This Weekend We Celebrate Kiss Your Mate Day! What A Fun Celebration!

Ugh – I dislike waking up on a Saturday with a stiff neck and a headache. It’s always a toss-up for me on what I want more, to sleep in or to wake up without neck pain? I can’t seem to have both at the same time.  The extra couple of hours in bed is often exactly what it takes to knock myself out of alignment.  It doesn’t stop me though – every weekend I sleep in and grumble through the morning until my neck releases and my headache goes away. What a silly thing to complain about though, right?  I have the option of getting up earlier, and this is my choice.  And likely the same choice I will continue to make.  I’ll just get another cup of coffee and in awhile a little more Aleve and move forward with my day.  Brunch is over, Hubby is out working on the shed (in the rain!) and I’m just puttering around the house, happy to be here and without anything big pressing on my time.


Verse of the Day

April 28, 2018

Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death — even death on a cross!

Philippians 2:5-8


Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

“Lord, humble us gently.” That is one of my friend/s favorite prayers. I like it, too. But thank God Jesus was not gently humbled. While I hate he had to go through agony, his self-emptying humility was stark, bold, drastic, and outrageous. But I am to have this same attitude when it comes to reaching God’s lost children.

April 29, 2018

I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth.

Job 19:25

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

Beyond what these words were first meant to convey, we know today that our Redeemer will return as the Rider on the white horse in triumph and victory. Hallelujah, what a day! Then the world truly WILL KNOW that Jesus Christ, our Savior and brother and friend, is Lord of all things!


Holy Humor Month / National Humor Month




Food for Thought

Is there ever a time when a Mom stops feeling like she needs to act like a Mom? Even if it is someone else’s kid? And an adult kid at that?  Hubby sold one of his motorcycles today – and the young man who came to pick it up was woefully under dressed for his inaugural ride on a motorcycle he’d never ridden before, in the rain, and for a minimum of an hour long drive to get himself home.  He didn’t have any protective gear, beyond a helmet, no gloves, riding boots or any sort of protective clothing. He was in a cotton jacket that will absorb the rain, and didn’t even have anything to keep his hands warm. Even in warm weather the wind can be chilling, and any sort of motorcycle crash even in protective gear, can end up really bad for the rider. Tennis shoes, jeans and a cotton shirt are NOT enough to keep any part of a human body safe in the event of being hit by a car, sliding on a patch of oil or gravel, or having an animal run out in front of the bike. I wanted to lecture him on being careful and send him home to get gear before releasing the motorcycle to him. Of course I didn’t. He is an adult making his own choices, and once he was out of our driveway the issue was out of our hands. I was seriously bothered by the lack of preparation though, as I watched him leave the driveway, followed in his truck by his Dad. It isn’t my responsibility to worry, but I admit that I have been doing exactly that.



Saturday – April 28 –

Biological Clock Day – When you hear the words “biological clock”, you probably imagine women reaching a point in their lives when they are getting last minute urges to have babies.  Yes, this is one biological clock symptom that does happen – and most of us do get that urge.  It’s completely natural!  What people DON’T always know is that both men AND women have a biological clock, and it affects mood and behavior on a daily basis.  It maintains a sleep-wake pattern that fits in with the light and dark of a day on Earth.  This is known formally as the circadian rhythm, it monitors light, temperature and other environmental factors that influence things like alertness, energy levels, hunger and motivation.  Technology can upset the balance of our biological clock – there are always lights going – so make your bedroom as dark as possible, create a regular bedtime routine, minimize naps and eat regularly. Having a messed up sleep pattern can really cause problems in your life, so please reset your rhythms today.


Bob Wills Day – I admit I hadn’t heard of this guy before I started this blog, but as I began reading, I was fascinated.  I love hearing about new people and places and in this case, I found a little town called Turkey, Texas that I think would be a lot of fun to visit!  Today they celebrate the 42nd annual Bob Wills Day – which I believe started either last night or Thursday through tomorrow, and will be enjoyed with music, food and dancing.  Can’t go wrong with that as a combination for fun, can you?  So, who is this Bob Wills that they are celebrating with such enthusiasm?  He was an American western swing musician, songwriter and bandleader.  Born on March 6, 1905, in Texas, Bob Wills and the band he formed in 1934, the Texas Playboys, performed on the radio, which made them stars in the Southwest.  They were the pioneers of the “western swing” genre of music, blending traditional hoedown fiddling with big-band swing and blues.  His best-known songs include ‘San Antonio Rose’ and ‘Panhandle Rag’.  Sometime in the 1890’s, when the first settlers stepped onto the banks of Turkey Creek in the panhandle of Texas, they found flocks of Rio Grande turkeys roosting there, and the settlement of Turkey Roost was formed.   Life was good there – between farming the fertile soil and the abundant game.  The name was eventually shortened to Turkey Texas, when the post office was granted in 1893.  What the town is BEST known for is being the home of Bob Wills though, which is why they have this big celebration in his honor every year.  Wills was a barber in Turkey in the 1920s.  Years later, after Wills became a big star, the Bob Wills Foundation purchased the former Turkey school buildings, and those buildings are now homes of the city offices, the library, a senior citizens room, and the Bob Wills Museum.  The Foundation built a Bob Wills monument and a Bob Wills Park.  This annual festival – Bob Wills Day Festival – brings in ten thousand people every year on the last Saturday in April.


Great Poetry Reading Day – If you like to read or write poetry, this is a good day for you.  There’s something about the feeling of putting your heart onto the page in the form of poetry that bares the soul.  I occasionally write poetry, though I haven’t for some time, and it is always something that is quite personal to me.  I have had a couple of my poems published, and I can’t say that I’d voluntarily put them out there again.  Writing here each day is one thing, but having my feelings out there for others to critique, somehow that leaves me feeling vulnerable.  I’ve spoken to other people who confirm that they feel the same way.  I admire those who can put their work out there and not have those issues and appreciate what it is to open themselves up so completely.  There is a lot of wonderful poetry out there – and even more abysmal works, so in honor of all of it – good and ugly – celebrate this day.  You can read poetry, hold a poetry reading hour or party, listen to poetry, or write some of your own.  Who knows, a couple hundred years from now people may be reading your work and having their own poetry party with it!


International Astronomy Day – A few years ago my hubby bought two telescopes so we could go out and watch the stars from the back deck. Sadly, we haven’t taken them out yet this year, but I know we will at some point. We were able to see Jupiter, its rings and its moons! It was pretty awesome!  Today, if you aren’t covered in clouds or getting soaked, wait for it to get dark and go out to look at the stars.  There is something magical and utterly fascinating about it.  Astronomy clubs and groups will use this day to teach people about the stars and other celestial bodies in the universe, taking advantage of this day to offer people a view of the stars and a better understanding of them.  We actually have an observatory near us where they hold classes and meetings so the public can look out at the sky and observe the stars while learning about them.  Astronomy Day was created in 1973 by Doug Berger, president of the Astronomical Association of Northern California.  His reason was to promote greater education and understanding of the wonders of the universe. Pretty worthy goal, wouldn’t you say?



Kiss Your Mate Day – Here’s a fun one!  The perfect chance to smooch with your special someone – as if you need an excuse to kiss the one you love.  Nothing wrong with grabbing an extra kiss or two when you can, right?  Here we are, at the end of April, spring is in the air, and it is the perfect time to celebrate anything good and wonderful – and what is more wonderful than love?  Some people may ask why a special holiday is needed to kiss your mate, and other people may say that every day should be Kiss Your Mate Day.  The sad truth is that research shows that kissing, which is such an important part of romance and intimacy, is the first thing to disappear from a relationship.  If you don’t kiss your special someone every day, then maybe you can use today to re-establish kissing as a big part of your life.  Keeping romance at the forefront is crucial for a happy relationship.  As with every holiday, there are rules!  Are you ready?

  • There is no upper limit to the number of times you can kiss your mate today.
  • There is no upper limit to the number of kisses you can share today.
  • It is highly recommended that you limit your kisses to just one mate.
  • If you don’t have a mate, it’s alright to kiss someone who is not formally your mate…. Hey, you never know. This day may be a beginning…….
  • You can kiss your mate wherever you want (location/place).
  • Giving candy or flowers is not required. But those who do will probably receive more kisses.      



National Go Birding Day – What IS birding?  Non-birders often ask that, and the simple answer is, watching birds!  Getting outside and enjoying nature and appreciating the lovely birds you see in the wild.  it’s almost like a treasure hunt.  Everywhere you look, keeping your eyes open and appreciating the beauty and delicate balance of nature.  As you get into the sport more you will likely find yourself getting accessories to go with you on your walks outside . . . binoculars, cameras, books on birds, plants and wildlife – anything to help you enjoy the great outdoors.  Birding is something that motivates people, once they get into it, into exploring the open spaces that people work very hard to preserve, but it also will open your eyes to all of the different birds that you have in your very own back yard.  I know I have mentioned this before, but we have identified nearly 30 different species of birds at our own feeders in the last few years, and my husband has taken many beautiful photos of them. This is a hobby that anyone, of any age, and any physical ability can enjoy, merely by looking out your window, or taking a walk down your street. 



National Sense of Smell Day – I wonder how many of us take our sense of smell for granted?  We probably don’t think about what it would be like NOT to be able to smell, but take a moment and think of all the things you smell on a daily basis, and imagine life without that ability.  It would be so sad and make other facets of our lives less pleasurable.  Scent plays a powerful role without our lives and impacts us greatly every day.  Our sense of smell is highly linked to memory and perceptions.  Scents can give us a pleasurable response, or an incredibly negative one – depending on what it is we are smelling!  Meeting someone new, our impressions are made in part by how they smell.  If they have a fresh, clean scent we are left with a positive feeling. If they have bad breath, body odor, or are saturated with perfume or cologne, we are left with a negative one.  For me personally if they have cologne or perfume, I immediately begin to be ill, and often end up with a horrible headache and sometimes nausea.  That definitely doesn’t leave a positive impression in my mind.

Here are a few interesting odor facts:

  1. Everyone has a unique odor identity similar to a fingerprint–no two people smell the same way except identical twins.
  2. The human brain can process roughly 10,000 different smells in an area the size of a postage stamp.
  3. A woman’s sense of smell is much stronger than a man’s.
  4. A person’s sense of smell is weakest in the morning and the ability to perceive odor increases throughout the day.
  5. Approximately 80 percent of what we taste is actually qualified by our sense of smell. This is why our taste is diminished during a cold or flu.
  6. Prolonged exposure to unpleasant smells can actually impair your ability to smell. Wearing a mask over the nose and mouth can help lessen the effects of bad odors.
  7. Smell has a very powerful link to memory and links to the emotional regions of the brain more directly than other senses.
  8. Our sense of smell is strongest in the spring and summer because of the added moisture in the air. It is also stronger after exercising because of the additional moisture in the nasal cavity.
  9. Scent works in the opposite direction of other senses. With sight, sound and taste, we identify the information first and then react emotionally. With scents, we have an emotional reaction first and then identify the scent shortly after.
  10. People can remember smells with 65 percent accuracy after a year, while visual recall is about 50 percent after three months.

After reading these things I started to wonder what would be the most memorable scents in people’s minds.  I ran across the top 20 most recognizable ones, and have to agree with most of them.  A couple probably wouldn’t have made my list.

  1. Coffee 2. Peanut butter 3. Vicks VapoRub 4. Chocolate 5. Wintergreen oil 6. Baby powder 7. Cigarette butts 8. Mothballs 9. Dry cat food 10. Beer 11. Ivory bar soap 12. Juicy Fruit gum 13. Orange 14. Cinnamon 15. Lemon 16. Tuna 17. Banana 18. Crayons 19. Cheese 20. Bleach

For me, the dry cat food wouldn’t have made my list, and since cheese has so many different varieties, I’m sure it wouldn’t have made the list either.  The rest though, are definitely very distinct.  What would be on YOUR top 20?



Save the Frogs Day – There has been a lot of focus on the disappearance of the bees from our environment, which puts the delicate balance at risk.  Frogs are struggling too, without as much focus – so this one is an effort to raise awareness to the plight of amphibians.  Today we celebrate the 6th Annual Save the Frogs Day, and encourage people from all walks of live to learn what they can about the disappearance of the frogs and make an effort to change the problems that are contributing to their disappearance.  I read through a lot of lists, and though I don’t understand what many of the things they are telling us we should do to save the frogs actually has to do with saving them . . . things like turning off the TV and radio when we aren’t in the room – though I suppose it is more to do with conserving energy than anything  – there are things that I feel directly connect and do need to stop.  The top big ones that leap (no pun intended) out at me are: STOP the pesticides! They are killing the bees AND the frogs and aren’t doing such amazing things for people while they are at it.  STOP littering!  This is a direct impact on our environment and all creatures in it.  And STOP GMO produce! It is shocking to me that so few people are showing concern about the damage being done by playing God with our food.  The demise of crucial creatures to our planet should have people screaming out against the very things that are killing them!  The bees and frogs today . . . us tomorrow?  Think about it!  Below is a list of frogs on the endangered list.  Staggering! Absolutely staggering!

Here is a list of over 109 species of endangered frogs in the world:

  1. Mississippi gopher frog
  2. Mountain yellow-legged frog
  3. Panamanian golden frog
  4. Lehmann’s poison frog
  5. Interior robber frog
  6. Mountain chicken frog
  7. Cowan’s Mantella frog also called the Harlequin Mantelle frog
  8. Corroboree frog
  9. Table mountain ghost frog also known as Rose’s ghost frog
  10. Pines Barrens Tree Frog
  11. Dusky Gopher Frog
  12. Plains Leopard Frog
  13. Chiricahau Leopard Frog
  14. Relict Leopard Frog 
  15. Northern Leopard Frog
  16. Ramsey Canyon Leopard Frog
  17. Tarahumara Frog
  18. Lowland Leopard Frog
  19. Tailed Frog
  20. Red-legged frog
  21. Foothill yellow-legged frog
  22. Cascade frog
  23. Mountain yellow-legged frog
  24. Spotted frog
  25. Lowland Leopard frog
  26. Wood frog
  27. Cope’s gray tree frog
  28. Barking tree frog
  29. Pines bareen tree frog
  30. Florida gopher frog
  31. Dusky gopher frog
  32. Florida bog frog
  33. Northern Leopard frog
  34. Spotted frog
  35. Illinois chorus frog
  36. Crawfish frog
  37. Strecher’s chorus frog
  38. Northern crawfish frog
  39. Green frog
  40. Mountain chorus frog
  41. Carpenter frog
  42. Northern cricket frog
  43. Pine barrens tree frog
  44. Grey tree frog
  45. Upland chorus frog
  46. New Jersey chorus frog
  47. Pickerel frog
  48. Southern leopard frog
  49. Lowland leopard frog
  50. Carolina gopher frog
  51. River frog
  52. Sheep frog
  53. White-lipped frog
  54. Mexican burrowing frog
  55. Mexican tree frog
  56. Pacific tree frog
  57. Relict leopard frog
  58. Northern leopard frog
  59. Western chorus frog
  60. Israel painted frog
  61. Panamanian golden frog
  62. Tomato frog
  63. Poison dart frogs
  64. Poison arrow frogs
  65. Asian bullfrogs
  66. Indian bullfrogs
  67. Platypus frogs
  68. Hewitt’s ghost frog
  69. Yellow spotted tree frog
  70. Armored frog
  71. Torrent tree frog
  72. Pearson’s tree frog
  73. Peppered tree frog
  74. Southern bell frog
  75. Common mist frog
  76. Pickersgrill’s reed frog
  77. Long-toed tree frog
  78. Seychelle islands tree frog
  79. Hamilton’s frog
  80. Lake Junin frog 
  81. Somuncura frog
  82. Cape rain frog
  83. Desert rain frog
  84. White-bellied frog
  85. Yellow-bellied frog
  86. Stuttering frog
  87. Fleay’s frog
  88. Southern barred frog
  89. Baw-baw frog
  90. Corroboree frog
  91. Gastric brooding frog
  92. Southern gastic brooding frog
  93. Sharp-nosed torrent frog
  94. Mt. Glorious torrent frog
  95. Eungella torrent frog
  96. Liem’s frog
  97. Pleione’s torrent frog
  98. Tinkling frog
  99. Goliath frog
  100. Micro frog
  101. Fijian ground frog
  102. Holst’s frog
  103. Ishiikawa’s frog
  104. Mountian yellow-legged frog
  105. Namiye’s frog
  106. Otton frog
  107. Thomasset’s seychelles frog
  108. Gardiner’s seychelles frog
  109. Seychelles frog



Workers Memorial Day – Today is a day to honor those workers who have died, been disabled, injured, or made sick by their work.  It is also a day to acknowledge the suffering experienced by families and communities, and to recommit to the fight for a safe and healthy workplace for all workers.  Think about all of the ways someone could be, or has been, injured at your work. Give some thought to all of the first responders who have been harmed in the line of duty over the last few years and know that they deserved better. Perhaps spend some time today sending up a prayer for our police officers, firefighters, and anyone else who has a dangerous job asking for their safety, and for the ones who have been lost, may they rest in peace and may their families also have peace as they deal with the loss of the ones they love.



Sunday – April 29 –

Greenery Day – I don’t usually bother with the international celebrations – I’d be sitting here all day, every day if I did.  Since I don’t yet have any money coming in from doing this, that’s a lot of work to do for free.  However, we live in the green half of a beautiful state, and celebrating our green is always a good thing.  Today is actually a Japanese celebration, honoring the birthday of Emperor Hirohito.  In the Japanese culture today is a time to commune with nature and to be thankful for, and appreciate, the abundance of nature’s beauty.  Today take a nature walk, or do a project that will improve or preserve nature.



National Pet Parent’s Day –   Face it parents – even if we get dogs and cats for our kids, WE are the ones who end up in the middle of the night walking them out into the yard, we are the ones who often have to scoop the poop, and when the kids move out and on with their adult lives, we keep the pets with us.  Which is fine by me.  I’m perfectly happy that my furbabies stayed with me when the kids moved out.  It’s worth cleaning litter boxes and scooping poop to keep their furry, lovable faces around.  Here’s to all of the Pet Parent’s! Keep up the good work!


Peace Rose Day – The Peace Rose has full petals and a creamy yellow center that is framed by white petals with tiny pink tips.  It’s positively gorgeous.  Each rose has a history, and the Peace Rose represents world peace at the end of World War II.  It was developed by  French horticulturist Francis Meiland between 1935 and 1939.  Seeing the writing on the wall about the German invasion of France, he protected the rose by sending cuttings to friends in Italy, Germany, Turkey and the United States.  The cutting bound for the U.S. made the last plane before the German Invasion.  The cutting was cultivated in the United States by the Conrad Pyle Co, during the war.   So, considering it’s rough start, how did it get the “Peace” name?  Well, in France it was called the “Madame A. Meiland” after its creators mother.  It Italy it was called “Giogia” (Joy), and in Germany “Gloria Dei” (Glory to God) and Peace in the U.S.  In 1945, Francis Meiland contacted Field Marshall Alan Brooke, who was the principal author of the master strategy that helped win WWII, and to offer to name the rose after him.  Brooke, thinking that his name would be forgotten, suggested that it be called Peace.  The name was officially announced on April 29, 1945 by the Conrad Pyle Co.  It was the day that Berlin fell to the allied Forces, and the official end to the war.  Peace roses were presented later that year to the first delegation of the United Nations in San Francisco with a note that said:  “We hope the Peace rose will influence men’s thoughts for everlasting world peace.”   What a wonderful name and meaning for such a beautiful flower.


Pinhole Photography Day – Put simply, pinhole photography is photography without a lens.  The lens is replaced by a tiny hole that light passes through, forming an image in the camera.  Pinhole cameras can be small or large, improvised, or designed with great care and detail.  Cameras have been made out of oatmeal boxes, soda cans, cookie containers, sea shells and there was record of one that has been made out of an old, junked refrigerator.  Cameras have been made from beautiful hardwoods, made of metal with a range of multiple pinholes, or even cast in plaster like a face mask.  Basically a pinhole camera is a box, with a tiny hole in one end and film or photographic paper at the other.  They are used for fun, for art and for science.  I can imagine that designing and building the cameras would be fun, and it would be pretty exciting to make something like that and have a pretty cool image produce from it.  These are used often to observe and record a solar eclipse, since you can’t look at it with the naked eye, and retain the ability to see. If you have some time to kill, and some odds and ends lying around that you could put to good use, maybe see what you can come up with!



Zipper Day – The person who invented zippers needs our undying gratitude! Without zippers we may still be trying to interlock a series of hooks and eyes with locking clasp!  Litcomb Judson invented and patented the precursor to the modern zipper, a clumsy clasp locker system, in 1891.  The early metal zip was in production by 1893, but by 1913 a new zipper was patented by Gideo Sunback of Hoboken, NJ.  The new zipper locked more easily and quickly than the original metal zip.  April 29 is the anniversary of the day Sunback patented zipper.  I thought this was interesting . . . this is a brief history of zippers that I found:

* 1917 – Zippers were used for shoes, tobacco pouches and Navy jackets.

* 1930s – Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli used plastic colored zippers for both function and decoration according to Fashion Era History .

* Through the 1950s – Side zippers were used to fasten dress and trouser seams. * 1950s – Zippers moved to the front of pants and the back of skirts.

* 1980s and 2009 – Zippers provide more than an easy way to fasten clothing. Zippers as a visible embellishment became a fashion trend.

We’ve come a long way, and I for one, am grateful.


This Day in History

April 29, 1913 – Gideon Sundback of Hoboken, N.J. patents the zipper.



Food Celebration of the Day

April 28 –

National Blueberry Pie Day – Early Native Americans called blueberries “star berries,” referring to the perfect five-pointed star visible at the blossom end of each tiny fruit. Blueberries are amazing in pies, tarts, muffins, pancakes and many other delicious treats! Choose one and give it a try.



April 29 –

National Shrimp Scampi Day – Scampi in Italian actually refers to langoustine, a kind of shellfish, but in the U.S., it has come to mean a preparation for shrimp — one that’s heavy on the garlic, lemon juice or wine, and parsley! Today is your opportunity to eat and enjoy a great meal…or snack. Shrimp scampi is simple and easy to make. And, its ohh so tasty! Just cook the shrimp along with butter and chopped garlic in a skillet. Do you know how to celebrate Shrimp Scampi Day!? …………You guessed it! Find a recipe and go for it!


I sure do appreciate all of the hard work Hubby has put into building this shed in our backyard. This is going to free up a lot of space in the garage, and make it easier for me to do the things in the yard that I need to do, and give him the room to do more amazing things with his other projects.  Having a handy guy who is so talented is a never ending source of joy and pride for me.  I know not everyone is this fortunate and that I am blessed. I need to get started on dinner here before long, because I know he’s out there working up an appetite. God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.


Celebration lists and information are sourced from the following websites:;;; and


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