Send a Card to a Friend. They’ll Appreciate It!

Good morning and happy Wednesday!  I have a long list, I know I won’t get it all done, but I’m going to get the most important stuff done and do the rest on the weekend. That’s my plan and as much as possible I’ll stick with it! Right now I need to post this for all of you, then get some ice onto my neck to try to get rid of the headache that is fighting to take over my day.  Don’t you just hate it when that happens?


Verse of the Day

February 7, 2018

Let those who love the Lord hate evil, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked.

Psalm 97:10


Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

      Hate — what a bold and powerful word. We must not hate people. We must hate evil. Tough combination to pull off, but absolutely vital. Evil is here because of the Evil One — the champion of hate, lies and death. So when evil rears its ugly head, let’s be courageous and oppose Satan and his work. In the process, let’s pray for those trapped in its tentacles, even if they consider us enemies.


Food for Thought

I read a really disturbing news story this morning that has me alternately angry and shaking my head at the utter stupidity of some people’s mentality.  A thug and two of his buddies armed themselves and attempted to rob a Pizza Hut. An employee at the Pizza Hut pulled out his own firearm and shot one of the thugs.  The shot was to the head. Good shot! One less criminal in the world.  In doing this, the employee not only stopped a crime in progress, considering that the thugs were armed, it must be assumed that they were not against harming the employees at this restaurant, so this man protected not just the establishment, but himself and his fellow employees. He’s a hero, right? Well not according to the Mom of the thug who was killed. She is OUTRAGED, OUTRAGED in capital letters, that the employee was armed and how DARE he shoot her son? She is serious! She felt that her son should have been able to wield a weapon against these innocent people just doing their jobs and NOT be shot by people defending themselves. Here’s a thought. How about if you raised your son NOT to be a criminal in the first place? Then it wouldn’t have happened.  Pathetic.  Truly pathetic.


Laura Ingalls Wilder Day – How many of us grew up reading the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and watching the TV series by the same title?  They were such a part of our childhoods, sparking our imaginations and bringing adventure that we weren’t familiar with personally into our lives.  Ms. Wilder was born on February 7, 1867 in Wisconsin.  Her life and words would be studied and celebrated for generations to come.  She was an American writer best known for her series of 8 children’s novels – the Little House on the Prairie series that tells her about her family’s frontier life and their journey west from a log cabin in Wisconsin, to the plains of Kansas and ultimately to a small down in South Dakota.  Wilder’s career as a writer started later in her life, at age 66, with the publication of “Little House in the Big Woods”.  Her series was loosely based on her life, though she leaned more towards fiction and a positive spin, rather than tell the darker stories that would have been included if it were an autobiography.  Her books have been enjoyed and passed along from generation to generation, igniting the imaginations of young minds for decades. 



National Signing Day – For a moment I thought this one was about sign language, educating people about how important this would be to learn how to sign for easier communication with the deaf. Turns out it is about spots teams signing recruits. I couldn’t care less. Sorry.  I see sports figures as a bunch of overly egotistical blowhards who get even worse once they are recruited to a professional sports team.  If you are a sports enthusiast who doesn’t mind this sort of mind set or behavior, now that you are aware of this day, you can follow who is being recruited by which team and do your celebrations accordingly.



Send a Card to a Friend Day – Most of the time what I find in my box is a stack of bills, a bunch of junk mail and once in awhile a slip to pick up a package at the post office. Every once in awhile though there will be a card in there from a friend or a family member – usually for a holiday or a birthday – but on occasion I will get a card for no specific reason, and the response in my heart is always the same – I feel REALLY good when I see it!  Today is Send a Card to a Friend Day, and is a great chance to get in touch with a friend. We are all so busy scurrying here and there with our busy lives that it’s easy to let far too much time go by between the times when we are in contact with our friends. Today is the perfect chance to send card to one of those people and make them feel really good when they get it.   Even though it isn’t nearly as fun to receive, an E-Card will work in a pinch, and will let your friend know you’re thinking of them.

Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbors Day – I’m one of those folks that doesn’t feel that getting to know the neighbors is such a good idea.  In my personal experience it often leads to people always wanting to drop by, or asking to borrow stuff.  I don’t want that.  On the one side we have a couple who does their best – well at least the husband does – to be nosy and watch everything my husband does whenever he’s outside. It’s REALLY frustrating – and that’s an understatement.  The folks on the other side of us, well, I don’t really want to get to know them.  They throw loud parties all the time, they have been rude on more than one occasion, and it just isn’t something that would work out.  Plus, they have trees that are dead/dying leaning towards our house.  The tree people who came to remove trees from our yard told us that they pose a much bigger danger to us than ours did. We let the neighbor know and she “kindly” offered us the opportunity to pay to remove her trees. Um. No. Now that she’s aware of the problem – though how she wasn’t before that, I’ll never know – if one of her trees lands on our house she will be financially responsible.  I have the certified letters and receipts to prove she knows.  The people across the street seem nice, but they keep to themselves as much as we do. I guess that’s what makes this celebration nice.  We live in a world where we don’t necessarily know our neighbors, but this doesn’t preclude us from acknowledging them.  Wave at them – wave all of your fingers like you mean it!  If you put a smile on your face at the same time (no, it won’t crack) you will appear to be friendly!  Trust me, friendly is nice.  Overly friendly invites people to borrow your stuff.  Wave, smile, move on!  hahaha if you happen to be close to your neighbors, that’s awesome.  But if you feel like me . . . well, wave all your fingers at them. It’s a lovely compromise.



This Day in History –

 1964 – The Beatles come to the U.S. for the fist time.


Food Celebration of the Day

Fettucine Alfredo Day – In 1914, Roman Chef Alfredo di Lello dressed pasta with butter and cheese for his pregnant wife.  Americans later went mad for it, making the sauce creamier and adding seafood or chicken to the mix.  The good thing is that the sauce is low-carb and the rest can be made low carb by using zoodles (zucchini noodles) instead of pasta. Hm . . . I may have to have this for lunch! I’ll add a photo when I’m done making it.


I am hanging out around the house today – scrubbing, cleaning, cooking, baking, laundry – you know, all the fun stuff that goes along with living in a home that need to be done on a regular basis.  Now if I can just kick this headache! Have a wonderful day! God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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