Let the Adventure Begin . . .

I’ve been pondering on where exactly to begin with sharing the changes that have been under way for the past two or three years, maybe more.  As close to the beginning as possible, I suppose, without putting everyone to sleep.  Here goes – I’ll try not to be so long winded that you nod off.

In November of 2019 I was able to land a job that would bring me closer to home – reduced commute, fun co-workers, interesting work . . . and my office was going to be in one of my favorite towns.  We moved into our new office right before Christmas, enjoyed Christmas and New Year’s.  Right before my birthday in January 2020, I got very sick with the flu and needed to stay home for a few days.  Hubby got sick too. It wasn’t terrible – I’ve been more sick in the past, and I’ve been more sick since, but it was a bummer nonetheless. In hindsight there are those who assume we had Covid – maybe – but I’ll still just call it the flu.  Not too many weeks after this, the world went upside down and crazy, and we were suddenly living in a medical dictatorship. Neighbor against neighbor, as we took sides masks vs no masks, injections vs no injections.  For the record, I land firmly on the side of my Constitutional Rights – and a reminder to all, there is NOTHING that neutralizes the Constitution – NOTHING.  No masks, no injections, no medical tyranny.  There is NOTHING that will ever justify what has happened to the world over the last 2 years, and the fallout that is escalating right now.

Within a matter of days, everyone in my office was sent home to work. We created new protocols and schedules, and we put together a system that worked for all of us.  It was BECAUSE of this, that as our plans for our future at home began coming together, I was able to keep my job and work remotely in our new state. So, I can honestly say that ONE good thing came from Covid – I was able to begin working from home!

We had been seeing crime rise in our area, as people began moving there from cities and states that embraced reducing the consequences of crime, where the needs of the law abiding, employed, tax paying citizens weren’t as important as those of the criminals.  They fled their own states to escape what was happening there, and brought their failing nonsense with them, creating in our town the very issues they initially intended to leave behind.  It got to the point that we didn’t feel comfortable leaving our home long enough to go shopping, because the car prowls,  etc were so prevalent.  Not a day went by we when we didn’t hear about someone’s car being stolen – sometimes in broad daylight from the parking lot in our local grocery store. I had lived in this county all of my life – with brief exceptions when my children were little – and I no longer recognized it as being my hometown.

It was time to make plans. These plans would take most of two years, but we trusted God with the details . . . let the adventure begin.

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