We All Creative in Our Own Way – Celebrate Your Creativity Today!

Today I have a long list of things to do that I know good and well I won’t finish. I just keep thinking of things that I’d like to get done to add to the list and at the end of the day I know most of them will still be there. In a way I think that’s a little bit of a downer, but it is also a good reminder that tomorrow is another chance to check things off of that list. And it’s true, there will be things added daily, but those things will get checked off too.  I tend to add everything to the list – big or small.  When I see the list of things that are accomplished, no matter how little, it makes the satisfaction in my day better and I feel like I’ve actually done more than elevate and ice my knee. Take right now for instance, I am working on this to post to you! I will also get my checkbook reconciled, my monthly budget updated, and some other computer work done.  When I feel up to moving around the house I will do actual physical duties, but there is always something to work on to check things off of the list.  Is there something that you do daily that gives your day structure or organization and makes you feel like you got something done?

Verse of the Day

May 30, 2018

In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me?

Psalm 56:4

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

One of the powerful things about having a Bible, a repository of God’s words, is that its age and varied countries and cultures remind us how enduring God’s truth actually is. Yet it is God in whom we put our trust! His enduring presence through cultures, centuries, and countries reminds us that eternity is outside our grasp but the Eternal One holds us in his.



Food for Thought

Crossroads are interesting things, aren’t they?  It is easy to get stuck in a rut and wait for life to move things around for you, rather than moving them around for yourself. The problem with that is that this leaves your life in someone else’s control instead of your own, so the outcome is less than satisfying.  If you find yourself in a place where your heart and soul are yearning for something different, maybe it’s time to take control of things yourself and start moving towards whatever future it is  your heart wants to have.  I know someone who is doing that, and I’m envious, even while I am sad at the thought of saying good-bye.  I know we’ll still talk and text, we’ll email and make time for each other, but we won’t see each other every day, like we have for the past nearly 14 years.  It takes a lot of courage to do what this family is doing.  I need to find some courage because I may have a fantastic future waiting out there that my heart is just waiting to find. How about you?


Loomis Day – One thing we ALL see all of the time lately is a cell phone in everyone’s hand.  It’s true, right? I used to think it was mostly teenagers but I have been watching lately, it’s everyone!  I swear people can’t carry on a conversation or eat a meal without burying their face in their phone, feverishly following every move all of their friends are making.  Did you ever wonder who it is we have to thank for this technology?  I thought that this was really interesting and something I certainly didn’t hear about in history class!  In 1868 a man by the name of Mahlon Loomis took two kites and some copper mesh and he invented wireless communication!  Yep, he was WAY ahead of his time!  He had a theory about wireless communication and proved that it was valid.  He attached the copper gauze to the bottom of a kite and used copper wire for a string.  He set it on top of a mountain connected to a galvometer.  He then set up an identical contraption about 15 miles away.  By touching the second kite’s wire to the ground, he could move the first kite.  Unfortunately, after failing to receive funding to develop the technology, Loomis abandoned the project.  In an explanation he stated, “I know that I am by some, even many, regarded as a crank – by some perhaps a fool . . . But I know that I am right, and if the present generation lives long enough their opinions will be changed – and their wonder will be that they did not perceive it before.  I shall never see it perfected – but it will be, and others will have the honor of the discovery.”   We have Mr. Loomis to thank for our cell phones! Pretty incredible, right?  


National Creativity Day – This is a brand new celebration and what a wonderful one to put our attention on today!  We all have talents and are creative in our own way.  Some of us draw or paint, some sculpt or create with wood, some write and some bake! That isn’t the limit to creativity though.  A great example of that is people who are in a trade that is very specialized.  My husband is a very talented man and extremely creative, not just in his work but in life.  He can fix anything – and I do mean anything – and he does it often by looking outside the box and not staying safely inside of it.  He never ceases to amaze me and it’s humbling.  God gave us all gifts so today let us celebrate what the Creator gave to us in the area of creativity! Somehow it is very appropriate, don’t you think?


 National Senior Health and Fitness Day – This is such an important one!  As I get older, even fighting it as hard as I can, I can feel the difference in how my body responds to exercise and healthy eating when compared to how I felt even 10 years ago.  Keeping fit, healthy and on the move is so crucial to maintaining mobility and a sharp mind as we age.  Today, as over 100,000 older adults participate in local health and wellness events at more than 1000 locations across the country their health is the primary focus.  There are “Senior Day” events being held at senior centers, retirement communities, Y’s, health clubs, health plans, hospitals/health systems, parks and recreations districts, and other local organizations.   At these events seniors can get exercise demonstrations, health screenings, tips on nutrition, various demonstrations and much more!  This isn’t information that only seniors need – it is information all of us need!


Save Your Hearing Day – Many hearing loss problems are completely avoidable.  Today we are reminded that our hearing is vital, and needs to be protected.  Hearing loss can result for different reasons, including: health, genetic and environmental causes.  Repeated long term exposure to loud, high decibel noises can cause hearing loss over time.  This is one of the causes that is completely avoidable.  Learn what you can do to avoid exposing hearing loss for yourself and your family then put it into practice.     An interesting bit of information I ran across when researching this is that on May 31, 1976, The Who played at the Charlton Athletic Grounds in England.  They made the Guinness Book of World Records as the loudest rock band ever.  Their performance measured 76,000 watts and 120 decibels.  Wow – wonder how much hearing loss started THAT day?


Water a Flower Day – This is one that I really need to celebrate – and much more than just once a year!  I am horrible when it comes to remembering to water my flowers and plants!  I get all enthusiastic when it comes to planting them, but somehow that doesn’t translate into consistent and regular watering.  Today is a reminder to water ALL of your flowers! The celebration is called water A flower – as in a singular flower – but it would be truly sad to just pick one to water and let all of the other ones be thirsty, wouldn’t it?  Lately I’ve been doing better with the outdoor plants but still need to put some focus on my indoor ones. They deserve to live too.


This Day in History

 1889 – The brassiere is invented. As we understand, it received a lot of support.



Food Celebration of the Day

Mint Julep Day – On the first Saturday in May we celebrate the Kentucky Derby. But on May 30 we celebrate “National Mint Julep Day,” the signature drink of the Run for the Roses. Historians believe the mint julep originated in the 1700s, somewhere along the east coast of the United States. It first appeared in print, however, in 1803, described as a “dram of spirituous liquor that has mint in it, taken by Virginians in the morning.” The Derby serves more than 100,000 of these on race day!  Delicious cocktails can be low-carb too, though I’m sure many people wouldn’t know that. Check out this recipe that looks pretty simple! Maybe that is why the blog I found it on is called “Low Carb So Simple”.  


Time to move around, put this ice pack into the freezer and get something active checked off of my list.  Have a wonderful day as we get ever closer to the end of this month (eek, that’s tomorrow!)  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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