Tuesdays are Better With Bacon – Well, Everyday is Better With Bacon

As Mondays go, yesterday was pretty great.  The sun was shining, the sky was brilliant blue, the birds were going bonkers with happiness, and the air was crisp, cold and invigorating. I don’t know what today holds, but whatever it is, it’s starting out pretty chilly. It doesn’t much matter what the weather does though, because there’s nothing we can do about it. I’ll just enjoy whatever comes our way. Unless it is wind, I’ll never feel enjoyment when it’s windy – it’s too nerve wracking!


Verse of the Day

February 26, 2019

Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.

Psalm 95:1


Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

Having a loving God who is Eternal, a Rock of stability in a “topsy turvy” world, is really something to shout about. So much of what we get excited about in our world today is just a fleeting victory, a vicarious sporting thrill, or personality worship. But in God, we have something to truly sing about with joy. He has known us since our conception, he has loved us from before the foundation of the world, he has sent his Son to save us, and he will bring us home to himself! No quiet song will do today. Let’s sing with joy and shout out loud to the LORD!

www.verseofthe day.com


Food for Thought

The swing of the pendulum from relief to anger is a short one.


Carnival Day – Is there anything more exciting to a kid than a carnival?  I remember when I was little, a rickety carnival would come to town once in the early summer, and my poor Mom would take such pains to make sure that we didn’t see the rides, because she knew if we saw the rides (let me correct that, if I saw the rides – my brother was too little to know what they were), the begging and pleading would commence.  We didn’t have extra cash flow for that sort of thing, so when we got to stop for a ride on the Merry-Go-Round, it was a special treat.  I remember when I was about 7 years old, I was with my Grandma H when we passed the carnival.  I didn’t even need to beg!  She asked me if I wanted to go on the rides and of course I said yes!  It was amazing!  She took me on all the rides I wanted to go on, until I was nearly dizzy from excitement.  She went on them with me, laughing her special laugh (all of our family members can hear her laugh just by thinking about it), the whole time.  She got me a corn dog, cotton candy and popcorn.  It’s a wonder I didn’t get really sick.  The best thing about the entire day?  She took me on a helicopter ride!  There’s not a chance on this planet my Mom would have been willing or able to do this, but Grandma took me up on the ride, and the pilot flew us over our house, and all over the town.  I don’t have any idea how long the ride was, but I remember pressing my face up to the glass, shocked by how many swimming pools were in our town!  Who knew???  I lived by a lake, so the thought of having a pool was pretty foreign to me.  I know that this small-town carnival doesn’t compare to some of the big ones that I’ve seen since then – usually connected to a big fair, but that was the most special Grandma and Me outing that I can remember with her.  We spent quite a bit of time together after my Grandfather passed away, but that one time was the most special to me.  It was just the two of us, and for once I didn’t have to share her with anyone.  There are all sorts of carnivals, so we shouldn’t limit our thoughts to just the commercial ones.  There are the BIG tent circus type carnivals which people flock to watch death defying acts, clowns, big animals and a huge show, and there are the small town carnivals that often start with a parade, followed by fun on the rides and playing games at the booths and eating a lot of food that is really bad for us, but tastes SO good! There are carnivals in the winter and the summer, carnivals put on by schools and churches, for charities and fund raisers.  They are all fun for what they are, so maybe find a carnival near you today, and enjoy!  We all need a little distraction as winter comes to an end, and this would be a good one.


For Pete’s Sake Day – I say this . . . my Dad has said it my whole life, so I’m sure that’s where I got it, but I’ve often wondered, WHO is Pete and why, oh why, do I feel compelled to say things for his sake? It’s an awesome question, right?  Well, not sure I can answer it with any degree of certainty, but I’ll do what I can. For starters, this celebration was registered and trademarked by the folks at www.wellcat.comI want to give credit where it is due and acknowledge them for it.  Now, as to why “For Pete’s Sake” came about . . . This was a phrase commonly used in place of something the more offensive phrase, “for God’s sake”, or “for Christ’s sake”, and was often said when someone was surprised, annoyed, frustrated or irritated.   As to who Pete is, well, some believe that Pete refers to the Apostle Peter, and others think it was an evolution from other, older phrases, such as “for the love of Mike”, or “for pity’s sake”.  Nobody seems to really know, but I found it to be interesting as I was searching, that there are a LOT of famous phrases and idioms from long ago days that were often used in daily conversation.  Some still are!  Here are some that you may find to be interesting, from a list I found on the topic:

Honest to Pete * Heavens to Betsy * A Doubting Thomas * Cup of Joe * Peter Out * Moaning Minnie * Debbie Downer *  Johnny on the Spot * Jack of All Trades * Charlie Horse * Round Robin * The Bee’s Knees * The Cat’s Meow * Cat Got Your Tongue * It’s Raining Cats and Dogs * Barking Mad * Something to Crow About * Bats in the Belfry * A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush * For the Birds * As Cute as a Bug’s Ear * Snug as a Bug in a Rug * Chew the Cud * ‘Till the Cows Come Home * Stubborn as a Mule * When Pigs Fly * In a Pig’s Eye * Pig in a Poke * Straight From the Horse’s Mouth * To Hell In A Hand Basket * Shake a Leg * A Foot in the Door * Put Your Best Foot Forward * Goody Two-Shoes * Chip on Your Shoulder * Play it by Ear *  Wet Behind the Ears * Red-Handed * By the Skin of Your Teeth * Short End of the Stick * A Sticky Wicket * No Rest for the Wicked * Your Name is Mud * Cool as a Cucumber * As Keen as Mustard * Spill the Beans * A Penny for Your Thoughts * A Watched Pot Never Boils * Get Your Dander Up * Lose Your Marbles * Bite the Dust * Hit the Hay

I’m sure I could have listed more, but that’s a LOT and many are so familiar to me! How about you?  This will be an entirely different blog post, but I think I need to track down what each of these means one of these days – should be really interesting!



Levi Strauss Day – Levi Strauss changed the way that the world thinks of jeans . . . so on this day we celebrate his birth.  He was born in Buttenheim, Bavaria (which is now Germany) in 1829.  He moved to New York in 1846, where his brothers owned a dry goods business.  He moved again in 1853, to San Francisco, CA, and opened his own dry goods business, calling it Levi Strauss & Co.  Years later, he and a business partner invented a new kind of work pants that were held together at the pockets by metal rivets.  Gold miners loved the durability of these innovative pants, which were called “waist overalls” at that time.  Funny name!  Now we call them “blue jeans”, and they have remained popular since Strauss invented them in 1873.  This may sound silly, but I’ve never owned a real pair of Levi’s.  When I was skinny enough to wear them, I couldn’t afford them (yes, the good ones were too spendy when I was growing up), and now, well, now I’d just look ridiculously wide in a pair of them.  My ultimate goal used to be to get into, and look good in, a pair of shrink to fit Levis because I’ve always wanted a pair.  Now?  I wouldn’t take a pair if you offered them to me free. Levi Strauss slapped their biggest customer base in the face by turning their backs on the Constitution loving citizens who support the 2nd amendment.


National Personal Chef’s Day – I’ve always wondered about people who hire a personal chef to cook for them every day.  Considering that my husband and I both love to cook, it just didn’t make any sense to me.  I have to acknowledge though that there are people out there who either lead busy lives, or are abysmal in the kitchen, who hire someone so they don’t have to eat out every day, but don’t have to cook either.  Sort of like eating out in your own home!  If you think about it, each of us who are home cooks are personal chefs in a way . . . we prepare meals for our families every single day, we plan them and put effort out to make sure that what goes onto the table is pretty, tasty and hopefully healthy.  Often, we do this day after day without recognition or much appreciation – sort of like it is an expected part of our day, even if we’ve worked hard out of the home all day long.  Growing up I remember my Grandma K always in the kitchen, constantly preparing food, didn’t seem to matter what was going on, she was ALWAYS fixing something to eat. As the family came and went, they’d grab what she’d prepared and go on their merry way, and she’d quietly and with a happy spirit, clean up the mess and begin again.  To all the personal chefs (i.e. home cooks) out there, today is not just for the professional personal chefs, this day is for you.


Spay Day USA – This one is SO important, and one I can get behind 100%.  The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International are always pleased to announce that it takes place every last Tuesday in February, during Spay/Neuter Awareness Month.   It is exactly what the name implies, an annual campaign that promotes spaying and neutering as a proven, effective means of preventing the overpopulation of pets and saving animals lives.  Millions of dogs and cats are euthanized every year because there are just not enough homes for them.  
Across the United States and in dozens of countries around the world, there will be events at spay and neuter clinics offering discounted or free spaying/neutering. The Humane Society partners with the Doris Day Animal Foundation, the ASPCA, The House Rabbit Society, the Humane Alliance, the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association, Petfinder, and PetSmart Charities to put on this very worthwhile event.  If you have a pet that needs to be spayed or neutered, and you just haven’t had the money to do it, please visit worldspayday.org to find an event near you.  Responsible pet ownership saves lives.


Tell a Fairy Tale Day – When I was a kid, and learned to read, it opened up an entirely new world to me.  Since the first hesitantly sounded out words, I was in love with the written word, and with the amazing lands that opened up from the words on that page.  Some of my favorites were Fairy Tales!  And, of course, they would be!  Fairy Tales are filled with fantasy, color, heroes, and princesses.  Most of them start out with Once Upon A Time, and end with And They Lived Happily Ever After . . . though that isn’t a requirement . . . well, the Once Upon a Time isn’t a requirement, but they all need a happy ending.  Today is a great day to cozy up under a blanket with the kids or grand kids and read the classic Fairy Tales that colored our worlds when we were growing up.  What a wonderful celebration!



This Day in History –

1993 – A bomb explodes at the World Trade Center killing 6 people.



Food Celebration of the Day

National Bacon Day – Bacon lovers are so fortunate to have several bacon related celebrations throughout the year. . . and today is ONE of them!  For those who may not know . . . and the numbers of people who don’t are few and far between – bacon is the back and sides of the hog, salted and dried or smoked, usually sliced thin and fried to eat.  We’ve loved bacon for a very long time, but in recent years it has gained an almost cult status.  There are even bacon festivals popping up all across the United States, with the most well-known being the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Des Moines, Iowa.  Their 2013 event sold out 8,000 tickets in just three minutes! Wow!


National Pistachio Day – What a nutty day!  OK, bad pun. Pistachios are delicious so it will be an easy one to celebrate by enjoying eating them. We can also learn something about them!  Here are a few Pistachio facts that I ran across:

  • Pistachios grow on trees. They are native to the Middle East.
  • It’s a long wait to get the first nut. A pistachio tree takes 7-10 years to mature.
  • California is the major producer in the U.S.
  • Pistachios are harvested in September by machines that shake the trees. It takes less than a minute for them to be shaken off. WOW!
  • The red dye is added to the nuts is only due to consumer demand for the color. (I don’t personally like red pistachios)
  • Its open hull is unique. The nut is ripe when the hull splits open.
  • People in the Middle East call it the “smiling nut” and in China it is called the “happy nut”.
  • Pistachios are nutritious, so eat them up!


They are great plain as a snack, in ice cream, and in a wide range of desserts.  Myth holds that it’s good luck to hear pistachio shells cracking. So, get cracking and boost your fortune with these yummy dishes.

Cranberry-Pistachio Scones

Pistachio Cheese Wafers

Watergate Salad

Chocolate & Pistachio Whiligig Buns

Pistachio-Nut Bundt Cake

Pistachio-Crusted Pork Chops



I happen to have a bag of pistachios in the cupboard and bacon in the fridge – I think we are set for at least two of these celebrations! For Pete’s sake – have a GREAT Tuesday! God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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