Summer Time Gets Busy!

Hi Everyone!  I know I haven’t been around since Friday – things are going on around here that have kept me pretty busy in the evenings, that that isn’t about to change until Monday night next week.

We are in the process of selling the motor home we just replaced, which involves making appointments for people to come and see it.  We are hoping after last night’s appointment that this will be it and the happy new owners will be driving away with it tonight.  This will free up at least some of our driveway again!  If you could see our driveway, you’d know why that would be a good thing.

I’ve also been cleaning out some cookbooks to sell, which of course takes time.  My beloved cookbook collection just isn’t necessary to have in these quantities any longer, some of these collections go back for years, and once I received and paid for them, I’d flip through the pictures, put them on the shelf, and not look at them again. There is so much I could use that shelf space for, that it’s just time to sort through the ones I want to keep, and find new homes for the ones I don’t.  Now that I am eating more healthfully, all of these 100s of books on high sugar treats will likely never get used. There are a few I’ll keep, just because I like them, but that doesn’t really apply to the majority of what I have in there.  My cast iron cookbooks, sourdough, keto and low-carb books, and others like them will, of course, stay.

Now the BIG deal for this week is that my daughter’s hubby won a trip through work. They leave tomorrow and guess who gets to hang out with Little Man R???  Yep, us . . . well, let me qualify that. My parents will have him tonight through Friday morning. I’ll pick him up and we’re off to have a good time until they get home!  We have big plans . . . a picnic on the beach with Papaw Friday afternoon, a trip to town and maybe even to Chuck E Cheese. I’m not a big fan of the place, but kids seem to like it.  A stop at a nice playground could happen, and MAYBE even a small ice cream cone! Fun stuff, right?

These are all things that I have been celebrating this week, making room for events and moments that are important. Creating beautiful memories with the people I love, doing things that I hope will bring a smile to the faces of those I shared them with throughout the years.

I don’t know when I’ll be back to share some time with you this week. Things may get so chaotic that I don’t make it back until Little Man R heads home on Monday.  At that point I might just have to take a long nap! We’ll see.

Have a wonderful rest of your week.  If I can break away while nap time happens, if I’m not napping too, I’ll check in and see how everything is going.

God bless you and I’ll see you soon!

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