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Good Morning and a Happy Monday to you! Four more days of my old job, one 3-day weekend, then I start my new job.  It was really nice on Friday, one of my new bosses sent me a text telling me how excited she is to be working with me and can’t wait until the morning of November 4th. I’ve never had a boss do this before, so it gave me a very nice feeling.  We celebrated my new job this past weekend by going on a relaxing camping trip. We just went to our favorite RV park, sat under the trees, enjoyed the cool fall weather, the campfire, great food and doing nothing but hanging out with each other. It was good to just sit and breathe, soak in nature and enjoy some quiet time together.


I cannot say enough how proud I am of our President and our Delta Force and Ranger operators, at taking out Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Bagdahdi on Saturday. Way to go Mr. President! I know the Dems are whining that Trump didn’t let them know ahead of time, but seriously, can anyone blame him? The leaks from the left is more like a river, flowing information that is critical to keep secret to save the lives of our military members and protect the United States. Beyond even that, they are working so hard to try to find something to impeach the President over, when he has CLEARLY not broken any laws, that why would any of us, much less the President trust them? I know I wouldn’t trust a single one of them further than I could throw their lying butts. I sleep more peacefully at night knowing that our wonderful President is doing such a great job at putting our nation and our people first.



Verse of the Day

October 28, 2019

Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us.

1 Peter 2:12

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

How do we win over to the Gospel of Christ those who are hostile toward us? While we need skilled defenders and expositors of biblical truth, the way most of us will win others is by the way we live and by the way we treat them. No matter how much criticism and harsh treatment we may receive, our deeds must remain Christ-like. To do less is to rob others of a chance to see the living Christ in action.

National Make a Difference Day – It doesn’t matter who we are, we can all make a difference to the world around us.  It doesn’t even matter what activity we choose – it can be almost anything!  It can take the form of cleaning up our neighborhood, fixing up, painting or repair of the home of an elderly person who can’t do it for themselves, park clean up, or working in a soup kitchen, nursing home or shelter.  If you just cannot physical participate in such activities, then donating to a worthy cause will help just as much.  We can all make a difference each day, in big and small ways, by just looking around and seeing what needs to be done.  I know that someday, when I’m gone from this world, I want to leave behind me a legacy of having helped as many people as I can, in as many ways as possible.


Plush Animal Lovers Day – There are just some things that we never completely outgrow – especially girls, and that is our love of squishy, stuffed toys.  The whole idea of this day is simple.  Enjoy and appreciate any stuffed, plush animals we still have from when we were kids – or even new ones we have gotten as grown-ups.  Give them a little squeeze and let them know you still love them. Nothing wrong with getting enjoyment out of the simple things.


St. Jude’s Day – I am not Catholic, and as such I don’t know much, if anything, about honoring saints.  This one intrigues me though because St. Jude is probably the one I see most often mentioned by the world as a whole – for even in a world that is squashing down Christian principles as quickly as they can, it must appreciate the hard work and the compassion shown by those at St. Jude’s Hospital.  It seemed important for me to figure out what St. Jude was all about.  After a brief search this is what I found.  October 28th is the universal feast day of Saint Jude that is celebrated everywhere in the Latin Rite church and is included in the Roman calendar.   Saint Jude Thaddeus is called upon second only to Saint Mary in modern day prayers throughout the calendar year – not just on Saint Jude Day.  His teachings included remaining steadfast in the faith, having fortitude, showing mercy, and praying to the Holy Spirit.  He is recognized as the patron saint of desperate cases.  In our modern society where things are moving fast and carrying a tremendous amount of stress each day, people find that they need hope and comfort, which many find by turning to praying to Saint Jude for hope and providing help in what may sometimes seem hopeless.  Though I was raised to take my troubles directly to God, I can see the appeal in this simply for the comfort it may bring.  Saint Jude is also the patron saint of hospitals.  Though hospitals are known as places of healing, they are also places of injury, pain, gore, terminal illness, surgery, therapy and death.  Even one of these, much less multiple of them, can have a debilitating effect not just on the lives of the patients and families, but on the healthcare workers.  Saint Jude is called upon for fortitude at work, and for continued faith in Jesus Christ, which can have huge impact on alleviating stress.  He is also the patron saint of desperate situations, which we can all find ourselves in sometimes.  The elderly person who needs to fill prescriptions but their insurance doesn’t cover them and they have no money, the middle aged homeowner with a spouse and kids facing foreclosure and eviction, the young wife who’s husband walks away from her in a bid to “find his happiness” leaving her to figure out where to go from here, someone dealing with addiction issues – all face desperate situations, and many turn to Saint Jude for peace.  The last thing Saint Jude is known for is being the patron saint of forgotten, impossible and lost causes.  Throughout the ages it has been known that Saint Jude encouraged people facing these situations to take their troubles to God through the Holy Spirit and take their peace and guidance from Him.  Even not being Catholic, I can see where the peace comes from this level of faith. I ask that each of you – Catholic or not – to consider donating to Saint Jude’s hospital, and help give hope to the hopeless and those who need the boost of faith and help that can be found within its walls.


Jude 1:17 But you, my dearly beloved, be mindful of the words which have been spoken before by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ: Who told you that in the last time there should come mockers, walking according to their own desires in ungodliness’s. These are they who separate themselves, sensual men, having not the Spirit.




Food Celebration of the Day –


National Chocolate Day – I love chocolate and I know so many others do too.  Actually, the few people I know who DON’T love chocolate, I have to wonder what is wrong with them.  I mean, seriously – NOT love chocolate?  That’s just not normal!  Chocolate is so loved that there are three days in the year that it is celebrated.  July 7th has Chocolate Day, September 13th is International Chocolate Day and today is National Chocolate Day.  I admit it – there can never be too many days to love chocolate and celebrate it with enthusiasm.’


Wild Foods Day – Forager clubs are all the rage these days. Summer may be the best time to find nature’s hidden goodies, but there’s nothing stopping you from planning a future feast.  The winter months are the best time to look over seed catalogs and get that garden plan in place. 


Moose is all ready to go on his walk before I go to work, so I guess I’d better get my shoes on and hit the door. Have a wonderful Monday and an awesome week!  God bless you and I’ll see you soon.



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