollow park was taken care of entirely by volunteers. While discussing the park, Morrison described how the volunteers shared their expertise with visitors.  They taught classes on blacksmithing, quilting, and soap and candle making. At the height of Toad Hollow’s popularity, it had a staff of over 100, who referred to themselves as “Voluntoads.” After Toad Hollow reverted back to Kalamazoo County, the Voluntoads continued their classes off campus.  They started seven schools, including storytelling, writing, barbecuing and early American arts and trades, which continued until 2003. The idea for the Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement grew out of the passion for helping others that the Voluntoad had, motivating people to share what is in their hearts every day. From this beginning, the Voluntoads also founded the Toad Hollow Day of Thank You on June 20, and later, the Toad Hollow Week of Encouragement, which falls in mid-March.

I had never heard of this day before I started writing this blog, but what an absolutely inspiring story!  If all people showed even a small percentage of the dedication to sharing and teaching, what a wonderful world it would be!  The open and loving example that these people showed to others through the giving of their time, their knowledge and their generous spirits is absolutely uplifting in every way.  Today give of yourself to someone else – give a kind word or thought, teach someone something new, take some time to inspire another.



This Day in History –

1875 – The Dental Drill was patented.



Food Celebration of the Day

National Peanut Brittle Day – According to Southern myth, West Virginian lumberjack Tony Beaver invented peanut brittle by pouring surplus peanuts and molasses into a flooding river.  Fun story, but in all seriousness, take a look at that second recipe!  Thanks!  You have given me something to look forward to when I have a cheat on my diet day! Yum!

Peanut Brittle

Chocolate-Dipped Smoked Almond Bacon Brittle

Microwave Peanut Brittle
Mixed Nut Peanut Brittle
Chocolate Almond Apricot Brittle

Easy 10-Minute Graham Brittle


National Pistachio Day – Though I found recipes for the other celebration, this is the one I decided to celebrate today! I made Carolyn Ketchum’s Butter Pecan cookies but substituted pistachios instead and they are AMAZING! You can find the recipe in her book Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen on page 328. YUM.  If you don’t have the book, then find any cookie recipe you love and substitute the nuts in the recipe with the pistachios. Completely changes them in a very good way!


I need to head out, but keep happy thoughts going. Once this day is over we have reached the weekend! God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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