Mother’s Day Weekend

Good Evening!  Sorry about not being here this morning, but I had the opportunity to go hang out with Mom, which always takes priority over sitting on the computer.  Family, no matter what, should always be our 1st choice over anything else. They are the ones who love and accept us, and who are always there for us.  I realize that this isn’t the case with ALL families, but I am grateful that it is in mine.  Mom and I went and checked out a tea house we hadn’t been to before, and like any restaurant it had its good points and some negative ones, but underneath all of that, it had the two of us at a table, sipping tea out of delicate cups, eating treats we don’t always have, and enjoying laughter and sharing stories together.  I hope for you that you are going to be able to spend time with your Mom, or if you ARE a Mom, to spend time with the blessings that gave you that title.

Verse of the Day

May 12, 2018

There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life in Christ has set me free from the law of sin and death.

Romans 8:1-2

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

“Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!” Becoming a Christian means we have been liberated from law keeping. We now have God living in us through the Holy Spirit. The Spirit helps us to know God’s will and then live it. Through the Spirit’s power, we can do what no law could make us do: live up to God’s standards of righteousness. We are set free to be like God and to be with God, free from the crippling power of law, sin, and death.

May 13, 2018

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Proverbs 31:30

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

So many things we honor and exalt in our culture are shallow and temporary. The one thing that lasts in a beautiful woman is not her charm or her beauty, but her godliness. Let’s make sure that our church families and our physical families value godly women and give them the praise they deserve!


Food for Thought

It’s entirely possible I should always take a picture of greeting cards we send to people to document which card it is we send.  Turns out we somehow sent my wonderful mother-in-law the same exact card two years in a row. Geesh – not my intention at all! Sorry S!  I’ll start communicating better with your son when it comes to cards – at the very least.  I wish we were with you today!



May 12 – Saturday

Birth Mother’s Day – Saturday before Mother’s Day) – In this world that appears to be filled with selfish people who think only of their own interests, today we recognize the biological mothers of adopted children.  So many people today justify the use of abortion to rid themselves of an “inconvenience”, moving on from the precious life that they eliminated without another thought.  If they DID think about it in retrospect, those are stories we don’t hear about.  It wouldn’t do to allow anyone to see that there are regrets, pain and lifelong repercussions to murder.  The women who give birth to these children that they perhaps didn’t plan, or maybe were the result of the crime of rape, or possibly life changed for them and they felt that they couldn’t properly care for the baby financially or emotionally, are heroes.  These women made the choice to honor life and bring these babies into the world, and allow others who cannot have children of their own to have the gift of a family.  Today we celebrate those mothers who gave up their children to be raised by someone else.  This day was set up by birth mothers to educate, to remember, and to cope.  Many of these mothers feel such remorse, such guilt, that they don’t feel that they deserve to be honored on Mother’s Day.   Have compassion for these women, for every day they may find themselves searching the faces of people they pass in stores and on the streets, wondering if perhaps THAT is their son or daughter.  They look for familiar features, they dream and wonder what the life of their child is like.  Some search for their children, or hope that their children will search for them.  Today is the day to show compassion for the women who made the loving and selfless act of giving up a part of themselves, so that the child could have a loving home with parents who desperately prayed for children to come into their lives.  Being a mother, I cannot fathom the strength it takes to let a child go, because I know that no matter my circumstances, I don’t have that kind of strength.  God bless these women, and give them peace in their hearts.  Happy Birth Mother’s Day.  You know who you are – we honor you.



Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Awareness Day – This is a sad one and something that we don’t hear anything about in the media.  Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CDLS), also known as Bachmann-de Lange syndrome, is a genetic disorder present from birth. In most cases, CDLS is not associated with any family history of the disorder, but for others, siblings and/or parents may also have the syndrome. Researchers have identified a gene on chromosome 5 associated with CDLS.  The following symptoms and other information has been copied and pasted for accuracy.  My heart aches for these children and their families.

Symptoms:  Many of the symptoms of Cornelia de Lange syndrome are present at birth. These include some or all of the syndrome’s distinctive facial features:

  • confluent eyebrows that appear arched and well-defined (99% of cases)
  • long curly eyelashes (99%)
  • low front and back hairlines (92%)
  • turned-up nose (88%)
  • down-turned angles of the mouth and thin lips (94%)
  • small lower jaw and/or protruding upper jaw (84%).

Other physical abnormalities which may be present at birth or detected as the child grows may include:

  • very small head (microcephaly) (98% of cases)
  • eye and vision problems (50%)
  • excessive body hair, which may thin as the child grows (78%)
  • short neck (66%)
  • hand abnormalities, such as missing fingers, very small hands, and/or inward deviation of the pinkie fingers
  • heart defects.

Infants with Cornelia de Lange syndrome are generally born small, sometimes prematurely. The infant has very tense muscles, has trouble feeding, and may have a low-pitched weak cry. Language and behavior problems:  Infants with CDLS do not develop as quickly as other children. Most have mild to moderate mental retardation, but some may be profoundly retarded (IQ range 30-85). Because of problems with the mouth, hearing impairment, and developmental delay, children with CDLS often have speech delay. Behavior problems for children with CDLS may include hyperactivity, self-injury, aggression, and sleep disturbance. These children may appear to have autism due to a diminished ability to relate to other people, repetitive behavior, difficulty with facial expression of emotion, and language delay.

Treatment: focuses on helping each child achieve his or her potential in terms of development and language, and medical care for physical problems. Infants benefit from early intervention programs for improving muscle tone, managing feeding problems, and developing fine motor ability. Life expectancy is normal if the child was born without major internal physical malformations such as heart defects.

The statistics say that this happens to 1 in 10,000 children.  I’ve never known anyone with this syndrome, I’ve never even heard of it, but now that I am, being aware and spreading the word, maybe that will encourage others to give to research to figure out how to prevent it, treat it, or at least help with appropriate and helpful therapies and counseling for the families.


Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Day – I know people who suffer from Fibromyalgia.  They have been through years of pain and suffering with many doctors telling them that it is all in their heads, putting them onto anti-depressants and into counseling, telling them they just need to learn to live with it.  The truth is that this is a syndrome primarily characterized by widespread chronic muscular pain, fatigue and insomnia. It is a difficult to diagnose syndrome and equally difficult to understand. People who suffer from the condition often fear they are being treated as hypochondriacs or are perceived as chronic complainers and lazy. They often fear disclosing they have the condition to their employer and co-workers because they might face discrimination or a hostile work environment. A decade ago many people would be hard pressed to say they had even heard of the condition.

A survey done by the American Chronic Pain Association shows that in March of 2012, 92% of the population in American had heard of Fibromyalgia. This is a big increase in awareness, but even though they are aware of the syndrome, people also do not understand the difficulties involved with everyday tasks for those who suffer with it. The general opinion of both FM sufferers and non-sufferers was that they would have difficulty with physical activities, but people without pain were surprised to find that watching a movie or driving a car can also cause a lot of pain. Sometimes sitting still or in one position for a long time can be just as painful as moving a lot. The majority of people who suffer from FM are women, but men do get it as well. It increases in prevalence in aging populations, but it can be diagnosed at a young as also. It is sad to me that people who suffer from this syndrome think that society sees them as weak, lazy and complaining, even though the survey shows that others see them as strong and courageous. This could be seen this way by people who have FM because of the doctors they have been exposed to who have denied the existence of the condition, or refused to treat them. They have been told that this is all in their heads, or they are all stressed out. This certainly doesn’t lead to trusting the doctors, does it? Pain is a private experience, and everyone deals with it in their own way, but people who don’t deal with chronic pain need to try to grasp what others are going through, even without feeling the pain ourselves. It takes a lot of strength and courage to deal with a complex syndrome like FM, and it is encouraging to see that days like this help bring it into the light. The more awareness that there is, the more understood the people who have the syndrome will be.


Hug Your Cat Day (didn’t we just have this? I must have 2 separate days listed for the same holiday) – For those of us who love our cats, this is a good day.  Our kitties are cozy, huggy, snuggle babies who just want to be loved.  Some cats allow you a little bit of petting time, then nonchalantly wander off – as if they are doing us a favor.  Other cats are true huggers and just want to settle into a lap for a long nap.  Go ahead and give your cat a big, furry hug.  For the dog lovers – hugging our dogs is good too, they deserve it, but today its about the cats!


International Migratory Birds – We have had a lot of days to celebrate birds, but today we specifically focus on the incredible journey that migratory birds take each year.  They travel 1000’s of miles between breeding grounds in North American, and their winter homes in Central and South America.  This is the day to both support and to increase awareness of conservation efforts in support of migratory birds.  Today perhaps would be a good day to take a walk in the woods to look for and enjoy watching migratory birds.  We have the wetlands behind our neighborhood where we can see Canada Geese hanging out and doing the things geese do.  It’s pretty entertaining and very peaceful.


Letter Carrier’s Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Day – This is the nation’s largest one-day food collection drive. By now many food pantries and other service organizations are pretty much tapped out, so the infusion of food from this drive comes at just the right time.  The 2nd Saturday in May was specifically chosen for this annual event. The sad reality is that people give generously around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but they push it to the backs of their minds by this time of the year, and the shelves are running bare.  It’s sad and the reality is that widespread hunger in America is a tough problem to solve, and it’s something we can’t just focus on one time of the year, and ignore the rest of the time.   Last year the food drive gathered more than 70 million pounds of food, bringing in a grand total from all the drives to about 1.2 billion pounds.  There is one thing I would like to note to everyone.  I spoke with a lady a couple of years ago who was one of the managers at a local food bank.  This was right after this food drive, and she was showing me a pile of food that they couldn’t distribute to the bank because it was all VERY past expiration.  Do NOT use drives such as this one to unload a bunch of stuff that you wouldn’t eat.  Rule should be . . . if YOU wouldn’t eat it nobody else will want to either.  That’s just rude.  If you are being generous, be TRULY generous and give something meaningful, rather than garbage.


Limerick Day – Do you remember in school when we learned the different types of poems and how to write them? Limericks were always some of the easiest ones to write because of the cadence and rhyme of the lines.  The most commonly known ones are actually quite naughty and can’t be repeated here, but there are clean ones out there and can be found after a brief search if you so choose.  Where did we get the Limerick poem though?  Well, writer Edward Lear (1812-1888) popularized the Limerick in 1846 in his “Book of Nonsense”, and since today is his birthday, this is the day we celebrate it.  A Limerick is 5 lines long – the 1st 2 lines rhyme with the 5th, and the 3rd and 4th lines rhyme.  Put that together and you have a fun little poem.  By the way, the city of Limerick is the 3rd largest in Ireland.


Mother Ocean Day – I looked and looked for what this day signifies.  All I could find was a note that on this day people stand at the edge of the ocean and throw roses into the waves.  No explanation as to why, where it started, or anything.  It’s a nice gesture though.  The ocean provides a home to all kinds of life.  This is actually a great day to celebrate the life the ocean not only nurtures in its depths and on its shores, but that it provides for us.  Ships transport goods on its waters, it provides wonderful recreational opportunities like cruising, sport fishing, surfing and sand castle building . . . it also gives us wonderful seafood.  Our world would not exist as we know it without the oceans.  This means we – every single one of us – even those of us in a landlocked area – must protect and respect the ocean and all of its inhabitants.  You can participate in today’s celebration by thinking about what you are pouring down your drains – everything eventually is connected to the ocean and the end of its journey in one way or another, so be aware of the damage you could be doing to the life that lives in the ocean.  Adopt a sea critter from your local zoo – or from the World Wildlife Fund.  It has more than 40 animals you can symbolically adopt, including those that live in the ocean like dolphins, whales, sea turtles, sharks, sea lions, octopi and clown fish.  Maybe you could watch a deep sea movie to learn more about what happens under the waves.  And respect the beach if you visit it, never litter, and respect the nests of the animals who live there.



National Miniature Golf Day – I really enjoy miniature golf.  I am really intimidated by REAL golf, but miniature golf is something I can do and have fun doing it!  Did you know that miniature golf has been around since the 1800’s?  During that time people considered it to be highly inappropriate for a woman to raise a golf club above her shoulder level.  (there were some REALLY weird ideas going around throughout history!).  In 1867 the Ladies’ Putting Club of St Andrews, Scotland built a small scaled-down golf course so that women could play the sport without creating a scandal.  It was the first the first miniature golf course in history.  Miniature golf courses began popping up in America during the early 20th century.  However, these facilities were usually located at hotels and private resorts so they weren’t yet available to the masses.  In 1916, James Barber of North Carolina built the first quintessential miniature golf course – it was named “Thistle Dhu”.  The design of the course was neo-classical, similar to the styles of the Tuileries Garden at the Louvre in Paris.  By the 1930s, miniature golf had become a popular pastime all across the country.  Maybe today, for National Miniature Gold Day can go enjoy a round or two!


National Train Day – Take a little trip backward in time for a moment.  Put on your imagination hat . . . The year is 1869 and the future is HERE!  No longer are we going to have to travel from the east coast to the west in a month long journey by horse and wagon.  No more will we be facing the fear, danger and challenges of weather, disaster, illness and confrontations with indigenous people.  Daily the news comes to us that the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads are getting closer to completing the first Transcontinental rail line!  Isn’t it exciting???  Construction of the railroads is dangerous and the workers are in great peril each day as so much of the west is wild and unsettled.  No matter the danger, it doesn’t stop the excitement at the thought of being able to get from one coast to the other in a matter of days, and in comfort!  The face of America is changing, even as the world is getting smaller. . . It is finally here!  May 9 of 1869!  The news will be announced any moment . . . and here it is!  The tracks of the two railroads met up at Promontory Summit, Utah!  They drove a golden spike into the final connection of the two tracks, forming the first continental rail line . . . it is 1,776 miles long! Can you imagine?  As we bring ourselves back to present day, I’m sure we can smile at the thought of the excitement over the trains – after all we can travel much farther than that now by airplane in mere hours – but it really was thrilling and transportation took major strides forward. My family has its own connection to the railroad being stretched across our great nation.  Great Grandpa H helped to build the railroad, following it across the country as they laid the tracks.  Back breaking, intense labor the likes of which most people don’t see these days.  Each spike had to be driven into the tracks, one by one.  Great-Grandpa nearly lost his life performing his job when a spike was hit incorrectly – I was never sure as the story was told if it was a spike he hit, or one that a fellow worker hit – but the spike flew up and embedded itself into his forehead.  The only pictures I have ever seen of him he has a deep indentation in the direct center of his forehead, just above and in between his eyes.  He was very fortunate to survive, and I’m sure his 15 kids would agree.  There are a few ways to celebrate this one today . . . you could take a train ride . . . something I’ve never actually been fortunate enough to do.  You could go to a train museum, or explore train and railroad history.  You could join a train club . . . there are actually many out there, which really surprised me.



National Windmill Day – Have you ever been driving through the countryside and there ahead of you, stretching as far as you can see, is a windmill farm?  It’s pretty impressive, and these are the new variety.  Windmills are in no way a new technology though.  Since ancient times man has harnessed the power of the wind to provide power for transportation, grinding grain, pumping water, etc.  The exact beginnings of the first windmill is unknown, though it is thought to be of Persian origin, from where the knowledge spread back into Northern Europe as a result of the Crusades.  The earliest windmills were far different from the days, but the concept was similar.  Today we celebrate this rich history, and the beauty of the early windmills.  Modern ones are interesting, but the older ones with the large sails are gorgeous.  The picture attached is one I felt was particularly stunning.  Someday I’d love to actually see one in person for myself.  Please take some time and do a bit of searching for some of the beautiful, historical windmills and appreciate their amazing abilities in a way that I just can’t fit in here in one entry.  It is a fascinating bit of history that is still so useful today.  “Green” energy isn’t new, it’s just updated.


Odometer Day – Quite honestly, I cannot imagine what prompted someone to set up a day to celebrate their odometer.  Really?  A gadget in the car?  Hmmmm. . .  well OK, here we go. The odometer records a lot of history of your car.  It logs all of those trips you take . . . for fun, for pleasure, when you’re alone or with loved ones.  This day celebrates the invention of the odometer which was invented by William Clayton in 1847. Woohoo – now I could use some suggestions on how to celebrate this one!  I’m at a loss!


Stay Up All Night – Well, I saw that there was a day set up for this one, but could find ABSOLUTELY nothing to explain it.  It’s pretty self-explanatory anyway I guess.  It’s all about staying up all night!  When I was a kid I would have LOVED this, as a teen it would have been the norm for a weekend, but now? No thank you.  I appreciate my sleep too much for that and find myself getting sleepy and yawning by 9 p.m . . . I’ll leave this celebration to other people.  Have fun!


May 13 – Sunday

Children of Fallen Patriots Day – We should always honor and remember our troops – each and every day – but in spite of the fact that this should be a constant topic on our minds and in our hearts, May is a month that has been designated as Military Appreciation Month, with different days throughout the month recognizing different groups that are connected in some way to the military.  Today’s has been going on for two years and specifically recognizes the children of fallen patriots.  It is on this day because today is the anniversary of the founding of Arlington National Cemetery, where there are hundreds of thousands of fallen soldiers buried.  In 2002 The Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation was creating to help support all U.S. children who have lost a parent serving in the military, providing supplemental grants, college scholarships and educational counseling for these children.  Since it was started it has offered over $12 million in college funding to hundreds of college children in the United States, firmly believing that investing in the future of these kids is an investment in the future of our country, and is a way to honor the parents who have died protecting our country.  This stunned me a bit, but in the last 35 years alone, around 20,000 children have lost a parent to active military duty.


Frog Jumping Day – Why you ask?  Well, nobody knows!  I tried to find out, but there’s a lot of guesses without any real, solid reasons.  Here’s what I can tell you . .. The roots of Frog Jumping Day go back to Mark Twain’s first short story.  It was first published in 1865 as “Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog”.  It was later published as “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”.  It was also known under a 3rd title “The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”.  OK.  That’s all nice I suppose, but still doesn’t explain why they picked today for this celebration.  It isn’t Mark Twain’s birthday, nor his death day.    So how would one celebrate this day?   You could read Mark Twain’s story – under any one of the three known titles for it, or you could jump like a frog!  Other than that, I don’t have any really constructive suggestions.



Leprechaun Day – Apparently the attention Leprechauns get on St Patrick’s Day just wasn’t enough!  They had to share the day with that pesky Saint, Irish Pride, and everything that went along with it.  It was decided by someone, somewhere, that the little elves of Ireland, with their little pots of gold, needed a dedicated holiday of their own.  The legend is that if you catch a Leprechaun he must GIVE you his pot of gold.  Short of doing some Leprechaun hunting, my suggestion for celebrating this one is to take a look around you and appreciate the “gold” you have in your life. Treasure isn’t just about wealth, it’s in your relationship with God, with your family, and your friendships.   If you truly wish to make it a monetary focal point, perhaps you could spend some time today thinking of ways to increase your own pot of “gold”, or your fortune.



Mother’s Day (2nd Sunday in May) – When you think of comfort and home, what is the first thing that pops into your mind?  For most of us, it’s Mom.  Sorry Dads, but usually the first face in our minds is Mom.  You’re there too, but Mom epitomizes home.  Perhaps it is because there are so many things that Mom’s do IN the home to make our memories of growing up so special.  Maybe it’s different for sons, but I know as a daughter, that is how it is for me.

This is my Mom holding me when I was pretty new to the world.  Isn’t she beautiful?  It is always intimidating and scary to have a baby – especially your first baby – but to go into labor early with a premature baby, when your husband is so far away in Vietnam serving our country is definitely not something I think Mom dreamed of as she grew up.  Moms are strong people though, and mine had the added benefit of having my Grandma’s courage and strength running in her veins.  For the first 6 months of my life it was my mother and me, bonding in a special way that has grown with time until we find ourselves at 53 and 73 (goodness, those numbers are scary!) with our bond stronger than ever.  My day doesn’t feel right if I don’t talk to Mom at least once.  Usually my commute home is spent chatting with Mom . . . it’s “our” time.  If she’s on the phone to someone else when I call, or I’m on the phone with someone else who has called me, by the time I get home it just doesn’t seem right.

 My Mom is the epitome of mothery – does that make sense?  She is comfort, strength, acceptance and hugs.  She is laughter and fun, she is a combination of shy and bold that is somewhat surprising sometimes.  She wants to take care of those she loves and the very act of that caring wraps anyone around her up in a cloak of comfort, and the joy of knowing that you are someone special in her life.  My Mom is fairness embodied.  Each of her grandchildren is equal in her eyes, and it would nearly double her over with grief if she for one moment thought one of them felt slighted in favor of another.  She raised me that everyone should be treated the same – and to this day, even with my kids fully grown, I cannot bear the thought of inequality for birthdays or Christmas.  At the same time, if you make Mom mad . . . look out.  She’s funny when she’s angry – not funny haha, but funny LOOK OUT!  When Mom is angry she gets quiet. . . very, very quiet.  If she STOPS talking, that’s when trouble is brewing.  I remember as a kid growing up, when Mom got quiet we knew someone was in for it and we’d try to scatter and get out of the way.  She didn’t often spank us, so that wasn’t a fear, but to have her be mad meant she was disappointed in something we’d done, and that was almost worse than a paddling would have been.  Not that we didn’t get paddled for whatever it was we’d done – but she’d sic Dad on us when he got home from work! Double the punishment!  Honestly, I’m sure when my brother and I were kids we made her angry – I’m a Mom – I know it’s impossible to raise kids without getting angry with them from time to time – but those aren’t the times that stand out.

What stands out are the best picnic lunches in the world when we went on family outings, and of course the best school lunches in the school.  What I think of is the sparkle she put in every holiday, and the special way she made us feel on our birthdays – and still does.  What comes to mind is the hugs and good-night prayers before bed, the gentle way she blew on our skinned knees as she cleaned them up and put the band aid on the hurt spot.  I think of fresh baked sugar cookies with gooey delicious frosting, the best rice crispy cookies EVER and quite honestly, the most amazing popcorn balls anyone ever ate.  Mom makes me think of walking on the beach and picking up shells, laughing in the snow as the flakes fell on our faces, running through the rain and splashing in the puddles.  I think of matching hair ribbons to my clothes, and tea parties with my dolls.  Mom . . . she is all the great things in the world rolled up into one perfectly wonderful woman . . . a woman I am fortunate enough to have for my Mother, who taught me all I could ever need to know about being a Mother myself.

I love you Mom.

Because of my Mom, I always knew I wanted to be a mother myself, and I was – probably a little too young – but I wouldn’t change a thing, even the bad times, because I have two of the most amazing children that I was blessed to be able to bring into the world and raise. They grew up to be incredible people, people I am very proud of in every way.  Kids look back at the past and they don’t remember whether the house was spotless, but they do remember the laughter and togetherness.  I look back at my kids when they were little, and though I can remember the tough times raising them, that isn’t my focus. I think back to how miraculous it was that they were mine.  The perfect little fingers and toes, watching their eyelashes brush cheeks as they napped, the way their little lips would pucker up as they slept, and how their little hand would grip my finger – so trusting, so vulnerable, so perfect.  I remember the giggles, the imaginations both of them had, the wonder and awe on their faces as they learned something new. They never acted like they were embarrassed to be seen with me like so many children are when they reach the teen years. They would still hug me in public, introduce me to their friends and actually want to spend time with me!  I am blessed that they still do.  We had our challenges, but we got through them. I thank God every single day for my kids, and now my grandkids. There is no mother who could possibly feel more blessed than I do.  K . . . G . . . I love you both SO much!  Thank you for making motherhood wonderful.



This Day in History

May 12, 1792 – The flush toilet is patented.

May 13, 1965 – The Rolling Stones record the now infamous song “Satisfaction”.

May 13, 1970 – The Beatles movie “Let it Be” premieres.

May 13, 1983 – “Mr. October”, Reggie Jackson becomes the first major league ballplayer to strike out 2,000 times.



Food Celebration of the Day

May 12

National Nutty Fudge Day – American fudge supposedly evolved in women’s colleges in the 1880s. Ladies made it in their dorm rooms by using a gaslight, a chemistry-lab spirit lamp or a chafing dish. That’s pretty interesting!


World’s Easiest Maple Walnut Fudge

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Bars

Rocky Road Fudge Bars

Magic French Fudge

Tiger Butter Fudge Candy

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Peanut Butter Fudge


May 13

National Apple Pie Day – Of all of the fruit pies people make, I have to say that apple is one of my favorite. There is just something about the tartness of the apple filling, with a flaky crust that makes me happy. This is one of the reasons I was so sad when I started switching to eating low-carb and finding out that apples are not low-carb fruits and apple pie was off the table for me. Very sad, nearly worth of tears sad. But, as with most things, there is always some kind of a substitute that may not be as wonderful as the original, but that comes close, and from what I have heard from multiple people, substituting out zucchini or chayote squash for apples makes a nearly perfect Mock Apple Pie. I do have a few zucchinis in the fridge, so this may be a really great thing to try today!  Here’s a recipe, if you feel like you want to give it a try .


National Fruit Cocktail Day – I’m sure all of us have had fruit cocktail out of a can at least a few times when we were growing up, especially in the school lunch line!  In our house Mom would put it in with a jello salad, and every year at Thanksgiving I put it with whipped cream since it’s one of Hubby’s favorites.  Each can has pears, peaches, grapes and cherries – did I miss anything? Personally I prefer the cans with extra cherries and canned in juice instead of syrup – nobody needs the corn syrup, right?


It’s been a great food day, all the way around. Hubby just prepared a delicious steak dinner, and I happily ate as much as I could with leftovers for tomorrow! Score!  May your weekend be just as wonderful, and be sure to at least call your Mom – she’ll appreciate it.

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