Weekend Pumpkin Hunting Fun!

After a week of truly non-fall-like weather, today (Sunday), we are sitting here with a cloud filled sky outside, feeling the autumn chill that should have been in the air for the past couple of weeks. The nice weather has been nice though, and I was happy about it yesterday when we headed out early to celebrate Little Man R’s 2nd birthday and go pumpkin hunting with him. The sky was blue after the morning fog burned off, the temperature mild, and every single kid within miles seemed to be at the pumpkin farm. R has NO clue what pumpkin hunting is all about at this age, so he ended up wandering though the field, patting a pumpkin here and there, running to the next one and repeating the process. I’m thinking next year he will have more awareness, and I am also thinking that we will likely find a less busy, more family type farm than this one. It’s a great place, the same farm where we had our daughter’s wedding three weeks ago, but it doesn’t have a cozy feel to it, which is what we are looking for in a pumpkin hunting outing. They DID have some fun things though, which would be nice for older kids. There was a corn maze, train rides, and a corn gun that shot ears of corn across a field with the targets being large tires. The line for that one was a long one! They had fresh apple cider donuts for sale, someone making kettle corn, and places set up for taking pictures. It just felt too big for a little guy when there were so many people around.  He seemed to have fun though, which is what is important. Today, we are doing low-key things around the house and enjoying some down time.



Verse of the Day

October 20, 2018

Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.

Psalm 51:12

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

In the face of sin and separation from God, grace is a refreshing stream that restores salvation. But the joy of salvation is found only when we realize and accept the forgiveness, grace, and restoration God has given us — when we drink from the stream of grace. The joy of salvation is sustained in a changed lifestyle and an ongoing recognition that we walk with God.


 October 21, 2018

I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart.

Psalm 40:8

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

Too many of us are paranoid about the word law and find it hard to hear a scripture like this. But we must recognize that the goal of the New Covenant of grace and the gift of the Spirit is that God’s law is written on our hearts and demonstrated in our lives. God is not concerned that it be written on tablets of stone. Jeremiah prophesied of such a day when the focus of God’s people would be their desire to do God’s will — a passion to love the things our Father loves and despise the things he despises.



Food for Thought

When a 2-year old wants to play, you play! When they laugh, you laugh with them. When they yell through the bathroom door for you to come out, well, you laugh and hurry up! Little Man R is pretty amazing, and it’s always hard to leave him. He wraps those little hands around mine and wants to snuggle – always having me in tears when we pull away. Enjoy your children and/or grandchildren whenever you can, as often as you can. They make your life complete in ways you never imagined.

October 20

Bridge Day – Today is the 39th anniversary of the Bridge Day Festival at the 876′ tall New River Gorge Bridge in Fayette County, WV.  It is the largest extreme sports event in the world and is always held on the 3rd Saturday in October.  Hundreds of BASE jumpers and nearly 80,000 spectators are expected to attend this year’s event.   The bridge serves as the launch point for six hours (9am-3pm EST) of safe, legal BASE jumps.  Traffic is shut down and spectators can safely and legally walk across the world’s second largest single arch bridge for this day only.  There are hundreds of vendor booths to browse, many delicious choices for foods and treats, and if you’re feeling brave you can jump off a perfectly good bridge or go rappelling! This is one that my husband would really enjoy – since he has no problems leaping off of perfectly good bridges!  Me? I’d rather stand back, do a lot of praying and take pictures.


Sweetest Day – Aw, this is wonderful!  Until a couple of years ago I never knew what the original intent of this day way, and I LOVE it now that I know!  I’m betting you will too.  Herbert Birch Kingston was a Cleveland, Ohio philanthropist and candy company employee.  He started Sweetest Day with the intention of bringing happiness to orphans, shut-ins and the under-privileged.  He wanted to show these people that they were not forgotten, so in 1922 he started this holiday by giving candy and small gifts to these people, using movie stars many times to distribute the gifts.  The popularity of the holiday spread, but today it is mostly celebrated with loved ones and friends and opportunity to recognize that sweet and special someone in your life is – doesn’t matter WHO they are, or what their relation to you is, they just have to be sweet to get a little recognition.  Honestly, as nice as it is to give candy and gifts to those in your life who are sweet, I really love the original intent of this day.  If you choose to celebrate it, find ways to give small gifts to those in your community who are in need.  It’ll be sweet for everyone involved.


October 21 –

Babbling Day – Today is the day for those of us who LOVE to talk.  Growing up my Dad used to call me Motor Mouth – I guess that was his way of saying I talked too much in as nice a way as he could.  There are some people who take talking too much to a new level, they don’t just talk a lot, much of what they say is pure gibberish, and can turn a simple sentence into an endless dissertation.  By the way, here is a new word for you – Blatherskite.  Do you know what a Blatherskite is?  If you read the blog last year, you might already know.   A Blatherskite is a person who babbles, and who better to write about a babbler than someone who talks a lot?!  I’m hoping that all of the other talkers in the world will join me today is celebrating this one.


Celebration of the Mind – We’ve all heard that the mind is a horrible thing to waste, and it’s true.  The more active the human brain is the better off the person who operates under it.  The body begins to go as we age, and obviously the mind does too, but like the body, the more we exercise it, the longer it will last . . . or so “they” say.  I tend to believe it.  How many of us know someone who’s getting up there in age and they are just as mentally sharp as they ever were.  I’m betting they keep active with games and puzzles that challenge their minds! The human brain is a thing of wonder. Today we celebrate the mind, and the life of one Martin Gardner who dedicated his life to games that used mathematics, art, science, puzzles, and other games which challenged the workings of the human brain.  You can celebrate this day by enjoying some puzzle games to keep your mental juices flowing.  (I know – this picture doesn’t fit the seriousness of the message here, but it was so funny!)


Count Your Buttons Day – Aren’t you excited?  Today is Count Your Buttons Day!  And if you’re like me then you have a great big question mark hanging out over your head while you wonder WHY?  Well, I can’t answer that.  I’m not even sure anyone can.  We have a wacky holiday with absolutely no history at all to define it for what it is. So how would you celebrate this day?  Well, I guess you can count your buttons. This one reminds me so much of my Grandma Jewell.  When I was little I would go over to Grandma’s house for her to watch me while my Mom was busy.  To entertain me sometimes Grandma would bring out this old metal box that was filled to the top with buttons that she had collected over the years.  Some of them were really ornate and heavy, some were just the simple buttons that start out on a man’s button up shirt, but there were 100’s of them!  Every time someone would wear out a piece of clothing she would cut up the usable fabric to keep for quilts and take the buttons and put them in the box.  You never knew when you would need a button, right?  Well, she’d get me set up in the living room with a sheet laid down, so we could keep track of the buttons and they wouldn’t get lost in the carpet, and she’d pour those buttons out in front of me.  I’d sort them by color, size and shape for HOURS!  When I was done with that she would let me pick out a handful – somewhere between 12 and 25 of my favorites, and she would sew them loosely onto the front of my shirt.  I have no idea why that was so fantastic to me, but it was.  Poor Mom – Grandma did them so they would be easy to remove later, but I never wanted them to be taken off because I loved them so much.  We weren’t well off, and kid’s clothes were expensive, so having my brand- new shirts now covered with buttons that I would fuss about was just not her idea of a good time.  She tolerated it though, because it really did keep me happy.  Now, I have no idea what the real reason is for this celebration.  I couldn’t find any origin for it, so your guess is as good as mine.  I’m happy they did though – it really gave me a smile at a very happy memory.


National Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day – Since October is Clergy Appreciation Month, it is also the perfect time to show our appreciation and recognition to Sunday School Teachers.  These faithful people go largely unnoticed, yet they play such a vital role in our children’s spiritual growth.  They lovingly, and with dedication, pass up Sunday morning services for the challenge of teaching children God’s word and how to apply it to their lives.  These Sunday School teachers deserve our sincere gratitude.  1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 says: “12 And we urge you, brethren, to recognize these who labor among you, and are over you in the Lord and admonish you, 13 and to esteem them very highly for their work’s sake.  Be at peace among yourselves.”   Giving an appreciation gift to your child’s Sunday School teacher is a very appropriate way to express your respect and caring for them.  There are many different gifts but keeping it simple and reasonably priced is a good idea.  It isn’t the cost that is important, but the thought and love behind it.  If it is from the church, or even the entire group of parents for an individual class, a plaque would be a nice idea.  If the gift is just from an individual parent, then a nice little plant, flowers, something delicious you’ve baked yourself, or even a heartfelt card will be appreciated and fill their hearts with the happiness of knowing that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.  Another lovely idea would be for the church body to host a special dinner in honor of all of the Sunday School Teachers, to be attended by the parents and children they serve, acknowledging all at the same time, perhaps each presented with a special love offering taken ahead of time.  However, you choose to honor the Sunday School teachers in your children’s lives, just know that your efforts will be appreciated.


Reptile Awareness Day – My first thought when I saw this one was “ugh”.  I can’t stand snakes, doesn’t matter if they are poisonous or not, I don’t like them, I will never like them, you can’t make me like them by telling me that I should like them. OK? Don’t try.  And then, after the shudders passed, I realized that this isn’t just about snakes.  This is also about lizards, and lizards I don’t mind.  Probably has something to do with the fact that they have legs and feet, and don’t slither along.  Anyway, it turns out that there are many reptiles of varying sorts that are endangered, as are their habitats.  Today was set up, by whom or when I have no idea – couldn’t find it, to bring awareness to the plight of various creatures of the reptilian variety, and to encourage folks to donate to the cause of saving them.  So, if you are so inclined – keep in mind that reptiles do keep down the rodent and bug population – donate today.



This Day in History –

December 21, 1879 – Thomas Edison invented the incandescent electric lamp.



Food Celebrations of the Day –


October 20

National Brandied Fruit Day – Well, I’ve never actually had brandied fruit, but someone somewhere loved it enough to set up a special day celebrating it.  Sweet fruit, soaked and marinated in brandy has people ready to indulge, after a year of anticipation since the LAST Brandied Fruit Day.  I’ll have to look into this one, since it’s one that you’d have to plan ahead for – sort of like fruit cake.  Speaking of which . . . I need to get on that if I’m going to try my hand at any this year.  

October 21

National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day – Today we celebrate a delicious Fall dessert. In October, pumpkins are literally glowing. So, why not put two of your favorites together . . . pumpkins and cheesecake!? They make a great dessert. It is easy to enjoy this special day. Go to a cheesecake store or bakery and buy a pumpkin cheesecake. Or, better yet, make a homemade pumpkin cheesecake. It’s fun and its easy. 


Caramel Apple Day – This is very interesting!  Coating fruit in honey was an ancient preservation method and apparently apples that were coated in toffee date back to the 19th century. I had no idea!  The combination of caramel and apples works in all sorts of desserts, not just dipped apples on sticks.


It is amazing how the day can get away from me when I’m just sitting in my chair, watching recorded movies and dozing off occasionally. What a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy the rest of the day for tomorrow is a Monday – AGAIN! God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.



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