National Day of Prayer

I will talk more about this further down the page but I don’t want to water down the importance of this day with a bunch of silliness.  Today is the  National Day of Prayer – so let’s all put our hands together and lift our nation, our President and his family up in prayer.





Today is a very special day! What is so special about this particular Thursday? Today is my parent’s 55th wedding anniversary, and in today’s world THAT is something very special to celebrate.  I was raised in a very traditional, normal home with parents who worked through their bad times, laughed through their good ones, raised a family, worked hard to make ends meet, and are still side by side after all of this time  This is such an inspiration and a blessing.  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.  I hope you are having wonderful time on your getaway this week!



Verse of the Day

May 2, 2019

How can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”

Romans 10:15

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

How beautiful are your feet? People with beautiful feet are either “sending folks” or they are “going folks” who share the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. Which are you? If we’re not one of those two options, we’re Christians with ugly feet. Now nobody would want that to be said of him or her? So, let’s make a partnership agreement with other believers by either going and asking for their support and help, or by helping and supporting others while they are going!




Finding Peace in Simple Moments

My peace today is just knowing my parents are having a good time on their anniversary, taking a break from the daily chores that we all have, and just enjoying themselves They deserve it.



Baby Day – Ooooooh babies!  What is NOT to celebrate about BABIES?  The funny thing about this particular celebration today . . . nobody said WHY they set it up. . . beyond that they must have loved babies of course.  Logically we know that today is a day to get some baby time if we can, and to appreciate the miracle of birth and life.  Parents – especially new parents – can celebrate this day by spending some extra time with their little one, keeping in mind that this time is so fleeting, so take advantage of it while you can. 




Brothers and Sisters Day – Do you have sisters and brothers?  Today is a day to cherish your siblings, no matter whether they are near or far, whether or not you feel close to them.  Anyone who has had brothers and sisters growing up know that we love them so much . . . we may not like them all of the time . . . but we love them always.  My brother and I lead completely different lives, we don’t talk very often and we don’t truly have all that much in common – except blood ties of course – but doggone it, we do love each other and when we do have time together, even if it is short, it’s always accompanied by a hug and positive feelings.  My brother knows if he needs a kidney, he can come to me, and I hope I can say the same about him for me! (This is a picture of Miss B and Big Brother E from 4 years ago.  I didn’t take the time to find a more updated one because this one is so cute!)



Life Insurance Day – The sale of life insurance started sometime in the late 1760’s with the creation of the Corporation for Relief of Poor and Distressed Widows and Children Presbyterian Ministers in 1759. Episcopalian priests started a similar relief fund in 1769, and it started what would be more than 2 dozen life insurance companies from 1787 to 1837.  Less than 6 of them survived.  Life insurance can be a good thing. It can pay of bills for surviving family members after a loved one passes away, can help with children’s college education, keep a family business running, or even an income for a family to live for awhile.  Personally, I have an issue with some life insurance policies.  My father paid for their life insurance for all of his adult life. The day he turned 65 (or thereabouts) they canceled it, out of the blue, without warning. All of that money, and for what? Nothing. If something happens to him, my mother is pretty much up a financial creek.  Be careful about which policy you get and look at the fine print for what happens when you get towards retirement age.


National Day of Prayer – Our nation has been observing days of prayer since President George Washington issued a proclamation to do so in 1775.  This day was officially declared to be the National Day of Prayer by Congress in 1952.  In that amount of time only two Presidents have not made a Day of Prayer proclamation – the previous resident of the White House being one of them.  The screaming and gnashing of teeth by atheists to put a stop to this special day makes me angry and it makes me sad.  The majority of people who appreciate and observe this celebration, being one with the nation for one day, and having our voices out shouted by trouble makers makes me want to push and shout back.  They wish to silence the voice of God in our country, they want to silence US who follow Him!  I will NOT be silenced!  I will not let them tell me what I can and cannot do!  If that means standing on a street corner and praying at the top of my lungs, so be it! Thankfully, President and Mrs. Trump celebrate prayer not just one day a year but have church leaders come in and pray with them all the time. Praise God for that!

Dear Heavenly Father, our country needs You today, and every day.    Our leaders need You, our citizens need You.  Those who oppose You are so busy shoving You out of our schools, government buildings and now even our public places, that they fail to realize that they are running full speed into the doom of the nation we love, and that our forefathers created with You at the center of it all.  Please Father, have mercy on our country, thank You for President Trump and his dedication to our You, our nation, and our Constitution. Help us to be strong and follow You no matter who tries to intimidate us into silence.  In Your Name I pray, Amen. 

Pray for our country today – pray for it every day.  It is needed now like at no time in the history of our country.   


National Day of Reason – I won’t dignify this one with more than a comment . . . this is the atheists’ response to National Day of Prayer – never able to just leave it alone and allow others their beliefs – they continue to chime in and try to make it all about them.  If you wish for more information on this one, may I suggest Google?

Food Celebration of the Day –

National Truffles Day – Named for the little rare mushrooms they can sometimes resemble, truffles are a sweet delight that can be filled with anything you imagine.  When I started making the switch to eating low-carb I thought that delicious treats like this were a thing of the past, but that just isn’t so.  Bloggers like Carolyn Ketchum have opened the door to sweet treats for low-carbers, diabetics and people who just choose not to each sugar in a way that we couldn’t imagine – at least most of us couldn’t.  Here is one example of a low-carb truffle on her blog, All Day I Dream About Food. There are PLENTY more there if you want something different.  Give it a try! You have plenty to gain by reducing sugar in your diet.



I hope you have a fantastic Thursday and find something wonderful to celebrate. God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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