Special Edition: Music of the Rain

*This was written when Miss Tibbi was alive and is a post from a blog I used to do. I am transferring posts over so they can be saved. *

In the wee hours of the morning, somewhere near 3 a.m., my loving dog decided she needed to go outside. She doesn’t normally wake up in the middle of the night – good for her since as each year passes I get up more and more – so for her to be whining and dancing at the bedroom door told me it was urgent. Trying not to wake my hubby, I got out of bed, put on my robe and went out with the dog. I stood under the eaves, back against the door, avoiding the rainfall, but as I stood there I heard the most beautiful song.

Nearly holding my breath with wonder I listened to the serenade of the raindrops falling on the leaves of the trees, on the deck, on the roof and on the neighbor’s shed. Each surface, each different leaf resounded with a different tone, so when all were put together it created the most incredible sound, music from heaven, God’s song in each drop from above. While I stood there in wonder, still avoiding getting wet, it dawned on me that we are like the raindrops. We are sent here by God to sing His song, with discordant sounds dropping from those who fall away or in many cases avoid His work, much like the drops that were falling on various hollow objects made an odd THUNKing sound, at odds with the harmony of the chorus going on around them. We spend our lives, in His image, with a job at hand to sing in harmony with His word, doing His work. Those who choose not too, sing to a different rhythm, out of harmony and out of kilter with peace, love and hope. When our time here is done, and it is chosen for us to go to our eternal rest, the last note we sing is like the last drop of rain in a pool, echos of our song sending out harmonious rings of memory on the smooth waters to all who we met in this life. The discordant drops land unheard on the muddied landscape, leaving behind nothing but the murk of harmful influence and negative words.

What do we want to be in our lives? I choose to be a harmonious raindrop, falling in chorus with God’s will. The travels won’t be easy, but they will be rewarding as my echos someday ripple on the surface of the memories of those I’ve left behind.

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