Tea for Two Tuesday – Doesn’t That Just Sound Happy? It Does to Me!

Mondays are always difficult. We are coming back from the weekend, sleeping in, resting or getting projects done, and the alarm clock slams through our brains and brings us straight into the reality of a new work week. What makes it more difficult is when Monday starts without enough sleep the night before. That’s my issue nearly every Monday – my brain won’t shut down and allow me to rest, so I drag myself to the office and have to force my eyelids to stay open all day. At least only went to work tired, Hubby was home sick yesterday and if last night is anything to go by, he will be home again today. For his health’s sake, I hope he allows himself another day to get better.  I also hope I don’t get this flu myself.  There’s a bit of pressure that goes along with having a job that doesn’t give vacation benefits.  Staying home can be less healing than it should be when the concerns of a smaller paycheck are in the forefront of your mind.  So, I have to keep thinking healthy thoughts, take my supplements, up my vitamin C and diffuse essential oils to fight this before it starts!  Here’s to hope that today, but a new day and a Tuesday will find everyone feeling better and more energetic!



Verse of the Day

March 19, 2019

Beyond all question, the mystery of godliness is great: He appeared in a body, was vindicated by the Spirit, was seen by angels, was preached among the nations, was believed on in the world, was taken up in glory.

1 Timothy 3:16

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

Why would Jesus do it? How did he do it? How was he “God with us” and still in “human flesh”? We cannot fully comprehend it, but he was! The Son of God was also Jesus of Nazareth, born and placed in a manger and crucified on a cross. But he was raised from the dead and shown to be God’s Son with power. He was seen by angels, both on earth after his resurrection and in heaven at the throne of God. He has been preached and believed on by people all over the world. The glory that he has he will one day show and share with us. If you want to understand godliness, then you begin with Jesus!



Finding Peace in Simple Moments

While I was struggling to go to sleep last night, mentally tossing and turning, I was just getting into a doze when, through the open bedroom window, I hear the loudest owl hoots I’ve ever heard. From what I’ve gathered from some bird people, this is owl mating season and there was a flirtatious pair outside in our trees, that were being very verbal with their love songs. At the moment I was just annoyed that they were keeping me awake, then I had to smile.  It’s really cute, isn’t it? Birds and animals aren’t affected by the news, politics, bills or responsibilities. They just carry on, loving and living, doing what they need to do on their own schedule.  Romance . . . even at top volume outside of my window . . . very sweet.




National Poultry Day – well YIPPEE for poultry!  If you’re anything like me, you eat a lot of it.  Red meat is more expensive, so we do eat it, but we have chicken more often. Chicken and turkey are the most commonly consumed, but what other fowl may reach your dinner table?  I personally LOVE ostrich, but it’s not something you find in the grocery store.  Once in a while you can find it at an exotic meat sale, but really not often.  I have a better chance of finding elk in our local store than I am ostrich.  It’s so delicious though!  Anyway, not only do chicken and turkey take a big part in our meals, they provide us with eggs! Yum! Eggs!  We have so many uses for them!   Celebrate today by just going crazy with poultry – maybe eggs for breakfast, a turkey sandwich for lunch and BBQ chicken for dinner. Do you know who the most famous chicken is?  Looney Tune’s Foghorn Leghorn!  I LOVED that cartoon growing up!


Swallows Return to San Juan Capistrano Day – Every year something pretty incredible happens . . . the American Cliff Swallows migrate between Argentina and San Juan Capistrano.  According to legend, the birds set up housekeeping at the California Mission in San Juan Capistrano when an angry shopkeeper began destroying their mud nests.  They have been an annual village tradition since 1777.  As far back as 1915 there have been stories of the swallows returning on St. Joseph’s Day, March 19th, to these nests between the eaves and archways of the Old California Mission.  They stay there from the spring to fall before beginning their 6,000-mile trip back to Argentina in late October.  It became a custom for people to visit the mission on St. Joseph’s Day hoping to see the birds as they flew home.  The sightings of the birds became less and less over the years, and it is speculated that the development of the area in and around the Mission, and the reduction of their food source, has led the birds to find other places in Southern California to nest.


Tea for Two Tuesday – This fun celebration was set up for two or more people to have a cup of tea together. It is very relaxing to have tea, and it is fun to have it with other people. Have a “spot of tea” with someone, or more than one someone.  Make it a tea party!  I am a little sad that the local tea shop closed down.  I have a lot of fun memories of that little place. A new one opened down the street, and it’s OK, but it doesn’t have the charm the old one did.  And I know that having this on a Tuesday works great with the title, but seriously, I wish it was on a weekend so I could put together a little tea party!




This Day in History –

1918 – Congress approves Daylight Savings Time.


Food Celebration of the Day

National Chocolate Caramel Day – Cooking sugar into caramel releases hundreds of flavor compounds. Chocolate boasts more than 600 volatile molecules. Put them together? A delicious combination that can’t be beat . . . unless you sprinkle some sea salt on top.  This is sort of my plan for dessert today. I’m making the Low Carb Tagalong Bars from Carolyn Ketchum’s blog “All Day I Dream About Food, but I’m also adding a layer of caramel from her Chocolate Turtle recipe that is on www.swervesweet.com.  Oh my goodness – yum! These should be wonderful!


I am going to have an extra cup of caffeine in the form of tea when I get to work, just to at least be partially celebrating tea for two. Maybe I can convince hubby to have a cup with me after work too.  Right now, I need to run if I’m going to be on time. God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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