Take Time to Just Enjoy the Moment

Daily routine is important. Knowing what each day has in store is, for the most part, soothing. There is a comfort to getting up each day, accomplishing what needs to be accomplished and making the most of the time we are given to live our lives. For me, during the week at least, that means getting up, taking care of my chickens, getting breakfast and heading across the property to where my office is located and going to work.  For 8 hours of my day I keep my office chair warm while I help customers with their concerns. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to have my job and be able to do it from the comfort of home.  With that said, there is still the sense of relief, and even release from bondage, when Friday afternoon rolls around and I am FREE for the next two days.

Weekends bring more chores, but they also bring the time to run errands, see my parents, date night with my hubby and sometimes when the sky is blue and the sun is shining brightly, we pack up the fishing gear and head out to find a place to set out our fishing chairs, and practice casting.  So far I am a pretty doggone good vegetarian fisherwoman – meaning I catch a lot of grass from the bottom of the reservoir. It was the same when we lived near saltwater – I caught quite a bit of seaweed. Catch and release is a given when all I’m catching is weeds!

Last Sunday we headed down to see if we could find an empty spot of beach at the reservoir above the local dam, and glory be, there wasn’t anyone else there! No screaming kids swimming – not that I begrudge them fun in the water –  or people yelling at their dogs to come back (leashes people – get one!). As we were deciding where to set up our little space, the  most AMAZING thing was there on the beach. A row of butterflies was resting along the water’s edge – I have no idea if this was just a place to get some water and relax, or some sort of butterfly dating ritual, but it was incredible. They weren’t all super brightly colored – there were some black and yellow ones, some had a little orange on them, and some were mostly black and white with little hints of blue.  I managed to get a couple of pictures of them while they were sitting still, but once I’d startled them, they took off in a glorious cloud of fluttering color. They didn’t leave the area – they were just sort of flying back and forth the entire time we were fishing, but that moment of take-off was breathtaking.  They were taking their time of rest, just as all of us should, basking in the glory of the day.

I got a little sunburn on my very pale arms and cheeks, evidence of true Vitamin D intake! My casting is improving too – I am doing much better and getting it to go farther, and more or less where I want it to go!  Still only catching weeds, but I’m sure that I’ll get an actual fish someday. For now, I’m perfectly happy being in the sun with my hubby, enjoying the peace of being in the moment while I watch the butterflies do whatever it is that butterflies do.

Be blessed this weekend – take the time to have a bit of rest and peace.  God bless you!

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