We’ve Had Days to Be Thankful, Days to Shop – Today is the Day to Give

We made it through Monday, and if you’re reading this on Tuesday morning, that means we didn’t lose power in the wind and rain that was going on last night.  I had to head into town after work last night and I can honestly say it was awful. Just awful. It was raining, sideways at times, people were driving like they were blindfolded with a weight on the gas pedal, and I white knuckled my way past one accident right after it had happened, while good Samaritans were wandering back and forth across the dark road, in bad visibility conditions, while wearing dark clothing and not carrying a flashlight. Seriously, I about felt my heart stop when someone stepped out nearly in front of my car.  I was going slowly but seriously, use a few brain cells in that type of situation and realize that the drivers of oncoming traffic CANNOT SEE YOU!  As I was settling in to write this, I read an update from our local newspaper – and my heart was breaking from what I read.  On the road leading to where my daughter used to live there was a horrible accident, with the one fatality being a small child.  A family lost their little one, in part due to horrible weather, and probably someone – don’t know who yet – was probably not paying attention. Regardless of who was at fault, a family is mourning their little one and my heart aches for them.  Slow down, be careful. I’m praying for this family and the emergency responders to find peace in this time of grief.


Verse of the Day

November 27, 2018

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God.

Colossians 3:16

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

We sing when we are happy. We sing when we are heartbroken. Today we sing out of gratitude. God is not only worthy of all of our praise, he is worthy of all of our thankfulness. But the basis of all our songs is Jesus, and the proclamation of the good news that brings life to us through him. As that message, that word of Christ fills our hearts, we are tuned to be thankful children of the Most High.

www.verseofthe day.com




National Craft Jerky Day – This is the 3rd year for this one. If you love beef jerky, or any meat jerky, this day may be one you want to celebrate! I had never even HEARD of something called craft jerky, but I suppose it makes sense. There is craft beer, why not jerky too? Most of us are used to mass produced jerky, and though I’ve made some delicious jerky here at home, when I want jerky there isn’t always time to make it in the time frame that I need it. Craft jerky marries the deliciousness of dehydrated meat with a variety of seasonings, marinades and flavors, combined with different woods for smoking to create delicious choices in jerky deliciousness!


Giving Tuesday – We have a special day for giving thanks, we have two days for saving money, so we spend more, but what about a day set aside to GIVE?  Giving Tuesday is a special day that is trying to get its feet on the ground, bringing together communities to give, to help those less fortunate, and to bolster love in their own neighborhoods.  I know that many of my readers are generous people, so please, put some of your generosity today into your own surrounding region by finding someplace to give your support.  It can be a food bank, a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, a battered women’s and children’s shelter, a no-kill animal shelter, etc.  Please, this time of year is a time to share, to spread the blessings we have, and to give to those less fortunate.  Seriously, what better time could there be?


Pins and Needles Day – Many people would see this day and think that it’s all about being nervous, or anxious.  It could also mean being in a state of eager anticipation.  But that’s not what it was intended to be.   The origin of this one goes back to the labor movement in the 1930s.  The pro-labor Broadway musical Pins and Needles opened on this day in 1937 at the Labor Stage Theater in New York City.  The play was written by Harold Rome and produced by the International Ladies Garment Workers Union.  Union members made up the cast.  It ran for 1108 performances and once held the record for longevity.  Now, I personally feel that unions are way past the time when we need them.  In our family they have hurt more than they have helped, so for that reason I will never work for a business that would require me to be a part of any union.  Back in the 30’s however, they did serve a valid purpose, so I suppose this special day to remember that time is justified.





Food Celebration of the Day

National Bavarian Cream Pie – Have you ever had a Bavarian Cream Pie?  It is similar to pastry cream but is thickened with gelatin instead of flour or cornstarch, and flavored with liqueur.  It’s not custard, so don’t confuse it with one.  Bavarian cream is a classic dessert that was often made by the chef Marie-Antione Careme, who is sometimes credited with creating it.  It was named for Bavaria in the early 19th century, though it was most likely named for a distinguished visiting Bavarian.


I feel awful complaining about the weather when other people have it so much worse – some regions are experiencing extreme snow, others heat, and we have rain and wind.  Each storm we get through without a tree landing on the house has me thinking two things – 1) Whew, we made it through another one. Thank God! Or 2) Oh wow – we made through another one! How much longer will we be spared?  Sad – hard to be either glass half full OR half empty when both end up being the same thing. With that, I’m off to work! Drive safe out there!  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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