New Year, New Decade, Clean Slate

Happy New Year! Happy New Decade!

It’s almost difficult to believe that it has been 20 years since we were afraid of losing our electronics to Y2K issues. I remember sitting there as the clock struck midnight, waiting to see if our world would go dark. It did! For just a moment though. My ex thought it would be funny – and it really was  – to flip the breaker to the power to the house at midnight. Seriously, though, nothing happened and our world moved on.  So much has happened in the last 20 years, both personally and with life in general!

As time moves forward and changes, so too must other things.  I still believe in celebrating life every day, and it has been fun celebrating the little daily, fun celebrations, but I have really gotten a bit bored with posting them all again and again. From the lack of any reader response, obviously all of you are too.  As life got busy in December I obviously gave up on all of the Christmas posts, and just plowed forward day by day doing what I needed to do to get through each day.  I don’t want to hate sitting down and writing. I don’t want to feel like I am forcing it since this is all for free. It should be fun, a hobby, a release, a nice time to sit down and chat to any friends who wish to hang out.  So, I think that is what I’ll do. Just sit and chat with you, talk about current events, things that are meaningful in my world and celebrate just being alive in this 2nd decade in our 2nd millennium.

Each year many of us set New Year’s resolutions. I think I managed to achieve two of mine.  I got a job that I enjoy, that is challenging to me, and that I am still struggling after nearly two months, to master. There’s a lot to learn, but I’m getting there. The other is that I published a Kindle book! I told myself I would do it by the end of 2019, so last weekend I sat down and I did it. I had had it written for well over a year, but was too nervous to actually take that final step to publishing it.  I have touched on the topic of preparedness, food storage, emergency planning, etc., so it fits that I would feel compelled to write a short book about packing a get-home bag with enough supplies in it, to keep in your car, to get home in case something catastrophic happens in this world that would render my car useless.  Here is the link. Right now it is free for Kindle Unlimited members, and only $2.99 for people who are not.  I’m not expecting it to ever be a big seller, but if I can help just one person figure things out to get home in a disaster event that would make roads impassable, then I will have fulfilled what I wanted to do.  If you happen to read it, please leave a review if you like it.  I am working on another one on getting started creating emergency food storage.

As always, a New Year resolution is to get healthier and lose weight. Stepping on the scale is always humbling, today wasn’t any different. But I dutifully logged what it said – and thankfully it is a lower number than last year at this time, though not by much – and I measured. Shockingly, I’m down overall inches, so as hard as it was to do, I feel like I can move forward focused and knowing exactly what I am dealing with.  We had a healthy brunch and I am getting ready to exercise in a bit. Right now, I’m enjoying some menu planning time and having a day off in the middle of the week.

Here’s to a wonderful 2020! I am going to settle back with another cup of coffee and figure out what it is I need to accomplish with the rest of the day.  God bless you and I’ll see you soon!


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