National Dress Up Your Pet Day – It’s All in Food Fun!

I feel bad!  I had this ready to publish first thing this morning, but completely forgot about it until I was starting on Tuesday’s post.  Here it is! Late is better than never, right?

The weekend, as all weekends do, has come to an end and here we are, facing Monday again.  I’m pretty sure that we got thoroughly spoiled during the Christmas and New Year holidays, having short work weeks, because I am finding myself feeling a little whiny inside of my head at the injustice of having to get up and leave the house.  There are probably quite a few of us who feel the same way.  Nothing to do about it, right? At least not for those of us who know we need to be responsible, so I’ll hitch up my big girl pants and head out.  Let’s just hope I can stay awake. I’m sure I can – all I need is a little extra coffee!

Verse of the Day

January 14, 2019

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

John 13:34


Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

Wow, that’s a tall order to fill, isn’t it! Jesus has just washed the feet of his disciples. Over the next few hours, Judas will betray him with a kiss, Peter will deny him three times, and the other 10 disciples will forsake and leave him to die alone. Yet he still washed their feet knowing they would do this. He still goes to the cross for them while knowing they will abandon him. I’m not sure that I can love like that… yet. However, with the Holy Spirit’s help, I will make a renewed commitment to love others who have hurt and disappointed me. I will also seek to mend relationships where I have hurt and disappointed others.


Food for Thought


To every single slow-witted, muddle brained twit who thinks that a border wall is not necessary or important, if you TRULY believe that nonsense, here is what you need to do:  Leave your doors unlocked and open all the time – after all, a door is a form of border, designed to keep other people out.  If it’s not dangerous or risky to have strangers cross your house border, then you have just made them feel unwelcome you should be ashamed of yourself.  If you are someone with a fence around your yard, tear it down! It isn’t necessary, and since walls and fences are ineffective, you don’t need it anyway. If you truly feel that walls aren’t important, perhaps you should just petition that all prison walls come down. They don’t work after all and as such, all of those people who are incarcerated must be staying inside those walls voluntarily. Do you see how stupid that sounds? If so, you must have a brain, stop griping about the wall and help make things better by just stopping the ridiculousness. If you still think that the wall won’t work, well, you’re just not all that bright.


Caesarean Section Day – I was fortunate enough to have both of my children naturally and without any complications that would require surgery, but it is very common to hear of women having C-Sections these days.  My daughter had to have an emergency C-Section when Baby R was born and I admit that I was nervous. Any surgery is risky, no matter how many times it’s been done before, though these days C-Sections are so common that most often everything is just fine. This wasn’t always the case though!  Caesarean Sections have been recorded as far back as the time of Julius Caesar (hm, connected to the name of the procedure?)  At that point in history though, they always resulted in the mother dying.  It wasn’t until the 1500s that a woman was recorded to have even survived the surgery.  In 1794, a 24-year old doctor by the name of Jesse Bennett – said to be the first North American doctor to do a C-Section, performed the procedure on his wife Elizabeth in their home in Virginia.  He did this without antiseptics or equipment, and to his surprise, his wife AND the baby survived!  I can’t imagine how painful that had to be, or how scared he must have been.  According to a recent study, 1 in 3 first time mothers are having their babies delivered by Caesarean section, and they will likely have repeat C-sections with future children. And of these, they are not even necessarily medically necessary!  Often women find it easier to plan the day they have their baby and schedule a voluntary C-Section.  Huh.  I can honestly say the thought wouldn’t cross my mind!  An interesting bit I saw about this – on March 5, 2000, Ines Ramirez performed a C-Section on herself . . . and is believed to be the first woman do have successfully done this on her own.  Wow – can you imagine?


Dress Up Your Pet Day – How many of us have laughed at people who dress up their dogs?  I know I have . . . in the past.  Ok, sometimes I still do, depending on how extreme the outfit is that has been put onto the dog.  I see why sweaters are a good thing since little dogs get cold, but I’ve also seen silly things like suits and dresses in the stores, and seriously, why would you do that to a dog?  Of course, I’m not guilt free.  Moose is too big to make buying those outfits – even if I wanted them – affordable, but over the last few years I have taken such glee from putting hats on him that I have to say that dignity (or lack of it) aside, it makes me happy, so I keep putting him through it.  He’s not harmed, and he isn’t against the extra treats he gets for his patience.  Dogs aren’t the only pets that get dressed up though!  I remember as a child stuffing my poor cats into dolls dresses – it’s a wonder I didn’t get shredded for my efforts.  I will never forget the expressions of disgust on their furry little faces!  Chinchillas are also not exempt from the dress-up game!  When my daughter was 16-years old she got a chinchilla for her birthday.  That critter was the cutest, sweetest little fur baby ever . . . and exceedingly patient . . . until the day that K decided to dress her up.  K was in her 20s when she did this!  I didn’t get to see poor Lola Rose in her pink dress, but I did get the phone call from my daughter, her in a fit of giggles that had her in tears, which put ME into a fit of giggles that had ME in tears just by listening to her – I’m telling you it was infectious!   Apparently Lola wasn’t thrilled with the process, and with her tail spinning in circles (they tend to spin their tails around when agitated), meeping and molting fur from being upset, K managed to get her into a pink dolly dress . . . granted, her tail was through the neck opening, her head through a sleeve, and scrabbling madly with her short little front legs to get OUT of the dress . . . and oh my! The struggle was epic!  Turns out that this lovely little creature was more determined NOT to be dressed up than K was to dress her up, and the exercise was over after getting the sideways dress off of her.   Dress up your pet today, and if you think about it, post pictures on our FB page! I’d love to see them!



National Clean Off Your Desk Day – This one pretty much explains itself, doesn’t it?  If your desk is anything at all like mine is, it can REALLY use a good cleaning up.  I have stacks and piles of things, and generally speaking I know what everything is – and if I think I may forget where I am on something, I just put a post-it note on top, but there’s ALWAYS room for improvement, right? We’re still early enough in the year to give it a good New Year clean-up.  Why not today!?


Organize Your Home Day – Studies show, and personal experience bears that out, that being organized reduces our stress, and helps us be more productive and peaceful!  Right now I am feeling anything BUT organized, as I have clutter and chaos in pretty much every room of the house.  This is the year – in spite of juggling a lot of different things at the same time – but THIS is the year I am going to get organized and figure out how to keep things that way.  Of course, I say that every year, but this year I do mean it.  I can’t do this clutter/chaos/mess anymore!  There are all sorts of organization sites with some great ideas . . . for me it’s a matter of downsizing junk I don’t use and getting things where they need to be. Every year I say that THIS is the year.  Maybe this one will be!


Ratification Day – Our nation is so unique, for many reasons.  One of these reasons is that our Constitution, the blueprint of American democracy, is the oldest national constitution in continuous use.  After four difficult months drafting it, and debating the contents, in September of 1787 it was signed. From there, since signing it wasn’t enough, the new Constitution had to be ratified by nine of the 13 states before it could become binding.  When New Hampshire ratified it on June 21, 1788, our Constitution became the binding law of our land.  To that point though, ratification hadn’t been a sure thing.  The new Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation, which were adopted during the Revolutionary War.  The Federalists, who supported the Constitution, were in favor of a strong federal government, while the Anti-Federalists opposed it because they thought it gave the central government too much power.  This brought about bitter struggles in many of the states, but because the Federalists were better organized (SEE? Organization DOES matter!), they won the day.  The Federalists promised to add amendments to the Constitution that guaranteed the basic rights of citizens so that they could obtain ratification in several key states.  These amendments that they wrote went into effect in December of 1791 and are known as the Bill of Rights!  





This Day in History –

1784 – The United States of America ratifies a treaty with England ending the Revolutionary war.

1973 – The Miami Dolphins defeat the Washington Redskins in Superbowl VII and become the first undefeated team in NFL history.

1990 – The Simpsons debut on television. Will TV ever be the same again!?!



Food Celebration of the Day –

National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day – Pastrami was introduced to the U.S. in the early 20th century by Romanian Jews. Today, the seasoned and smoked meat lives on in classic deli sandwiches.  I am so happy to say that I found some AMAZING (did I say AMAZING) low carb bread.  The Great Low Carb Bread Company has an incredible low carb bread that isn’t even frankenfood! It’s REAL food – just made in a way that I can’t seem to do myself.  We had Pastrami and Harvarti on Low Carb Rye Paninis! I know – it’s amazing. And they were DELICIOUS!  No recipe.  Take bread, butter one side, put meat, cheese and mustard between two slices and either make like a grilled cheese, or if you have a Panini press, grill it there to get the crispy, delicious crunch of a Panini.  I’m in love with this bread! We aren’t eating bread as much right now – so we are celebrating this one with Reuben in a Bowl – it’s basically all of the ingredients of the sandwich in a bowl, rather than on slices of toasted bread. It’s yummy!



I can’t put it off any longer – it’s time to go. Hubby has scraped the ice off of my windows, the car is pre-heated for me (isn’t he wonderful?) and I have no more excuses. Let’s all have a wonderful day, make someone smile and all get home to our families safely. God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.





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