This is Getting Old – ENOUGH ALREADY!

Usually I would have been here for the past few days, counting down the days to Easter and all of the rich, miraculous meaning behind the events of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Instead of sitting at the computer, since I do that all day, every day for work, I have been focusing on the gift we were given through the sacrifice made by Jesus, and how it has impacted my existence.  That is a very personal journey that I just didn’t feel inclined to discuss, though that may sound a little selfish. I don’t mean for it to be, it is just how I feel.

I have also been looking at events in our country and throughout the world, and to say I am disgusted and appalled would be an understatement.  Power hungry state and county politicians are dictating to the citizens what they can buy, where they can buy it and who can go out of their homes.  They have issued proclamations banning innocuous and activities that are automatically socially distant by their very definition, such as fishing, hunting, hiking and camping.  They have ordered stores to block off sections of items they deem to be not essential – but these items are based on their own opinions, not the needs of the people. They have made it their mission to shut down churches, while allowing pot shops and liquor stores to remain open and deemed the murder of the unborn to be an essential service. They have set themselves up into the position of mini-dictators, wielding power over the people. We have slipped into a nightmare of epic proportions over a virus that has a 98% survival rate, like sheep to slaughter. Our forefathers are rolling in their graves, and we have, as a nation, effectively spit on every member of the military who has spent their lives defending our Constitution. We should all be ashamed of ourselves.

It is time to re-open the country. People who are afraid for their health can make the choice to stay home, but for the rest of us, we need to get back to business as usual. We need to be able to put people back to work, open the parks and recreation areas, and go into this summer doing the things people enjoy doing during the warm weather. Being socially distant may have slowed down the progression of this virus, but it hasn’t stopped it. That isn’t how these viruses work. Slowing it down was the entire plan, which we have done, so that healthcare workers and hospitals could avoid being overwhelmed and be prepared for cases as they come in for treatment. Also, like the flu and other types of viral illnesses, it will mutate, and it will come back. Over and over – just like cold and flu season. We can’t close down the country every year to avoid getting sick. So, if you are vulnerable because of a compromised immune system, stay home! I don’t blame you for being careful, but the rest of us just want to get on with life. Enough is enough.


Verse of the Day

April 15, 2020

Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress. Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.

1 Timothy 4:15-16

 Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

“Be diligent!” That’s not a phrase you hear much about these days. We want things to come easily. Sweat in the world of pseudo-faith is frowned upon. But Paul wanted Timothy (and us) to know that maturity in Christ requires genuine effort. Having a redemptive influence on others is hard work. While it is God’s power that transforms, our effort is also required. God gives us the assurance that this effort will not only bear fruit in our own lives, but it will also lead others to salvation as well.



Holy Humor



Income Tax Pay Day – NOTE:  DATE EXTENDED TO JULY DUE TO CORVID-19. – This one always speaks for itself.  The deadline has been pushed out to July, but many people are getting theirs done on time so they can get their refunds back and have some money in their pockets. Have you done yours?



Jackie Robinson Day – On this date in 1945, Jackie Robinson signed his contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers, officially breaking the color barrier in the world of major league baseball.  He started out playing professionally in the Negro League and was selected by the president of the Brooklyn Dodgers to integrate into the major leagues.  Even though Robinson was not the best player in the Negro League, it had been said that the president chose him because he had a good temperament, and that was as valuable over his ability.  During his time with the team Robinson experienced threats from both the crowd and even members of his team!  In spite of the racism he faced, the Major League president, Branch Rickey, made him promise not to fight back.  Robinson went on to play his first game with the Dodgers in Ebbett’s Field on April 15, 1947 and won the title of Rookie of the Year in 1947.  In the years after that he was also named National League MVP in 1949 and became the World Series champ in 1955.  Quite a success story for someone who wasn’t even considered the best player at first!

McDonald’s Day – Happy Birthday McDonald’s!  The very first McDonald’s opened on April 15th, 1955 in Des Plaines, IL.  Today it is the largest fast food hamburger chain in the world, serving around 68,000,000 customers in 119 countries.  Incredible.  Makes you wonder what their secret was, doesn’t it?  It’s not like their food is all that good, and it’s certainly not good FOR you! So, what’s the deal? Nobody seems to know.  But whatever it is, it’s obviously working. 


National ASL Day (American Sign Language) – This is a fantastic one to celebrate and I’m a little stunned that I didn’t know about it before today.  Today we celebrate American Sign Language (and to my friend M, you are a very impressive lady to have been able to go into schools and bless the deaf students with your amazing ASL abilities, allowing them to be part of the school process with all of the other kids) The first lasting school for the deaf was started on April 15, 1817.  Students went there over the years and at other schools for the deaf across the nation. The children wove together a beautiful tapestry of language that combined Native American signs, French Sign Language, and Martha’s Vineyard Sign Language. I didn’t know there WAS such a thing as Martha’s Vineyard Sign Language!  These eventually became modern American Sign Language. How cool is that?

Rubber Eraser Day – We all make mistakes – it’s part of being human.  Today celebrates the invention of the Rubber Eraser, designated to recognize and appreciate the value of that little “plug” (as the manufacturer’s call them) that sits on top of our pencils, or that rectangular eraser we keep on our desks.  When we make a mistake – obviously when using pencils – they are there to make it go away.  Imagine how messy things would be without them!  I use my pencil on files every single day, and as a result I use my Rubber Eraser every single day as well.  So, why not just all it “Eraser Day”?  Well, there are two reasons.  The first erasers were made of rubber – today they are made of rubber or vinyl.  Also, in Great Britain they are formally called “rubbers”.  In eraser world two men are prominent.  Joseph Priestly discovered the eraser in 1770, using pieces of rubber imported from Brazil.  The second man, Hyman Lipman of Philadelphia, PA patented the pencil with an eraser at the end in 1858.  Pretty cool and who would have thought something so simple would have such an impact for the entire world!


Take a Wild Guess Day – This one was created by a guy named Jim Barber from to celebrate hunches, guesses, and gut feelings.  You could spend this day taking a wild guess that something good is going to happen, or you could make it happen!  Either way, guessing can be fun so get wild with it!   


That Sucks Day – A veterinarian in Bandon, Oregon declared this today as “National That Sucks Day”.  It was intended to reflect on the many things that suck in life – like aging, death, stress, etc.  He figured that April 15th was perfect for this since today is when so many not-so-great things happened – Tax Day, The Titanic Sank, Abe Lincoln died, etc.  What better day than this, right?


Food Celebration of the Day –


National Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham Day – Well, we do have ham leftovers, so maybe that’s what we’ll have for dinner tonight. Yahoo! The spiral-ham slicer was invented in the mid-1950s by Harry Hoenselaar, who not incidentally also founded the HoneyBaked Ham Company. That worked out nicely, didn’t it?




Have a wonderful day, whether you are an essential worker and out doing your job, working from home, or on shut-down, find something to celebrate that will make you smile.  God bless you. See you soon.

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