Welcome to the New Face of Celebrate Every Day Blog

Welcome to the launch of the new face of Celebrate Every Day Blog!

It has been a very long time since I decided to take a step back to rethink the direction in which I wanted to take this site to generate more interest not just for my readers, but for myself as well.

In the time that has passed, I have changed jobs twice, my husband has retired, we have gone through a “pandemic”, political turmoil, a dreadful increase in crime in the county and state where we lived at the time, and we made the carefully thought out decision to leave the area where we were living to move to a new state,  in a remote location away from town, where we can live a quiet life.

We are in a beautiful part of the world, forest as far as we can see out the front door of the cabin my husband built for us, every detail carefully crafted to be comfortable, cozy and completely meet our needs.  Sitting and watching the snow fall, to the music of a crackling fire is balm to the soul and for the first time in years, I feel like I can truly breathe – not just air, but LIFE.  We are blessed.  (This is one view off of our porch – I go out and breathe the cold morning air and let the gratitude flow over me.)

The previous version of the blog was focused on the silly celebrations that are fun to follow and interesting to read about – it was a lesson for me in learning to be dedicated to regularly posting to see if I could do it long term.  I did, and enjoyed it, but it was becoming repititious after a few years of writing about the same topics, so now it is time to move forward and share with you the journey that I am on – the journey that takes me from suburban living to mini-homesteading.  We may sometimes laugh about the celebrations if they are entertaining, but it won’t be the main focus.  Also, I won’t be here every day – more as the mood strikes, and time and inspiration allow.

I hope you enjoy the new direction and look forward to what comes next as much as I do.  I’m learning as I go – my husband as well – so our successes and goofs will be shared as we experience them.  It should be fun!  Until we meet again.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Face of Celebrate Every Day Blog”

  1. Girl…what an absolute pleasant surprise to see this in my mailbox!! We have a LOT of catching up to do but in the meantime I look forward to reading your blog. Welcome back!! ❤️

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